Conflict Management tips at the workplace

At workplace there will always be minor disagreements and differences of opinion. The effects of conflict in the workplace are widespread and costly. Its prevalence, as indicated by three serious studies, shows that 24-60% of management time and energy is spent dealing with anger. This leads to decreased productivity, increased stress among employees, hampered performance, high turnover rate, absenteeism and at its worst, violence. The way you handle conflict in the workplace can have a huge impact on how you are viewed as an employee. It can affect your entire career and it can say a lot about your character.

Conflict arises from differences, and when individuals come together in teams, their differences in terms of power, values, and attitudes contribute to the creation of conflict. You can’t win a conflict at work. Winning a conflict means getting the outcome ‘you’ want regardless of what the ‘other’ person wants. Since the underlying issue has not been solved, it will simply reappear later. Hence it is much better to resolve a conflict than win it. Unresolved conflicts make people unhappy at work and can result in antagonism, break-down in communications, inefficient teams, stress and low productivity. Conflict is not necessarily destructive, however. When managed properly, conflict can result in benefits for a team.


Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.

Krishna asked, Hi Amit , My question is how to handle subordinates who are reluctant to work inspite of good salary raises and being too greedy asking for appraisals twice in a year.
Amit Bansal answers, Delegation should help. If you don’t see them taking responsibility it is a good idea to give more work. That will justify their salary as well.

NARE asked, How do you change people with egoistic behavior? What we decide to do and what happens always puzzles our team? The outcome is totally different.Do you have a solution to address/resolve this issue?
Amit Bansal answers, Why don’t you suggest a team building intervention in your team? Make it like an outbound training program. I feel the team needs to come on the same page in terms of goals and expectations.

Kannan asked, Hi Amit, This is Kannan. I am in middle of a career confusion. I have around 7 years of experience in Peoplesoft CRM and currently working as a Product Manager for the past one year. Due some circumstances I need to change my job. Should I look for a job in Peoplesoft line as a Technical consultant or should I utilize my new Product Manager experience and look for jobs as a Product Manager. I am not sure which job description has future growth. Can you please advice how to proceed. Thanks Kannan
Amit Bansal answers, Kannan, you need to ask a few questions to yourself. Which profile do you enjoy more? Where do your strengths lie? Which profile motivates you to work better and achieve more?

alpha asked, I am not saying im am the best…but what if me being proficient…end up getting all the jobs and finally people who suppose to do…enjoy and my boss never understand this basic difference… In my team I dont tolerate any under performance but I do ensure that person is given ample Training & opportunity to prove himself..before i mark red.. But what if I confront my boss & who never understand this basics…shall I leave my job ..this is a major issue I am facing regular conflicts with my boss
Amit Bansal answers, Alpha, if you are intending that your entire team performs at the benchmark at which you perform that’s a slight over expectation. However i do agree with your point that training and opportunity to prove capability should be given to every individual.

sreedhar asked, How one can induce conflict in an organization if it said to be essential (Functional) and how one can resolve if it is moving towards disfunctional.
Amit Bansal answers, Sreedhar conflict is dysfunctional. However you can allow disagreements or difference of opinions. Manage different opinions through proper communication strategies and regular interaction and keep them focused towards a particular result you want to achieve. But manager it at the level of disagreement and not going to the point of conflict.

Abhi asked, My boss did not gave me increment and incentive , but i achived 80% of the target given , when i asked him why not he said as i was irregular due to my personal problem in my family life , i have thought to resign the from a company which does not see work and see my personal life to decide increment , what shoould i do ?
Amit Bansal answers, What does he mean when he says you are irregular? is he talking about attendance?

hari1 asked, in continution….. yeah I had a common & open discussion with my boss he understands all but he is unable to handle this guy. And he left all the things on me but as far as power/authorization comes I have a nothing to handle this guy, And above all this guy is like ‘be lagaam ghoda’. sometime I feels i should quit this job but this is not a solution he will be happy & I may loose lot of things.
Amit Bansal answers, Understand your point of view. Usually a good way would be to make this person in-charge of one project end to end. He will be responsible for the good and bad of what is happening in that particular work/ project. This way you can keep him occupied in one thing rather than interfering in other work and also if he is assigned a particular project he will not be able to shrug responsibility or blame others.

Rudra asked, Hi Amit, a team member gets the work done from someone and takes credit for that himself .. creating conflicts in team … how do I tackle this situation?
Amit Bansal answers, By documenting every work related communication. Usually if email communication is used effectively such issues can be easily tackled.

Rahul S asked, My Manager is not satisfied with anything I do. He is on-site does the mistake and then blames the team that they did not think about the solution beforehand. We are working on the technology that many peoples do not know and we have to do R&D in most of the cases. But he is not satisfied with the efforts and keep on saying that Hard Work is one thing and results in another. I am just lost and dont know how to handle this situation. I am planning to leave this job and look for another job. Please suggest.
Amit Bansal answers, Well Rahul.. i am sure in your organization you will have a skip level meeting as a part of your system. Why don’t you talk to your manager’s superiors and give them a heads up on the discontentment the team has? Or else I suggest try and keep your email communication very clear about every step you all take as a team. Because if a step is approved by the Manager over an email, it will be difficult for him to go against it.

