PurpleLeap @ KSSEM,Bangalore – Poster Presentation Event

                                                     By Naval Gupta, Consultant-Business Skills, PurpleLeap

The Program
 PurpleLeap conducted IB2 program on Presentation Skills for one week in fast track mode
 From the pre-assessment it was found the students were on 1 to 2 on a scale of 1-5
 Students practiced presentation skills using tools and techniques shared
 Initially students were hesitant in coming up and speaking
 10 hours of sessions with the students included – Structure, Power Opening, STAR & FEASTED
 After which a mid-program event was organized

The Mid-Program Event
 In order to encourage students PurpleLeap trainers initiated an inter-group competition
 Students were asked to create a poster in groups on the learning they had in PurpleLeap training
 They were also asked to prepare a 10 minute presentation
 The college auditorium was prepared for the event
 On the day of the event the groups pasted their posters on the walls of the auditorium like arranging stalls in science fairs
 Team members stood next to their posters and explained to the visitors what they have made
 A total of 92 students attended the event
 The Principal of the College, Dr. Sridhara and HODs from various departments were also present
 From each team, members came on the stage to make presentations on both technical and non-technical subjects using:
o Skits
o Videos
o Powerpoint
 The event gave students confidence to stand, speak and share their learning
 Best poster and Best presentation teams were awarded based on design and delivery
 One student demonstrated high levels of presentation skills and was encouraged with the “Show Stealer” prize
 Seven students were also given best presenters prize

Dr. Sridhara (College Principal) remarked, “I am happy to see the progress students have made, from not being able to talk to each other to coming on stage and giving good presentations. I would say that this type of training not only helps you for getting job but also to excel in life and for overall development.”
It was a mid-program event and has built excitement towards the second part of the program in March.


Going Green at SJCET, Palai

The  4th semester students of St Joseph’s college of Engineering and Technology did a Nukkad Natak ( Street Play) as a culmination of a 28 hour  session on the  theme “ Go Green”. The 28 hours spread over 4 days saw the students discussing :

  • Relevance of going “Green”
  • Traditional models of water conservation
  • Eco -friendly technology
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Eco-friendly society and behaviour
  • Save environment movements.

Students made posters on saving the environment, designed Tee shirts with slogans supporting “ Go Green” movement, conducted cookery shows on 100 km food and a street play to spread awareness about “ Going Green”.

Gala Day at AITS, Udaipur

by Ritu Bhatia Nagdev, Business Skills Consultant

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”

-Benjamin Franklin

Another unforgettable experience in my journey with PurpleLeap has been added to my life. After successful completion of the first Boot-Camp, it was time for another 3 days of activities at Aravali Institute of Technical Studies with B.Tech III Semester students. These three days were nothing less than a gala feast for the students along with rigorous training sessions. The performances during competitions were far beyond our expectations. The students who were afraid to even speak in English in-front of the class a few weeks back, and then they broke all barriers when they performed in front of a big gathering. Once again, students proved that they can do wonders if given right platform.


Picture 037

During the Boot-Camp Activities, teams of students were given the task on Day 1 and Day 2 to prepare and perform a street play in English. Final competitions held on Day 3 started with a Chat Show on ‘Education System in India’ where many ideas, criticisms, solutions to improve education system were expressed by the students. Along with opinion conflicts, cross questions, the Chat Show was concluded with one of the quotes given by a student ‘Education is not life, Life is education’. Non-Participants of the street play were given chance to speak and express their opinion in the Chat Show.

Picture 041Picture 038Picture 040

There were street plays on other social issues like domestic violence, say no to drugs, child labour, superstition, corruption etc where groups made posters to convey message, one of the groups made a train and conveyed the message by moving in the seminar hall in the form of train, some groups showed videos to convey their message, another group asked the audience to vow to never be a part of domestic violence. Students acted exceptionally well too, one student performed as a Baba, and another male student tried hard to perform as a daughter-in-law, one student became a very greedy and strict mother-in-law, and another student performed the role of small child working at a stall. Throughout the performances audience enjoyed, laughed, appreciated and took the messages delivered. The creativity in the street plays was commendable.

