Prospect of New Banks Stirs Up a Dull Hiring Market

Executives at head hunters Egon Zender, Heidrick & Struggles, Randstad and Vito India are suddenly on their toes in a dull hiring market as bank license aspirants such as RIL, L&T Finance Holdings, Religare, and the Aditya Birla Group throng them to snatch the industry’s talent cream.
Banking experts at these hiring companies are burning midnight oil to identify candidates, from prospective chief executives to compliance officers, to compile a list that would impress the regulator and brighten applicants’ chances. Different headhunting firms are advising clients on their different talent needs and no mandates have been awarded yet. “The new applicants are looking at hiring people with credible track record and who can build a strong operating model and who have a strong corporate, rural, retail and SME banking background,” says Puneet Singh, partner, financial services and head-North India at global executive search firm Heidrick and Struggles. Singh’s organisation is advising some of the prospective top applicants on their talent needs.
They are likely to short list candidates from many banks including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, notwithstanding the sting operation, and Citigroup and State Bank of India. The candidates will be picked not just based on their years of experience, but will also need to have achieved success in building profitable businesses without compromising regulatory guidelines.
“They are interested in top guys from consulting firms who are into the banking and financial services sector, banks and financial services institutions,” says Aditya Narayan Mishra, president, India unit at the Dutch head-hunter Randstad Holding NV. There is a new buoyancy in the employment market and the Indian business community with the RBI spelling out guidelines for new bank licenses, ending a decade of false starts. Former Infosys chief financial officer Mohandas Pai, and L & T have thrown their hats into the ring. “It has been a long-held dream to start a bank,” said micro financier Ramesh Ramanathan, who plans to partner Pai in seeking a license. “The clock started to tick when the final guidelines came out.” Some of the publicly known aspirants for the new banking licences include Aditya Birla Financial Services, Reliance Industries, Reliance Capital, Shriram Transport, Piramal Enterprises, Mahindra Financial Services, Bajaj Finserv, L&T Finance, Tata Capital, Religare, Cholamandalam Finance, Edelweiss, Videocon and IDFC.
The financial services sector, which has been at the receiving end of the Indian slowdown, is seeing some recovery. Staffing company Manpower’s Employment Outlook Survey showed a 19 percentage point slump in companies that plan to hire in the second quarter of 2013 to 27%, down from 45% a year ago. State-run banks are hiring more than 55,000 candidates in the next few months. In fact, the employment market has been so bad that there were more than 17 lakh applications for just about 1,500 officer jobs at the State Bank of India. Even among the new banks, nonbanking finance companies such as L & T Finance and Shriram City Union, may be better placed with a substantial staff familiar with credit operations.

Source: Times of India


How to overcome communication barriers at work

In office we come across people with whom we have to work to get things done. Our ability to communicate with clients, customers, subordinates, peers, and superiors can either enhance our effectiveness or sabotage us. In an office every individual puts an effort over a period of time in building influential relationships. Communicating effectively and efficiently can help build a good dynamic relationship with your peers, subordinates and superiors. Studies have shown that the top and middle level managers typically devote 60 to 80 per cent of their total working hours to communicating.

The principal barriers to effective communication are: noise, poor feedback, selection of inappropriate media, a wrong mental attitude, insufficient or lack of attention to work selection, delay in message transmittal, physical separation of the sender and receiver, and lack of empathy or a good relationship between the sender and receiver.

Below Q&A session are answered by Amit Bansal, CEO-PurpleLeap

hanji asked, hi Amit Ji,Can you please suggest some good books to increase proficiency in English? Thanks!!

Amit Bansal answers, 1. Improve your communication skills by Allan Barker 2. Write better read better- readers digest 3. English Grammar by Thomson and Martinet 4. You can also read simple fiction or non- fiction novels if you don;t like heavy reading.

Jithendra asked, Amit Ji, I feel i am good listner but bad at communication. specially worried whether other will take in right perspective, or what i speak makes sense, or the thing which i would speak might already been known to other person. Kindly Help
Amit Bansal answers, First of all be positive in your approach and outlook. We should not assume that the others will perceive us wrong. They can get it right as well. To improve your communication other than reading ( grammar and vocab related books) and watching English news channels most important thing is to practice.Speak slowly and if you think someone has misunderstood clarify the point. If someone already knows what you said, there is no harm done.Don’t worry too much.