Venkat asked, I feel it is not advisable to resolve every conflict within the team, because of this conflict(difference of opinions) only we get to see many new ideas generated that would help the team and the project. Is my thinking right?
Amit Bansal answers, Difference of opinion when not managed appropriately can lead to conflicts. If all members of the team communicate effectively about their different opinions I think you will be able to generate better ideas….and also reduce conflicts.

hari1 asked, Hell sir, we are two in a department reporting to same boss. my coolleague is very much egoist & doesnt want to co-operate, I tried my best but totally failed. He has never worked in a team being 2 post senior to him he is unable to digest me at work. Boss is also bounded due to his connections with top management. It has now become difficult to adjust with this arrogant selfish & egoist fellow, even we dont talk each other. He has skills to manipulate things & present, whereas I am straight forward & feels more responsible in any issues. Please guide, how to handle the situations & what to do in this worst environment.
Amit Bansal answers, Hari… have you spoken to your boss regarding this issue? Does he also feels the same way as you do? Sometimes we assume certain behavior patterns and work our communication strategy based on those assumptions. I suggest you have a clear discussion with your boss regarding this issue.

Mohit asked, I work for a advertising agency. My colleague says he can think creatively only if he is listening to loud metal music or if the room is filled with cigarate smoke, both the situations i find are not condusive to my concentration. I’ve tried telling him politely that he is disturbing my work environment, but this has not helped. Any idea how I can sort this out?
Amit Bansal answers, I think you need to escalate it to the HR.

Anandi asked, Amit, My manager, i think, has something against me. Every time I do some report he will ask me to rework on it and sometimes I feel like he has not even gone through the report I had sent. Someone else told me that he does not like women as his wife has left him. I’m left to wonder if this has anything to do with that. Should I speak to the higher up and ask them to see if it is possible to change my manager?
Amit Bansal answers, Well first you must talk to your manager. I think maybe he does not realize he’s probably doing more harm than good. If you don’t think you are given a ear to your complaint i suggest that’s when you should talk to the higher ups.

joe asked, How to reduce your conflict with your boss though you don’t like his management style?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Joe…there is very little you can do about it. Maybe share your concerns about his styles with specific instances and offer your own idea which will help in managing better. I think a problem if talked along with a solution helps.

Suni asked, Hi Amit, I have a very sunny temperament and am usually slow to get angry. But there is this person in our office, who knows exactly how to rub me in the wrong directions. This has not helped me to concentrate on my job, and I’m constantly on edge because of this. I’m thinking of changing my job if this situation does not improve, but a friend of mine said that people like that will be found in every office. Do you have any tip on how I can deal with this?
Amit Bansal answers, Suni, would you be comfortable sharing a specific example? Most often talking to such a person is necessary. But if it’s not helping you can practice the art of ignorance. Yet if you share a specific instance I may be able to suggest something.

Ida asked, I work in a small organization. Here everyone seems to know others work. Sometimes it becomes embarassing when they make fun of my personal life. How can I politely ask them not to interfere?
Amit Bansal answers, I think you need to be assertive in asking them not to talk about your personal life. Sometimes polite cues are not understood well. In that case you should go ahead and use a firm dialogue.

shrikant asked, I do work in a MNC. Everytime you kick off a assignment, there are lot many times we always get into conflicts which hampers the work. Any smart way of overcoming this ?
Amit Bansal answers, During kick-offs the major reason for conflicts is communication gap between the various stakeholders. I think if that aspect is taken care of such conflicts can be avoided.

Adrian asked, Hi Amit, Is there any way of being cordial to all and not getting in anyone’s bad books?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Adrian, its not always possible to keep everyone happy. But you can definitely be cordial with everyone at all times.


Chat date: 19 October 2011




PurpleLeap – Siemens Chairman’s Conclave: Industry, academia agree on need for better technical talent in engineering services

Industry stalwarts and academicians meet to discuss gap between industry-favoured skills and available talent; discuss scope for careers after PLM specialization  

  • The Conclave brought together leading names from the industry and heads of various engineering institutes
  • The gathering discussed steps to be taken to address the huge demand for technical talent in the engineering services industry and what should be done to provide meaningful careers to technical graduates.
  • “Industry expects freshers to be hands-on, be able to take on tasks from day one. Institutions need to focus on equipping students with knowledge of processes and applications, which will result in easier induction and deployment to tasks”, says Ravi Janorkar, GM, PLM Solutions, Tata Group.

Pune, July 2011:  PurpleLeap, pioneers in entry level talent management, in association with Siemens, organised Chairman’s Conclave, which brought together leading luminaries from the corporate world and heads of engineering education to deliberate upon industry’s expectation from engineering education and the challenges in making it more relevant to the industry. The conclave highlighted key areas in which corporate expectations are at crossroads with technical education in India. Speakers who participated in the panel discussions explored plausible solutions that could go some way in aligning technical education with corporate expectations.

Mr. G V S Bhaskar Prasad, Senior Director, Business Consulting & Strategy – Infrastructure and Education, Siemens Industry Software India Pvt Ltd, Dr. K.A. Padmanabhan, Research Advisor to TCS and former Director IIT, Mr. Satheesh Kurup, Director – Volume Business, Siemens Industry Software India Pvt Ltd, Mr. Mangesh Kale, Managing Director, PARI Robotics India Ltd, Mr. S. Vishwanathan, GM – R&D, Bajaj Auto Ltd, Mr. Ravi Janorkar – GM – PLM Solutions, Tata Group and Mr. Amit Bansal, CEO, PurpleLeap participated in the conclave.