During these days, students amazed us and college faculty by overcoming strongly from many challenges like the challenge of speaking in English, conflicts in group, preparing the tasks in a short span of time, arranging required things for performances etc. College people also appreciated PurpleLeap sessions and for giving the students a platform to open up.

Picture 042Picture 043

The bootcamp ended with a prize distribution ceremony and a token of appreciation by College Management Members. The most rewarding part of this program was that every student was content because they participated even though not all won a prize. They thanked the PurpleLeap trainers for providing them with this opportunity and allowing them to show their talent, enhance confidence and a way to know their friends better by working in a team. They added, “‘PurpleLeap Sessions’ have brought many changes in them as now they are more confident, they are overcoming their stage-fear, they are able to find themselves more focused towards their career goals.”

As a trainer it was a proud moment for me because the students for whom we planned the entire event saw the difference it made to their personality and seriousness towards their professional goals.

I would like to take this opportunity also to congratulate and thank all my team members, seniors from Bangalore team for the support. We are also thankful to college management for supporting at every level.

Like it’s said Success is a journey.

And for us the journey continues…

Learning is Fun, with PurpleLeap – NIEC

                                                                                                                                                           By Hemika Kumar – Business Skills Trainer

“Learning is fun, with PurpleLeap”-an apt statement. The unique methodology of learning communication skills via activities is rendered by PurpleLeap by its ‘Communication Skills Enhancement Program (CSEP)’.

PurpleLeap organized its GO GREEN Activity on 22nd Nov’2012 at Northern India Engineering College (NIEC), New Delhi.



Go Green activity at NIEC has undoubtedly proved as a stepping stone for the Trainers and PurpleLeap. The activity took place with second year students of all the batches (CSE, MEA, IT, ECE, MCA). 75 students participated in this activity and there wasn’t any dip in the attendance. These students were divided into seven groups. The students were bought out of their comfort zones.



The activity started with a Documentary, whereby students surprised us with their unique and amazing ideas. They chose topics like ‘3 R’s –Reduce- Reuse- Recycle’, ‘Tree Revolution’, ‘Water Saviors’ and more.  The students recorded the comments in their voice with a beautiful message ‘ACT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE’. A student of CSE Batch sung a song in between the documentary which was composed by their group, which acted as a cherry on the cake.


Post documentaries, we conducted a WALKATHON in the college premises on ‘GO GREEN’ to enlighten masses to protect our environment. The students were full of enthusiasm, which helped them to attract college’s attention including faculties, HODs and the Director.

The students then performed a Street Show (Nukkad Natak) in front of the entire campus which helped them to gain confidence and fight against stage fear.

“I had goose bumps, before I started performing” – MCA student, NIEC



It was stunning to know that almost 70% of the participants of this activity have never performed on stage ever. Thanks to CSEP sessions, the students came ahead with flying colors.


PurpleLeap has always motivated students through its training. The students were encouraged with the following AWARDS-


      Best Speaker

      Best Documentary         

      Best Promotion

      Best Script

      Best Team

      Best Brochure                                                                                                     

     Show Stealer                                                                                                      


Communication Skills, Team work, Creativity, Confidence building were some of the learning through this activity conducted in a boot camp.

Special Thanks to the NIEC Team for mentoring the student throughout the boot camp.




Today the technology has undergone many eventful and unrealistic changes over the past few decades. If we talk briefly about computers then the very indicated or visible feature of development have been the increase in portability factor .the journey from magnetic drums to microchips has allowed the mankind to produce gadgets which can share large amount of data in small space.

But with the  increase in the portability factor the speed of data transfer and user interface have increased the parameters for competition along with the innovation of technology, the top class companies in the world are understanding this fact that the connection between the virtual and realistic life and has brought many revolutionary changes one can ever think about. This has given birth to sensor technology which has been applicable to quite an extent. This technology is based on the expressions of our physical world as a virtual content by the use of sensors.