Rakesh asked, How to improve on business communication front?
Amit Bansal answers, Business communication whether written or verbal has to be crisp , concise and simple. 1. It is always a good idea to have a clear topic of conversation or discussion. 2. language issues can be delt with training. 3. Is is important to encourage listening skills rather than just talking. 4. Written communication pieces should be proof read for grammar and spelling errors. 5. Going slow when talking to someone with foreign accent is another tip. 6.It is good idea to use simple verbiage. 7. Documenting is another way to make ensure you have the missed pieces.

siva asked, I tried to watch movies with subtitles. but ,still my listening skills are not good.
Amit Bansal answers, Try watching a short English film with subtitles and if you don’t understand it in one go, watch it again. Try reading simple books first and use the language you learn while talking. You can also join some communication workshops .

divya asked, how can i communicate with people in office who spoke very worst against me by which i was hurt?
Amit Bansal answers, There are only two ways to resolve such things. One is to simply ignore such people. Second is to talk to them and discuss the issue. This can resolve any misunderstandings. If you feel uncomfortable talking to them alone, involve your manager or any unbiased person who has some influence as a witness.

krishna asked, How to improve the written skills? Can you please suggest me in this mattere
Amit Bansal answers, Language can always be improved by reading and speaking. While writing we have an option to run a grammar and a spell check before sending any document. This will help you to improve and proof read your document.

priya asked, Hi Amit, I am working as a senior manager in a reputed MNC. I joined this MNC some time back because my ex boss is in this org and we have a good connect. But few months back our org appointed a senior person who is now heading that business. My boss doesn’t get along well with this new person who is his boss. Because I report to my boss this new head doesn’t support me. He feels that I am not in his team. Kindly suggest different ways to handle this situation.
Amit Bansal answers, Again a very sensitive situation and should be handled carefully. Sometimes even at such senior levels people do carry a huge ego. Your boss might not get along with his boss for some reasons of his own but you are a different person. If you think you can gel well with your bosses boss without compromising on anything that you hold important than, there is nothing wrong in it. For examples: Sometimes we are friends with 2 enemies and equally good friends but the other two people should be mature enough to understand that. You can only be accountable for your behaviour , not that senior person’s. If all this worries you talk it out with him and explain that his work relationship with your boss is a separate issue and should not affect yours. Hope this essay helps in some way.:)

kumar asked, Am weak in english grammar how to improve writing & speaking
Amit Bansal answers, Few tips: 1. Communication related training or workshops. 2. Reading books on grammar and vocab. 3. Most importantly speaking in English as much as possible. 4. Watching movies with subtitles also help a lot.

PP asked, Whenever I do some good thing,my boss takes credit for that and he gives the pie of credit to his pet person,eventhough he is not involved.How can I solve this problem ?
Amit Bansal answers, Situations like this are very sensitive. It is always a good idea to communicate about such crucial projects on an email so that you have a record of all the good work you have done. Even if someone else takes credit for your work, that doesnt mean they know the work. They will not be able to do it themselves but you can. Your knowledge and experience will anyway show in the way you work. Anyone who copies the work or takes crdit wont be able to actually do it however you can. That’s your victory.

PP asked, How to please my seniors by communicating ?
Amit Bansal answers, Wel, most people like courteous and polite employees. By being a good listener and positive in communication, i believe most of the communication related problems can be avoided and congenial work enviornment can be created.

divya asked, how can i communicate with people in office who always gossips about me?
Amit Bansal answers, There are people who like to waste their time in idle gossips. You just be indifferent to them and continue being polite. As long as it doesn’t affect your work and performance, there is nothing to worry about.

hoggs asked, Hi Amitji. What needs to be done if a team member is throwing lot of attitudes and egos
Amit Bansal answers, Well, you will for sure come across such people every where you go. The most important thing is to not let their attitude affect you. Ignorning them is always the best approach however, if it affects you a lot, speak to them and discuss it out. Involve a senior management person as a witness to this conversation to avoid any misunderstandings.

Muthu asked, In conf call/Meeting it’s difficult to understand few peolpe prounnciation ..How to overcome this problem?
Amit Bansal answers, This is a very common situation that we face. Few tips are: 1. Hold the con call in a quiet room with no extrnal disturbance. 2. Ask the people on the call to speak slowly. 3. Make sure the equipment is working. 4. Take notes and exchange the minutes after the call to make sure nothing is missed. 5. There might be people who may not be good with the language, and may need training.