Dr. K.A. Padmanabhan, Research Advisor to TCS and former Director IIT, during his keynote address, set the tone of the conclave by touching upon key issues in skill development and improvement with a focus on industrial design. He spoke about various themes that could bring about a transformation in the way technical education is delivered today.

Mr. Mangesh Kale, Managing Director, PARI Robotics India Ltd, said that companies in the 21st century look forward to innovative technologies, deployable talent and look forward to get quick returns from their investments. He added that channelizing creativity are significant challenges faced by the Indian engineering community. He pointed to modules such as product lifecycle management (PLM) that positively help engineering businesses by reducing time for marketing, increasing productivity and help in having a process oriented approach.

Mr. S. Vishwanathan, GM – R&D, Bajaj Auto Ltd spoke about how PLM is being used as a software in their factories to develop motor vehicles and said that training fresh engineering graduates to a program like PLM would help them be future ready.

Mr. Ravi Janorkar, GM, PLM Solutions, Tata Group, said that Industry expects freshers to be hands on, be able to take on tasks from day one. Institutions need to focus on equipping students with knowledge of processes and applications, which will result in easier induction and deployment to tasks. He spoke about how specialized programs like PLM could open up new avenues for engineering students and provide new areas in which they could pursue their careers.


Speaking on the PurpleLeap edge, Mr. Amit Bansal, CEO, PurpleLeap, said “We have recognized the need for trained PLM candidates in the engineering business. With the goal of creating more job deployable talent we have tied up with industry leaders like Siemens, to take their PLM software to thousands of engineering graduates across India. We are glad that the Chairman’s Conclave has been successful in bringing to light the opinions of all stakeholders and has again emphasised the need for industry-relevant training and deployable talent in the technical engineering services sector.”

The Conclave concluded with the respective stakeholders agreeing upon the need for a paradigm shift in engineering education. More than 50 heads of engineering institutes from all across the state participated in the Conclave.

Communication Skills- the key to bridge the divide between Urban Talent and Rural Talent

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


Prabhat asked, While i am trying to say anything to the company professionals,it seems that i can’t satsfy them .

Amit Bansal answers, Prabhat, are you talking about your negotiation skills? I can imagine it can become slightly difficult at times to deal with people if you are negotiating with them. First thing is to keep the facts ready. Second is to ensure you walk in with the confidence that they will agree to what you have to say. Be polite and friendly and take disagreements positively. Remember every body wants to know ‘Whats in it for me’. So handle this expectation well. I am sure it will help.

Royx asked, I am a 32 year-old man. I just cannot communicate before elders among relatives/neighbours and among seniors in office. I can indulge in lengthy discussions with friends, with peers and people below my age and position. But in case of elders, seniors, I cannot continue comfortable discussions beyond 5 mins. What I do is I just smile and vanish from that place ? What is the problem here and how do I get over it ? I sing quite well but never had the courage to perform (even informally) before more than 5 people.
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, I think your real area of improvement is the ability to talk in public. The only way to overcome this is to make an attempt. I suggest gather your family members. People you are very very close to. Now maybe perform in front of them. It will not be easy but you need to make an effort and ask your family to support you with it. Gradually move to close friends whom you trust. Now keep practicing this way until you feel comfortable in between your most trusted family and friends. Now the big move….take up a challenge and perform in front of a mixed crowd. People you know and people your don’t know. It’s a gradual progression and this will work only if you try. I would love to know if it worked for you. All the best!

Kannan.V askedThis is Kannan. My English accent and vocabulary is OK. But I struggle some times with my flow. My job position needs me giving presentations and sometimes I struggle with my flow. How to improve it. I am currently working as a Product Manager having around 7 years of experience and have completed my MSc. Can you suggest me a good Distance MBA University and Course which is well recognized in the Industry
Amit Bansal answers, Please view some good presentations online. You can find some good presenters on youtube and This will help you take some good tips from other presenters.

Pankaj asked, Hi Amit, I can talk effectively when I am with my colleagues. But when it comes to give any demo or presentation in front of large auditions (lets say more than 10), I just couldnt pass the message, I hesitate a lot and words doesnt come out of my tongue. please provide me suggestion to overcome this problem. Thanks.
Amit Bansal answers, It’s stage fear Pankaj. Please grab more and more opportunities to make presentations. You can record your presentations and review them. It will help you build confidence in your own self.

praveen kumar asked, I can talk in English but, something inside me stops from talking and as consequence I also think what’s there in telling. what to do to overcome this.
Amit Bansal answers, Praveen you are asking too many questions and stopping yourself from going ahead. I have a question…if there is nothing you will get in talking… what will you loose if you talk. Think about it.

rahul asked, How to start up improving upon communication skills for those who are in semi urban,rural area
Amit Bansal answers, Reading will help in this case.

Amith askedHi Amit, I can speak in english quiet well but could not frame sentences on the go as i try to get in my local language and then try to speak in english..How to overcome this situation?
Amit Bansal answers, Amith, probably you are very expressive in your mother tongue. I suggest consciously stop using your mother tongue when you are talking about an interesting topic or maybe cracking a joke etc. This will condition your mind to think in English. It’s a skill and requires practice. Make a conscious effort…it should not take you too long to master it since your English is fairly good.