In this project we have tried to lay stress on the possibilities of technology which could be generated or programmed to make our day to day life more smooth, fast and reliable. “Eyes” are the windows to the world; therefore we need to develop devices which can connect the sensors to our most appealing sense organ


We are actually talking about the glasses which are directly connected to our brain with the help of nano technology and sensors. The basic framework of the functionality of the system is directly based on our mental thinking and instructions.

It gives the result of our mental computations and space for “virtual display” through 3-d projection. In a more lucid manner it makes a virtual world before us in order to work on our thought flow process in terms of reality. It allows direct access to internet through the facility of user module without the restriction of problem of signal receiving through a satellite antenna.


The simple applications of these glasses involve the processing and banking features through physical elements. For example, imagine booking a movie ticket just by looking at a movie poster. Other major applications which have been inculcated in the glasses are as follows:


We can directly converse with our family, friends and professional people with a live experience. Live streaming of videos would take 3-d experience to a different level. Imagine watching a video which would appear to happen in real in front of you without compensating the actual physical environment around you.


This feature would end the gap between virtual and real world. Imagine about entering a game which would allow you to play through physical evolvement in the virtual world.


GPS installed would allow us to locate ourselves at any place in the world, also giving us the possible routes and distances in any point of the world.


This kind of concept would allow us to see the conclusive or final picture of the scientific experiments beforehand, thereby allowing us to exercise control over the no of failures in the experiment.


“Welcome to the future”. The 3-d experience which would take the human civilization to a different level. Though this idea has a certain level of limitations but if actualized this concept could solve most of the mysteries of the world in terms of history, science and human psychology. A new virtual world which would create an endless s[pace for every individual, which would and any barriers of communication one could thing about and it could be safely concluded that we would be able to see our future in shades of this magical 3-D classes.


The report was developed by PurpleLeap Students; Mukul Singh, Kaushal Pratap Singh and Ramendra Vikram studying at Magalayathan University (1st year B.Tech) with the support of PurpleLeap Trainer Hemika Kumar.

Attending a Job Fair

Attending a job fair allows one to meet with employers at a convenient location. It gives a fair chance to meet with representatives from a variety of companies – like “one stop shopping” at the mall. The company representatives provide information about general career opportunities as well as specific details on current openings. It’s a valuable tool and a good way to meet company representatives face-to-face. But, attending a job fair demands a lot of preparation.

Job Fair



what needs to be prepared?

Purpose of a Job Fair

The purpose of the Job Fair is to allow organizations to meet potential employees in an informal setting. The Job Fair also gives job seekers the opportunity to learn more about potential employers and the opportunities available. The focus is on sharing information between organizations and job seekers. It is a way to explore career opportunities within a variety of companies at one location.

Job Fair

Share your views.


By Neha Aggarwal

Consultant-Business Skills, PurpleLeap


Communication Skill Enhancement Program (CSEP) is a unique theme driven curriculum. Each theme is designed with an emphasis on practical application of skills and concepts in day to day communication activities. CSEP helps students practice English in real life situations both inside and outside classroom through organizing and participating in events. All learning is spread across multiple themes that are relevant for students of engineering, both within college and at work.


Each module of CSEP is uniquely designed to engage students using social media (Facebook, blogging etc.), web, guided activities, free activities and hands on experience. The classroom sessions are made student –friendly and interactive to ensure that each student gets personal attention with opportunities to speak, read, write and listen. Students get to practice English in real life situations both inside and outside classroom through organizing and participating in the events.


The focus of the program is to provide opportunities for holistic development in terms of communication and personal effectiveness. Real Plays provide a platform to the students to effectively use their skills and apply the concepts learnt in the sessions.  Students will learn to organize events, coordinate with people, make formal speeches, socialize, follow social and business etiquette, listen and speak in any communication activity with confidence.