Satish asked, any specific news paper, you will recommend which can help in improving communication?
Amit Bansal answers, reading any English news paper can be helpful however, you should target the letters to the editor columns in HT, Learning English section in ‘ The Hindu’. Look for intersting articles in foreign papers like Newyork times that will improve your knowledge and language.

virendra asked, Sir, I’m working in new company as executive. Been reading books on improving my english, but still it is not better. Any other practical solution to improve communication
Amit Bansal answers, Reading ofcourse is a good idea however, things improve only when we practice what we read. Try conversing in English at work and with friends. Ask them to correct you when you go wrong and take the feedback positively. Watching BBC and English documentaries with subtitles is also helpful as it will tell you both the accent and the words.

Baby asked, how to talk with arrogant people at work?
Amit Bansal answers, You will come across all kinds of people at workplace. You should not let anyone’s bad behaviour affect you. If it is impacting you in anyway there are always solutions to resolve such issues like discussing it out on a one to one basis , simply ignoring them also works at times but if nothing else helps, then seek help of the senior management.

amul asked, my englis very pur. very little while speaking with colleagues. how to impruuv?
Amit Bansal answers, There are workshops on improving language and accent. Apart from that one should develop the habit of reading and talking in English as it is a global language.

ankit asked, Hi Amit, How can I improve my communication skills?
Amit Bansal answers, There are a lot of things that can be done to improve one’s communication skills. 1. Reading books. 2. If someone has accent or language issues, there are trainings to overcome that. 3. I also believe to be a good communicator one needs to be a good listener and free of any biases or prejudices. 4. Open communication is another way to make communication effective. 5. Main thing is to practice the above consistently.

aaa asked, sir, how to deal with difficult bosses who are bad with their communications?
Amit Bansal answers, The first step to effective communication is to give others benifit of doubt and by not taking everything they say negatively. Couple of things that help in office scenarios are : 1. Getting into a one on one with your boss and clarifying the concerns to avoid any misunderstandings. 2. Making sure any conversation that is important is documented on an email etc.


Chat Date: Feb 27, 2013

Freshers ‘hired’ by HCL Tech stage protests across country

Fresh engineering graduates hired by India’s fourth largest information technology firm,HCL Technologies, staged a protest in front of the company’s offices in Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad on Monday. They demanded that the company convert the offers to actual jobs.

These engineers were hired by the company in September 2011 and given Letters of Intent (LoI) to join the company in few months, but more than a year later, they are still waiting for the joining date.

Some 80 engineers gathered in front of HCL Tech’s office in Noida Sector 3 where the top brass of the company sits, including Vice-Chairman and Joint Managing Director Vineet Nayar and Chief Executive Officer Anant Gupta.

For the Noida protest, freshers came from colleges HCL had visited in August 2011 and made placement offers, including Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, Amity, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, GB Pant Engineering College and Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology.

According to students coordinating the protests, freshers from colleges like Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (Hyderabad), Andhra University, Maharashtra Institute of Technology (Pune), Vellore Institute of Technology (Tamil Nadu), and Sastra University (Tamil Nadu) protested at the gates of various offices of the company.

“As soon as we gathered to protest in front of the HCL office, we were called in by some senior officials, who asked us to sit for four hours in the auditorium. We asked for clarity on joining, but the officials kept repeating, ‘we will let you know by August’,” Piyush Khandelwal, one of the protesters, told Business Line.

He said the freshers were also given the option to join HCL Infrastructure instead of HCL Tech (for which they got the LoIs), but at a lesser salary. Business Line had written about the issue in early February.

“The company asked us to join for a Rs 2.75 lakh a year salary, which is lower than the Rs 3.25 lakh offered during campus recruitment. Also, we have been asked to take an entrance test afresh for joining HCL Infrastructure,” he said.

However, the company said it is an option offered to the hired students, who can join the company immediately as the vertical has vacant positions. And, even if they fail the test, the LoI will still hold for the HCL Tech vertical and they can join the company once positions get created, a company official said.

“We have openings for around 400 people there and few may open up soon. We have asked these freshers to join us there at the same positions as they were offered in the LoI (as Graduate Engineer Trainee),” Nitin Pande, Vice-President – HR, HCL Technologies, told Business Line.

He said the company will be able to decide on taking in more candidates by August and will decide on a timeline to on-board these freshers as, by then, HCL would have finished its business planning.

But the unemployed freshers were furious over the delay and demanded to know why the company had given the LoIs if it did not plan to on-board them.