SAHID askedhow i can impove my speaking skill. I feel inferior when i talk with other
Amit Bansal answerstalk more and more. Do mirror practice. This fear has to be overcome…there is no magic pill. Practice.

sundeep asked, Hi Amit, A friend of mine went to an interview recently. The person who interviewed him said that he had a bad body language. What did he mean? Is this something that can be consciously improved or something that could be trained for?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes, bad body language is very distracting and can result in forming negative impressions about people. It could be expressions on his face, the way he’s using gestures and also the way the person walks, sits etc. Body language can be consciously improved. My suggestion is to go through some material on body language, one such book is by Alan pease. you can find a pdf copy of his book online. Maybe that will help your friend.

Amit Bansal says, If there are language issues, working on improving vocabulary and grammar can be taken up as a task. But first thing is to identify which are area are we lacking in.

Amit Bansal says, I see that most of the questions that are asked today are about improving communication skills. Well first thing you have to understand is that communication skill can be about the language, it can also be the ability to interact with people and convey your thoughts. Important thing to take care is to identify which area you need to work on. Some people can be great with language but are unable to put their thoughts in words. This can be because the person is shy or not used to expressing himself or herself.


Rediff Chat Date: Oct 12, 2011


5 things MBA students must do before they graduate

India has more than 1,500 business schools as of now. Barring the top 50 to 75 colleges, most of the MBA colleges have very little to offer in terms of skills required to meet the demands of the job market.Since MBA is a professional degree, all we do during MBA should revolve around building a good career for ourselves.Students must strive to catch up with the industry needs and getting placed well. Here are five tips for MBA students to focus on in order to make themselves more employable.

1.  Brush up your language skills

Communication skills, undoubtedly, play a real important and crucial role in professional life in corporate India. For a fresh MBA graduate, it becomes all the more important from the campus recruitment viewpoint. If you are an MBA student, focus on polishing your communication skills in English and also learn a second language.

It’s not a bad idea to join a finishing school to develop your personality, body language, inter-personal and social interaction skills.

2.  Develop corporate awareness

What a recruiter likes to see in a candidate is the application orientation. Students in B-school study the concepts of management in their classes but hardly understand how this knowledge can be applied in real business scenario; there is thus a gap in application.

As students, it is imperative to understand what business is all about and how you can contribute to the growth of any organisation. That’s because if you can justify how your skills are going to add to the growth of the organisation, then chances are that the interviewer will consider you right-fit to the organisation.

3.  Develop team skills

Concentrate on developing leadership skills. Your employer would like to know how effectively you can work in a team and able to manage a group of people.

Wherever you work, you work in teams. NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. Do not treat your management programme as just another degree you are going to get after two years. Think of it as a skill-enhancing programme. Concentrate on soft skills while pursuing management.

4. Build knowledge Keep updating and refreshing your knowledge through peer learning. Participate in all kinds of group activities like group case studies, simulations, industry interaction programmes and inter- college level academic and extra-curricular competitions. Technical knowledge along with good inter personal skills are the key qualities companies look for in a potential candidate. Focus on improving these skills right from the commencement of the course.

5. Carefully select internships and placement

Search for internships while pursuing your course. Your internship is the only opportunity where you can exhibit your skills by translating them in performance. At the same time, you learn about a particular industry and its operations in detail.

Ensure that you select an internship in the same profile or industry you intend to work in future. It helps you justify your knowledge and leverage the internship during an interview.

Select a job / placement irrespective of the designation and salary. Starting career as a sales trainee should not bother you. The job description / job content should be the major consideration.

Going for an MBA programme is itself a very important decision in its own right, if we be a little careful about the things we do and the decisions we make while pursuing a management programme, we can ensure that things go well during the placements.


Top tips to enhance your resume

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


aji asked, i have got 17 years of exp. i have been looking for change in my job for last 6 months. in the last 6 months i have applied for various position but i not being called for an interview. i have spoken to many HR friends.they see no ptoblem with my resume. but am still not able to figure out the reason for not getting any call
Amit Bansal answers, With 17 yrs of experience you qualify for a high position. Such positions are few and work best with reference. I suggest you walk in the organizations where there are senior level openings and personally meet the HR instead of sending your profile by email.

spider asked, Would it be better to consolidate your work experience in different companies or give experience company wise.
Amit Bansal answers, If you have changed many companies, its a good idea to highlight a consolidated work experience and mention the chronology of your employment under a separate category.

Ketan asked, Sir,i have 2yrs experinece in IT Field.i want to develop one skilled based resume aprat from whatever i worked in several field in this my current what i will do.what major points i want to highlights in my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Create another category in your resume ‘professional skills’ and highlight all the skills you have learned or worked on. Write the chronology of your employment under a different category ‘work experience’.

Vishal_4 asked, I am working as an Assistant Manager for almost 3 years, But I hardly get any response after submitting a resume. I am looking forward to be a Project Manager, WHAT COULD I BE MISSING IN THE RESUME?
Amit Bansal answers, Maybe you are not giving information required for the profile you are applying for. Study the job description and match your skills while creating your resume.

daniel asked, Hi Amit, i am working in IT company, in my CV i had update all the works i had done in my previous organizations, i am having 4 company exp. my resume is coming nearly 4 pages, kindly advice how to reduce to 3 pages
Amit Bansal answers, Check if you have repeated any information. Can you reduce the pages with just formatting? use bullet points rather than long descriptions. See if you have mentioned points that are irrelevant to the current job profile you are applying for.

Absin asked, What should the objective statement essentially capture? Should it talk about me or should it talk about what I want to do in an organisation? I am confused with this…
Amit Bansal answers, Talk about how you are going to contribute to the organization with your skills, knowledge and experience.

Manasdarsan asked, I am having 10+ years of experience in HR with Generalist profile. Please suggest areas to be stressed upon.
Amit Bansal answers, Please mention the different responsibilities you have taken in the last 10yrs in detail under professional experience.

ganesh asked, Sir, I am working in a Central Govt. Construction organisation and have put up 20 years of service . I am working as an Asst. Engineer. I would like to join a private concern, of a similar work nature. How should a prepare my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Use a standard format for an engineer’s profile and highlight the kind of work you have done in the last 20 years in detail.

water asked, Dear Sir, I have done my engineering and MBA. howevere the job that I have been performing in my current org is not satisfactory as it is from admin and general function. Kindly let me know your feedback? is it worthwile looking for a change in job
Amit Bansal answers, How long have you been working? I suggest if you have less than 1 yr of experience please complete one year and then move.

Debo asked, Hi Sir, I’ve been working as a office assistant for almost 4 years now. I am looking for a change in job and would like to try for a better post. In my current organization I have been helping the servicing team. I’ve not completed my graduation due to some personal reasons and that comes up every time I apply for a job elsewhere. What should I do? Should I lie in my resume that I have a degree?
Amit Bansal answers, Debo my honest suggestion is that you complete your graduation. You will always face question regarding your graduation and writing false information on resume is not a good idea at all.

Shanky asked, Hi, I have around 5.5 years exp in IT. I want to highlight a skill on which I dont have much industrial experiance, but want to move ahead in my career based on the same. How should I tweak my resume, without putting my existing experiance in jeopardy?
Amit Bansal answers, You can write that skill however be sure you will be questioned on it and if you are confident you can face the employer’s questions you can write it down without worrying too much.

MB asked, I want to the real arrangement/rather the look of standard resume having more then 14 yrs of exp in power/electrical field
Amit Bansal answers, MB, for 14 yrs of experience the more important thing to highlight is your professional experience in terms of the various responsibilities you have undertaken. You can include the chronology of your employment as a separate category.

kps asked, Is it alright to lie a bit in your resume, how serious are the background checks?
Amit Bansal answers, Background check are pretty stringent. You must provide only correct information on your resume.

harry asked, hii amit is der gud 2 send a covering letter with ur resume??
Amit Bansal answers, Only if asked for a covering letter.

chirag asked, with reference to your answer to edna, i would like to know if i have 5 years of experience and have changed three companies then to i have to restrict my cv to 2 pages
Amit Bansal answers, Resume, not CV. And yes, restrict it to two pages.

shrawan asked, Sir,it is necessary to design resume company/sectorwise
Amit Bansal answers, yes it is.

SMR asked, Does the resume formats in India are of international formats ?
Amit Bansal answers, Pretty much the same. There is no great difference in an International or Indian format.

Suchitra asked, Sir, Can you please let us know which are some common mistakes that we should look out for while drafting our resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Formatting, spellings, written correct information which you can substantiate with examples during personal interview and highlighting most important areas that match the job description of the profile you are applying for.

sriram asked, Hi Amit I am having total 7yrs work exp but only 4yrs is from IT…Is it good to keep Non-IT exp in profile or not?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes off course. However you can stress on areas where you learned skills that can be used in IT related field.

Kathrine asked, Hi Amit, I’m still in college and wanted to have a resume ready. Does including the extra ciricular activities you’ve participated in during school and college days count for anything in one’s resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Absolutely. Your extra curricular activities show how achievement oriented and productive you are as an individual. And there is so much more we learn through extra curricular activities.

Trainee asked, 1. what is the difference between bio data, Resume, CV and Profile ??? 2. Hi, I have 8 years of industry experience, but my current organisation is at loss when it comes to remuneration and promotion, hence i am planning to change, but the issue is my current designation and pay is far lower that the industry standards which creates issue with the prospect org. How to deal with this ?
Amit Bansal answers, That really does not matter. You can highlight to the HR that I was underpaid and that is one of the reasons why I am planning to move. Highlight the market package and be assertive that you are expecting at least that much from your prospective employer.

axn asked, I am having 22 years of experience mostly in Telecom sector.Currently due to the problems in this sector the last company I worked with was not doing well for itself and has pink slipped. Am jobless for last 3 months. How do I make my CV in such a way that I am not in the negative light?
Amit Bansal answers, There have been many who were rendered jobless during recession. I dont think that will add any negative aspect to your resume. However, i suggest you highlight what were you doing during these three months. When you are asked for a reason, you can go ahead and tell them you were hit by recession.