“On one hand, the company is showing positive results quarter-on-quarter, why are they doing such things. We just want clarity just like other companies have done. Infosys, which had hired our friends during same time has at least given them the assurance and joining dates of early 2014,” said one of the protesters requesting anonymity.

“We are not even asking for salary for the first three months, as we want to work with this company and that too in HCL Tech, not HCL Infrastructure. We were hired as Software Engineers and in Infrastructure , it is like a BPO job, which we can’t do and lose our career,” said Anshul from Agrasen Institute of Technology.

The engineers and students shouted slogans against the company and said they were ready to go on a hunger strike from Tuesday, should HCL Tech hold back information about the joining date.

The company called in the police which asked the protestors to meet the District Magistrate.

Youth power is India’s biggest asset

First, it was President Pranab Mukherjee. Then Railway Minister P.K. Bansal followed. Now, it is the turn of the Government’s Chief Economist Raghuram Rajan to doff his hat to ‘youth’.

Amidst a series of firsts – Pranab Mukherjee’s Presidential address to both houses of Parliament was his first, while the Railway Budget was Bansal’s first and this year’s Economic Survey is Rajan’s first – the Survey too, has scored a first with a chapter titled, ‘Seizing the Demographic Dividend.’

“The future holds good promise for India provided we can seize the demographic dividend, as nearly half the additions to the Indian labour force over the period 2011-30 will be in the age group of 30-49 years,” said the Survey. Also, productive jobs are vital for growth and a good job is also the best form of inclusion, it added.

It said that since more than half of population depends on agriculture but the experience of other countries suggests that the number of people dependent on agriculture will have to shrink if per capita incomes in agriculture are to go up substantially.

“While industry is creating jobs, too many such jobs are low-productivity, non-contractual jobs in the unorganised sector, offering low incomes, little protection, and no benefits. Service jobs are relatively high productivity, but employment growth in services has been slow in recent years,” it explained.

The Survey felt that the challenge is to create the conditions for faster growth of productive jobs outside of agriculture, especially in organised manufacturing and in services, even while improving productivity in agriculture. The benefit of rising to the challenge is decades of strong inclusive growth, it argued.

The Survey expressed concern over the inability of service sector to create enough jobs. It said that in addition to labour regulations, the lack of properly educated and skilled work force was also a factor. Suitable higher education is important for high-end services such as information technology, software development and finance, it suggested.

“Under an assumption of unchanged policies and parameters, even if India’s share of employment in agriculture declines over the next decade as China’s did at a similar stage of development, and even if more youth enter the labour force as we reap the demographic dividend, India may be able to place 99.5 per cent of the labour force in jobs by 2020. This suggests little cause for alarm,” the survey said.


Thanks for the letter, but what about the job?

Several engineering graduates of 2012, who were made job offers by IT firms more than a year ago, are yet to join their respective employers. With the economic climate not upbeat last year, several companies have been going slow with the induction of freshers.

In January, during their results conference, both Infosys and Wipro had stated that hiring reflects their business needs and is adjusted as per their business plans. This resulted in staggered hiring, with freshers joining in batches.

While many students from Tier I colleges have already been inducted in August and December, those from lesser-known colleges are still waiting. 22-year-old computer engineer Siddharth AV is one such unfortunate fresher. He has with him a job offer since last January, boasting of an annual pay packet of `2.2 lakhs from a mid-sized IT company in the city. But after graduating from a college in Chikaballapur in June, the wait to enter corporate corridors has been endless.
Repeated communication with the prospective employer has yielded only the monotonous “we will get back to you” response.

Instead of idling, Siddharth ended up doing a course in embedded technology, costing `45,000, in the hope that the course could give him some competitive edge. “I have been scouting for other jobs. I have posted my resume on various job sites. But nothing has come my way,” says Siddharth, whose offer letter from the IT firm has been gathering dust in the cupboard.

Siddharth’s neighbour Ranjini Reddy, who also had an offer letter in hand while graduating in June from an engineering institute, has on the other hand been “practically doing nothing”. I have just been waiting and waiting, she said. “I have applied in two BPO firms but there is no word from there as well. This software company, which had given me the offer, says they will get back.”

Job experts say several city freshers were in the same boat like Siddharth and Ranjini.”Getting a job in the open market without many contacts and referrals turns out 100 times tougher than through placements done through colleges.
But in these cases, waiting for that joining call can get frustrating, when the students have offers in hand,” says Bhupesh Gupta, director of recruitment firm Krizalis Consulting, adding that many freshers then end up doing part-time courses in mobile communications, programming etc.

According to Kris Lakshmikanth, MD of search firm HeadHunters India, the eventual joining of these freshers can happen slowly anywhere from May to December this year, which means a wait of nearly 12-18 months for freshers after their graduation.


PurpleLeap @ KSSEM,Bangalore – Poster Presentation Event

                                                     By Naval Gupta, Consultant-Business Skills, PurpleLeap

The Program
 PurpleLeap conducted IB2 program on Presentation Skills for one week in fast track mode
 From the pre-assessment it was found the students were on 1 to 2 on a scale of 1-5
 Students practiced presentation skills using tools and techniques shared
 Initially students were hesitant in coming up and speaking
 10 hours of sessions with the students included – Structure, Power Opening, STAR & FEASTED
 After which a mid-program event was organized

The Mid-Program Event
 In order to encourage students PurpleLeap trainers initiated an inter-group competition
 Students were asked to create a poster in groups on the learning they had in PurpleLeap training
 They were also asked to prepare a 10 minute presentation
 The college auditorium was prepared for the event
 On the day of the event the groups pasted their posters on the walls of the auditorium like arranging stalls in science fairs
 Team members stood next to their posters and explained to the visitors what they have made
 A total of 92 students attended the event
 The Principal of the College, Dr. Sridhara and HODs from various departments were also present
 From each team, members came on the stage to make presentations on both technical and non-technical subjects using:
o Skits
o Videos
o Powerpoint
 The event gave students confidence to stand, speak and share their learning
 Best poster and Best presentation teams were awarded based on design and delivery
 One student demonstrated high levels of presentation skills and was encouraged with the “Show Stealer” prize
 Seven students were also given best presenters prize

Dr. Sridhara (College Principal) remarked, “I am happy to see the progress students have made, from not being able to talk to each other to coming on stage and giving good presentations. I would say that this type of training not only helps you for getting job but also to excel in life and for overall development.”
It was a mid-program event and has built excitement towards the second part of the program in March.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use to help accomplish what you really want in life. It helps you to move in a focused direction towards a target. The purpose of setting goals is to achieve it. Goals inspire us to do what we actually want to do. By having the goals you know where your efforts need to be put. Hence you can use your energy and time in the right way.

However not every goal can be successful and if a goal is not achieved there is no point in setting a goal. When we set up a goal, we are intended to be guided by the goal. Therefore, we should be active and motivated with the goal in order to achieve it half the time with double effort. In order to stay motivated with the goal all the time, it has some tricks in goal setting.

Below Q&A session are answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

Harish asked, Sir, just one more question.. When a person is going though a bad phase, don’t you think the comparisons are bound to happen? Fortunately or Unfortunately, We live in a materialistic world where one’s achievements are measured with the amount of wealth he/she has been able to gain so far..

Amit Bansal answers, yes, you are right, and it is good you are aware that we are living in a measurement oriented world, but there is no specific answer to your question, guess one needs to explore that…all the best

Prshant asked, My goal is to switch my current company and to be a part of another big organisation and I am working towards it hard but I started losing my patience as jobs are not generating can you tell how to be focus and not frustrated and wait for right time because I want to switch in next 3 months that is commitment to myself?
Amit Bansal answers, sometimes we make commitments to ourselves under some compulsions, and sometimes these compulsions are self-imposed, you may to examine your assumptions about leaving this company and joining the next

Arvin asked, Hello sir, i am 37, single, no movable or immovable assets. going to be fired on 28 feb because of egoist and bad boss. company run by politically influential person. this is the first time i am experiencing such kind of defeat in life. father has got lucoderma after 25 years of his age and many people find this as issue during matrimonial proposals. i do not know what exactly to do, how to set the goals in my life for 1. getting new job after such a episode. 2. getting married 3. getting owned home. can you please guide?
Amit Bansal answers, What if someone had stated the same issues to you, how would you have advised that person, with this in mind, you may want to write down some solutions…difficult activity but worth trying…

suniltiwari1407 asked, thnx mr amit but can you suggest me some more regarding general plans for achieve that goals.
Amit Bansal answers, typically a list helps…so you may want to make one and then classify them as short, middle term and long term,

RAJAT NIGAM 83 asked, Hi I am into retail business and i had opened newly .Kindly let me know about the goals of the business and how to write it
Amit Bansal answers, typically what you are asking is done before you set-up shop