Trainee asked, what is the difference between bio data, Resume, CV and Profile ???
Amit Bansal answers, Resume included the chronology of your work experience and educational qualification. It should not be beyond 2 pages. CV is a very detailed document usually written by research professionals highlighting their research work, projects and papers. It can be upto 10 pages and more. A bio-data is a biological information usually written for jobs like airline cabin crew, or stewards in hotels or for matrimonial sites. A profile is a summary of your professional experience. A one pager usually like a snapshot.

chirag asked, is it necessary to write objectives and goals on top of the CV. if yes what are the reasons for the same
Amit Bansal answers, An objective statement is like a punchline for your resume. It highlights your intent to join a particular organization or job profile. It can also get your resume noticed.

Edna asked, Hi Amit, I’ve heard that companies usually dump half the resumes they get without even going through it in detail. How can I make sure that my resume atleast gets read. Should I put in a different color paper? Is there any way I can make them give me that one chance?
Amit Bansal answers, Edna, spend time building your resume. It should not be more than 2 pages, formatted well and write an objective statement which will get your resume noticed in the crowd.

Pridhvi asked, I’m currently pursuing my B.Com and would like to join a job and then see if I can do my masters later on. I wanted to know as a fresher what should I put in my resume. I do not have any prior experience. Do you think i should intern anywhere this year? Can I include that as experience?
Amit Bansal answers, Pridhvi, you can include your internship experience on resume. It will be good. But you can apply for a job even without any work experience as a fresher. Use the following order to write your resume: Name; objective statement; educational qualification; project work; technical competencies; personal competencies; extra curricular activities; achievements and finally personal details without your marital status.

subbu asked, Sir… i m having 9 exp. in financial service sector. would like to rebuild my resume.. what would be your best suggestion.
Amit Bansal answers, Subbu, if you have changed many jobs in the 9yrs then it is important to first highlight your professional experience including all the different kind of work you have done, technologies you have handled etc. after that you can include your work experience with names and durations and designations in the different organizations you have worked for.

sweety asked, Hi Amit, Is it standard procedure to put a photograph of yours in the resume? What are the main parts of the resume that are a must
Amit Bansal answers, It is not a standard procedure to attach a photograph. However, you may do it if you like. Include a passport size photograph in business attire.

Angelina asked, Hi Amit, is there any definite order in which the resume should be written? or is it different from company to company?
Amit Bansal answers, Usually it is different from company to company. However the usual chronology is; name; address; objective statement; professional experience; educational qualification; other certifications or extra curricular activities and personal details. All of this should not go beyond 2 pages.

sukram asked, Hi Amit, I have changed 7 jobs in the last one year. When I go to interivews they look at it as a negative since I’ve skipped so many jobs. Should I not mention this in my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, I hope you got my response. I cannot see it on my chat window. However, let me tell you, that if you change the format of your resume it will help you get noticed for your professional experience. After that you can give the chronology of your work experience.

sukram asked, Hi Amit, I have changed 7 jobs in the last one year. When I go to interivews they look at it as a negative since I’ve skipped so many jobs. Should I not mention this in my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Sukram, i suggest you change the format of your resume, first highlighting your all the professional experience you have had in all these years in bullets. After that you can highlight your work experience chronology. Also, you must have convincing reasons for changing your jobs. If you are able to provide genuine reasons i dont think it will be considered as negative.

Amit Bansal says, This response is for all the questions asked so far. To highlight your resume, or specific things you must mention in your resumes, please bear in mind that studying the job description is very important. There are certain common categories that should be included in your resume which are; your qualifications, job experience and achievement. Beyond that you must see what is specifically asked by the interviewer in the job description.


Rediff Chat Date: July 6, 2011



Telecom & Mobile Technologies Track

The PurpleLeap certification course in Telecom and Wireless Communication provides the student with an industry oriented exposure to telecom networks and wireless technologies.

The course covers the fundamental concepts in telecom networks and traces the path the voice signal takes during the course of a telephone conversation. The processing of the signal through the various network elements such as access network, switching systems and transport network is explained in this course. Other methods and techniques to improve bandwidth like DSL, Wireless and Fiber in local loop etc, are also covered in this program.

What do Students Learn?

Module1 provides a comprehensive coverage of the landline PSTN network. The module covers basic telecom network comprising of the customer premises equipment (CPE), access network –twisted wire, wireless-in-local-loop and fiber-in-local-loop, the switching system and interconnecting transport network. The entire approach is on emphasis of the flow of the voice signal as it travels in the network from end to end.

Module2 covers advances in wireless technologies, and deals with the concept of cellular radio, GSM & CDMA, 3G and 4G, WiFi and WiMAX. Satellite communication is included to provide insight into its effectiveness for global wireless connectivity.

Module3 explains the management of telecom networks. The student is exposed to the need for NMS, network synchronization, reliability engineering and test and measurement of telecom links. Student gets an overview of security of the network and regulatory issues Satellite communication network overview provides an insight into its effectiveness for global wireless connectivity.

The course prepares the students to present themselves with confidence to the telecom industry and develops in them a familiarity with telecom terminology, current and future technologies and sets them apart in their knowledge of the telecom domain. Additionally, the industry oriented exposure helps them to relate to the university syllabus on communication, giving them a better performance opportunity in their academic course work.