Sunandan asked, Sir, pls advice me how to overcome lack of concentration and how to keep my mind cool to achieve success in my final exam?
Amit Bansal answers, try sitting down for short periods without interruptions and then extend that time, but avoid going more than 90 mins…

Vinod asked, I have been out of job for the last few months. Its my first such experience after working for over 20 years. No matter how hard I try I have not been get myself placed due to the bad economic conditions. How can I approach this problem through Goal Setting. Need your help.
Amit Bansal answers, This does not seem like a goal setting issue, typically in today’s day and age, personal branding is very crucial, it is about who you know (networks) in the industry and of course also about what you know (exposure) and how well you know (expertise),

suniltiwari1407 asked, Mr.Amit i want to set goals about our own home good education for child and a respectful life after retirement what we can do for fullfill the same presently i am working with a reputed construction company in logistic and inventory department.and my age is 32 years.
Amit Bansal answers, goal setting and success is not only dependant on you but also dependant on those you are in close relations with. typically critical things like you have mentioned are achieved in partnership, the question is have you initiated that discussion at home?

dhruv2004 asked, amit bansal sir how to manage our time?
Amit Bansal answers, time is only one of the things to be managed…but you really can’t manage it, you need to manage yourself…

Harish asked, I never let setbacks win over over me. I’m strong enough to stand up and fight again, but in such a course, time gets wasted. Today my batch-mates are way ahead of me & even though I a topper in college; am not able to achieve a decent career.. What to do sir?!?
Amit Bansal answers, typically this could be a situation of comparatives, let us take an example, imagine you are going on a highway and you are driving a car…you find that there is car who is trying to drive faster than you, but you are not in a hurry, but you feel that you should beat him because you have a more powerful car, so you race him and suddenly you see that car stop at a hospital and you stop and find out what happened. the other person was having some medical emergencey and hence he was racing to the hospital. so the lesson is he had a purpose and you were only racing to compete (without a clear purpose)

Pradeep asked, Sometimes our heart says this is my wish and it should be the goal but our mind denies it and we are in a state od dilemma. what to do in this case. listen to heart or mind? but one will be suppressed.
Amit Bansal answers, this is case of a conflict in the mind, think about one situation where you were able to resolve a conflict (heart/mind) and how did you handle it?

sanjeev asked, If i feel that i cannot achieve the in the middle, resetting of goal which is achievable is right or wrong and please let me know the areas in which i can set the goal
Amit Bansal answers, as for resetting, it is a very thing to do…sometimes unavoidable as well

sanjeev asked, If i feel that i cannot achieve the in the middle, resetting of goal which is achievable is right or wrong and please let me know the areas in which i can set the goal
Amit Bansal answers, career, health related, monetary, relationships etc are typical areas in which goals can be set

Amit Bansal answers, typically in sales, the org will set goals for you, first you may want to know what those are and after that you will have to work with it…

Anitha asked, how to prevent negative thorught that prevent us to reach goals?
Amit Bansal answers, write the so called negative thoughts down in journal each day or maybe every few hrs. continue this and maybe an idea may stike you…

vijay asked, A general goal for evry one is making money in his lifetime.It looks to me like this goal is parent goal and all child goals will come under this?
Amit Bansal answers, while there is a general process of goal setting, priorities are very individual dependant, it could be that you are thinking about priorities

Harish asked, Sometimes nothing works in your case.. No matter how many times I plan and set goals, mother-nature (God) never lets me walk through them and things get worse.. 😦
Amit Bansal answers, Sometimes yes these things happen, it is also about how you respond to these so called set backs

diliplimhan asked, please help me to set my effectiv goel
Amit Bansal answers, the following may help you set your goal effectively, using each of the letters below write down or elaborate your goal(s)… S- Specific and also short and simple, M – Measurable and also it should be meaningful to you and also there should be more than 1 way to achieve it, A- Achieveable and also it can be thought of ‘As if now’ or present tense, R- Realistic and also it should be responsible or ecological good and of course it should be Right for you, and finally, T- Timed, and also toward what you want, it should be positive with no negations and comparatives…

diliplimhan asked, i dont understand hou to make my goal
Amit Bansal answers, writing down is the best method, zig ziglar (famous motivational author) has some very clear ideas (videos), you may to go through that,

vijay asked, if a person sets a goal and his wife is contradictor to that goal. he should redefine his goal or he sould ignore her.
Amit Bansal answers, this is a relationship related point, any good relationship requires nurturing and talking and of course listening, you may want to ask the importance of each of the above to yourself…

harry asked, Sir I am in real estate bysiness and sells flats, plots, commercial spaces etc. How to achive my goals. How to find new clients.
Amit Bansal answers, You seem to thinking about sales strategies rather than goal setting, you may want to start reading about your sector, along with this research you may want to start talking to experienced heads and figure out how they achieved sucess, finally there is no subsititute to actually talking to your clients, how to find new clients? well, that is a networking issue,

harry asked, Sir I am in real estate bysiness and sells flats, plots, commercial spaces etc. How to achive my goals. How to find new clients.
Amit Bansal answers, You seem to thinkign about sales strategies rather than goal setting, you may to start reading about your sector, along with this research you may to start talking to experienced heads and figure out how they achieved sucess, finally there is no subsititute to actually talking to your clients, how to find new clients? well, that is a networking issue,

sameera asked, To achieve any goal you should be financially sound, so basic question should be that How you should be financially sound, Am I right?
Amit Bansal answers, not excatly, well it depends on how you are defining the process of goal setting

vijay asked, we should define our goals and also time period to achieve or not? Because if we define time period it will be burden and stress. if not it will be endless goal
Amit Bansal answers, Good observation, that is how it is…it is about how you manage the internal stress, famously it is said that you should use time to your advantage rather than becoming a slave of it… it is about how you stay relaxed and also focussed on your goals, unfortunately there is no one single formula to that, it is about trying different methods of goal setting, followed by reflection and finally using something which works for you

Vikas asked, How does goal setting help in proffessional life
Amit Bansal answers, Actually quite simple- it helps you to become a better professional. aprt from monetary success, it may also give you recognition, respect and admiration and you may also be able to leave a legacy, but remember running behind any these mentioned sometimes decreases your chance to actually get it… that is the paradox of success

priyanka asked, can you please explain what are the things we need to consider to set our goals.. And how do we proceed towards it ?
Amit Bansal answers, Sure…typically apart from career, it is also critical to think about financial goals, spiritual goals, health related goals, relationship goals, check out mind tools on the net and you will get more ideas…another point is once you have your goals written down, you may experiment by sharing your goals with somebody your trust…this may give you the necessary confidence and clarity…

AnilKarande asked, Sir I am Insurance agent and I would like achieve MDRT this year. Please guide me.
Amit Bansal answers, TO begin with you may to ask yourself, whether do you know your product(s) well enough, and next do you really believe in them. If the first points are not matching then you may or not achieve success…no matter how well you set goals (of course you can achieve short term success but it may not give you long term)

Anoop asked, Amit a simple example or a goal would be to get up early in the mornin whcih we might do it for 3 days and again back to the old routine. How to refine this process?
Amit Bansal answers, This is not just about goal setting…to adhere to your mentioned task, you need to do manage your energy well…what do i mean by energy…well, you may to ask yourself whether you are getting enough sleep, whether you are excercising well enough, also whether you take a small nap during a day, or whether you are browsing a lot before you go to sleep, all of the mentioned points and some more will impact you getting up successfully in the morning

Amit Bansal says, What is SMART- since we are talking about goal setting, we all could benefit by applying it…S- Specific and also short and simple, M – Measurable and also it should be meaningful to you and also there should be more than 1 way to achieve it, A- Achieveable and also it can be thought of ‘As if now’ or present tense, R- Realistic and also it should be responsible or ecological good and of course it should be Right for you, and finally, T- Timed, and also toward what you want, it should be positive with no negations and comparatives…

red asked, amit sir, how to set goals n reach them??
Amit Bansal answers, Try using some techniques, here is one of the techniques, ‘SMART’ way of setting goals, here each letter stands for process in goal setting…

red asked, I always set goal but mostly on half way i loose my focus/get tired/get bored etc n leave half way.Even if i reach the goal successfully theres not much excitment and the feeling comes – ok wat next?? So hw to balance the things?
Amit Bansal answers, First of all this is a common thing which happens to all of us…also you need to examine why do you want to have excitement to reach a particular goal…this typically results in setting expectations for ourselves which may or may not match with the outcomes…

Anoop asked, PLease help in setting measurable goals and also the process in sticking to them? The problem is basically I stick to it for two days and then aggain gets back to the old routine.
Amit Bansal answers, You may to think about which goal you have successfully adhered to…analyse what has made you stick to it…what motivates you to continue to stick to it…then you may want to think about what motivations are not allowing you to pursue some of the other goals…


Chat Date: 20 February , 2013

Hiring In Media, Internet & Mobile Up 14% Month On Month: Naukri

The hiring activity in the Media and Internet sector by 14% in January 2013 when compared to December 2012, according to‘s Job Speak Index, which is an indicator of job listings on its portal. It should be noted that Naukri also categorizes jobs in Mobile sector as a part of Media in their Jobspeak report.