1.  Student Benefits

• Assists the student to build Telecom expertise

• Connects student to the right job before graduatin

2.College Benefits

• State-of-the-art Telecom Lab

• Latest Telecom software for the lab usage

• Industry Engagement Platform

• Faculty Development Programs

• Pool of Telecom Certified students

Career Path

• Telecom Engineer

• Installation & Commissioning Engineer

• Network Planning Engineer

• Network Testing Engineer

• Maintenance Engineer

• Technical Marketing Engineer

Program Delivery at PurpleLeap

Delivery function spans from the time of signing of MOU to the stage of program closure and customer sign off. Delivery team works with almost all the departments within PurpleLeap to get its tasks done. In any progressive training model, the Initiation & Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control and Achieving success matrix are a definite phases that needs systematic understanding and approach. We have a plan in place that addresses each of the following key success facilitators.

It will be our pursuit to address the overall account and its growth. It will be important to understand the nature of a real time change that happens to any learning program to be successfully implemented in colleges.

The following illustration gives important stake holders, their role in program promotion, impacts of not having them active in the overall implementation process. Delivery team will strive towards the real change following a systematic approach addressing each of the stages mentioned below. This should ensure sustained business and enhance business for years to come.

For CHANGE we need to have all the following in place – Vision Strategy, Executive Buy In, Program Management and Action Plan

  • Absence of “Vision Strategy” creates confusion
  • Absence of “Executive Buy In” creates Anxiety
  • Absence of “Program Management” creates Frustration
  • Absence of “Action Plan” creates False Start

Industry Bridge Program

Students get systematic inputs across 8 semesters in Engineering. The program design ensures that students effectively utilize their time and get prepared for the industry while pursuing their engineering. This table illustrates the modalities of 3 programs that make the students ready for different organizations across verticals.

The objective is to provide Readiness for recruiters that hire ‘Smart Trainable’ talent, and then train them in-house. A strong foundation program with complete blend of technical and business Skills.

How to become ‘Ready to deploy’ talent

Topic: How to become ‘Ready to deploy’ talent

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.

bipin asked, I have stammering problem and facing problem in interview how i can overcome from this situation
Amit Bansal answers, Bipin, you must not get intimidated with this problem. One important thing to note here is that you can work on it to cure it. There are various techniques available. Please visit a good speech therapist. I can suggest you a couple of them but these are like home remedies. A professional help will be good. Try speaking by keeping a marble under your tongue, you can even use a rubber band to speak. But like i said, these are like home remedies you must seek professional help.

Katrina asked, Dear Sir, am presently an HR professional in Marine sector, plz suggest wht skill sets improvement wud help me to migrate in othr sectors, n wich is d best field to grow as an HR professional? I passd my BBA in HR last yr thn got job.
Amit Bansal answers, If you are an HR generalist profile i do not think it should be difficult for you to migrate to other sectors. Keep trying. Highlight relevant experience based on the job description while applying for a new organization. Why don’t you consider doing an MBA HR?

Nishant asked, Good Evening Sir, I’m Nishant from Noida, BA.LLB (hons) from HNLU,Raipur (CG),graduated in April! Exploring my options now,applied at various places. I was previously cleared by a consultancy post interview only to be told that my candidature has been put on hold for some stupid reason. The phase has been extremely difficult for me, I mean what do I do next?
Amit Bansal answers, Did they give you a reason? Most companies have legal advisory departments or alternatively you can start practicing under a lawyer. In you domain, experience is extremely important. I suggest you start adding experience to your profile in whichever way possible.

Sudhir asked, I am an individual with no guidance and less qualification (Graduation only). In secretarial and documentation line can you please guide how do I grow myself.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you can add certifications to your profile if you do not want to go for further studies. Please evaluate your skills and see what kind of jobs you would like to do. Take one step at a time. First thing is to find out which industry or what kind of work you would enjoy doing most.

ravi asked, I am a s/w engineer with 4 years of work experience. I have a very pleasant personality and excellent communication skills. I think I am very much suitable for software marketing where I can use my skills. I have been trying for this role but all the offers have been coming from technical role. How can I change my role at this stage? I already have a Masters and can’t afford to waste time and money at this point. Please advice me on the same.
Amit Bansal answers, Ravi, please match the job description to your experience. Highlight the ones that suit the job description and the potential organizations operations.

TaoJaat asked, Bansal ji, maine rohtakk univ se mba kar rakhi hai…ek saal ho gaya naukri naai laag rai kai pe…ke karun?? aur kitniya degreeiyan lun?
Amit Bansal answers, Please try and find out what is affecting your success in interviews and then start working on it. There is more to just degrees to get a job.

sushma asked, Hi Amit, I’ve already kept my resume ready for this year’s placements. Other than my curriculum what else do I need to be prepared with? Are there any extra courses which could help me do better in my feild. I’m a final year Electronical Engineering student.
Amit Bansal answers, Sushma, i hope you have created your resume based on the profiles you want to apply for. Please try to highlight your capability areas in relation to the job description to these profiles. Make sure you have enough evidences to quote during the personal interview for the knowledge and skills highlighted in your resume. Apart form academics please mention, projects, extra curricular activities and other certifications.

Avantika asked, Dear Mr. Bansal, It’s been close to one year and here in rediff only, that I interacted with you in the same forum. My question was related to how to be comfortable in an interview? Your answer really helped me in discovering a new way to handle interview. So today I would like to say thank you for the other day. I am working in a top-notch mgt consulting company now. Thanks.
Amit Bansal answers, All the best Avantika!

Venu asked, Hi Sir, In our organization they expect us to keep abreast with happenings in the world and also read latest books, but for me i get hardly time to go home and rest. When should I do this? Do you think it is so important?
Amit Bansal answers, For some job profiles its imperative to keep yourself updates about the world at large. I suggest spend some time analyzing how you are spending your time and create some time for this as well.

shohrab asked, hi sir. I am an electrical graduate of batch 2008 when i completed my education there was no one to offer me job some how i managed to join a service industry. now i feel i am in wrong field i don’t like my profile. i want work in power system which was my favorite subject during engineering. should i take a chance or its too late.
Amit Bansal answers, Shohrab you are already two years into the service job. However, not so late. Please look around and see the jobs available in your field. You will have to struggle to prove why you continues in service for two years and now want to move. However, you can highlight some relevant aspects of your work experience while applying for new jobs.

Akshay asked, I am BE mechanical and having 5 years of work experiecne in purchase. I am planning to persue ICWA. please suggest.
Amit Bansal answers, Are you planning to continue working in the accounts? if yes then i think its good for you.

Allan asked, Hi, I’m wondering how this english language can be so diffarant. The way they speak in office is off track how we used to in college. Me’s wondering if me needs to relearn mah language. do ya think its a good idea?
Amit Bansal answers, Allan, you will always find a different way of communication at workplace. It’s more formal and in some situations even conservative. I think you must observe people and you will be able to learn it.

pshettty asked, I am 25, an engineer & working in projects, steel industry.. Not satisfied with job at all.. my peers and bosses agree i should have been a software engg… what ammends can be made.. Too late to freshly consider IIM-CAT (is the chance affected since i am 25 & never had CAT in mind?)
Amit Bansal answers, As best of my knowledge there is no age limit to apply for CAT.

tarun asked, I tarun soni in Environment please guide how i can getting job in this field
Amit Bansal answers, Tarun, environment sciences has picked up momentum since global warming has become a great issue. Most manufacturing companies will have a post for environment sciences professional in its corporate division. I suggest keep an eye on job portals. There are numerous NGOs and govt organizations offering job opportunities in environment sciences as well.

bholenath asked, Sir, I am a big fan of yours. Have always followed your advises…..
Amit Bansal answers, thank you bholenath!

Anaga asked, Hi, good afternoon sir. I want to study further, but my financial situation at home is not allowing me to. I am presently in the third year of my gradutation. Is it a good idea to study while working, or will it be difficult to manage work and studies?
Amit Bansal answers, Its not difficult to study while working. You may have to put extra efforts. Besides it’s all in your mind. Also, a higher degree will be weigh more if its clubbed with work experience. Go for it!!

Shruti asked, Hi Amit, Will reading newspaper daily help me in improving english. but who will tell me which is the right way to pronounce words? how can i improve my spoken english?
Amit Bansal answers, Shruti, you will definitely need a teacher to help you learn English. However you don’t need to join an institute. You can talk to a friend who is good in English or even an older uncle or aunt. You can also do tests online. There are many websites which help you learn correct English. You may have to put in extra efforts that’s all.

Anura asked, Hi Amit, I’m from Bellary. I’m thinking of coming to Bangalore after my graduation and join finishing school to make my skills better. Is this good idea or any other option available?
Amit Bansal answers, Anura, its a good idea to join a finishing school program. But i suggest you understand the finishing school program well before joining one. Do not blindly enroll for any course.

shahrukh asked, i have started going to office but since 1 week no 1 is teaching me
Amit Bansal answers, Shahrukh, at workplace you have to find opportunities to learn. People will not have time to teach you. Please don’t wait for others you approach them.

Suraj asked, Hi Amit, Can you please let me know what kind of skills the employers are looking for?
Amit Bansal answers, Suraj, suggest you to read my earlier response. I have given 7 categories which are assessed by interviewers of any industry. These are apart from your technical and functional skills.

water 02 asked, Hi Amit, what are the avenues available in Supply Chain management for an mechanical engineer + MBA. I dont have past experience in Supply Chain management but have 5 years of experience in other field.
Amit Bansal answers, Water, i think you can look for supply chain jobs in automobile or engineering industry. Your MBA will come handy to pick up an analyst’s profile, inventory management or operation management. I suggest you can study the job description to see how your skills and knowledge can fit into the supply chain management jobs.

Amit Bansal says, The most important employability skills are: 1. How serious you are about your career 2. Are you willing to learn 3. Do you spend your time in productive activities 4. How comfortable you are working in teams 5. Do you know about the organization you are applying for its customers 6. How good you are in solving problems and finally 7. your communication skills.

mamu asked, hi amit…am bsc in microbiology from mumbai…how do i become employment ready now?
Amit Bansal answers, There are certain skills any employer needs in their employees and the same are evaluated during interviews. I will put those skills as a common reply to all in a minute.


Rediff Chat Date: July 15, 2011


Industry Engagement Platform

To develop business perspective and context, engineering students must engage and interact with the industry on a continuous basis. PurpleLeap Industry Engagement Platform makes it feasible for the college to bring the industry to its doorstep. Industry Engagement Platform enables:

• Guest Lectures and Case Study Discussions

• Internships and Projects

• Mentoring and Coaching

Case Study Discussions

Case Study Discussions