The Naukri Jobspeak Index for January 2013 was at 1031, while in December 2012 it was at 903, down by 3% on month on month basis. Note that the index uses the total number of jobs in July 2008 as a base (of 1000). Apart from that, starting from February 2012, the Jobspeak index also includes online jobs as well as jobs acquired by their telecalling team.


The report claims that the media sector has seen the highest job movement in last one year. Compared to January 2012, the hiring index levels of the media sector is up by 24% in January 2013.

The company noted that improvement in government decision in making and buoyancy in financial market might lead to better hiring in the sector in coming months. It also noted that in the year 2013, the media sector might see an improvement in fresh and replacement hiring.


Going Green at SJCET, Palai

The  4th semester students of St Joseph’s college of Engineering and Technology did a Nukkad Natak ( Street Play) as a culmination of a 28 hour  session on the  theme “ Go Green”. The 28 hours spread over 4 days saw the students discussing :

  • Relevance of going “Green”
  • Traditional models of water conservation
  • Eco -friendly technology
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Eco-friendly society and behaviour
  • Save environment movements.

Students made posters on saving the environment, designed Tee shirts with slogans supporting “ Go Green” movement, conducted cookery shows on 100 km food and a street play to spread awareness about “ Going Green”.

Software firms face shortage of skilled engineers

Companies are increasingly taking the education tie-up route to maintain a steady flow of talent in big data analytics.India’s biggest software firms looking for more business from areas such as big data and analytics are facing a shortage of skilled engineers to execute these projects.

For instance, the country has only 50,000 engineers capable of undertaking such projects when the demand is for at least five times that, according to recruitment firm Heidrick and Struggles India Pvt. Ltd. 
Big data refers to solutions that help clients sift through vast amounts of user information, identify patterns and develop new models or tweak existing ones to improve efficiency and increase revenue. Top outsourcing customers such as retailer Target Corp. and Citigroup are increasingly looking for solutions in these areas. According to consulting firm KPMG , the market for big data will be worth $206.6 billion by 2016, from around $109 billion in 2012.
As Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) and Infosys Ltd push to increase the proportion of fresh business from big data, cloud computing and analytics, they’ve come to realize that they need to train their staff and even look for specialized skills. Cloud computing is the use of shared computing resources through the Internet.
“We need a lot of data scientists now. We have a lot of knowledge of the many customers we work with like manufacturing companies where machines are producing a lot of data,” said N. Chandrasekaran, CEO and managing director of India’s largest software exporter TCS. “How do you work with clients to collate all this data and make sense of this data? Now there are opportunities to create new platforms where there is real-time flow of data.”
A research report by Gartner Inc. in October predicted that worldwide big data demand will reach 4.4 million jobs by 2015 globally. Only one-third of these jobs will be filled and this proportion of unfilled roles will be slightly higher in India, it said.
To manage this and address the growing need, some IT companies are recruiting a large number of statisticians and mathematicians who are being trained in-house on the necessary software tools.
Big data itself is becoming a priority investment for chief investment officers (CIOs) deciding on their IT budgets.
A study by global advisory firm Zinnov Management Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd. published on 7 February said, “CIOs continue to invest in business analytics with high uptake of big data within manufacturing, energy and utility, media and marketing verticals. Business intelligence and big data is of highest priority for over 60% CIOs” surveyed by Zinnov.
Companies are taking the education tie-up route to maintain a steady flow of talent in big data analytics.
“To slice and dice data from an understanding of the customer point of view is more difficult than just its technology,” said Ganesh Natarajan, vice-chairman and CEO of Zensar Technologies Ltd. “We work with institutes who have designed special business intelligence courses for us.”
Other companies that are including big data in their curriculum in tie-ups with institutes include IBM India Pvt. Ltd, SAP India Pvt. Ltd. and Wipro Ltd.
“There are many ongoing assignments with our clients to identify and recruit the best candidates. In this space, companies typically look for two streams of talent: one, candidates who can develop tools and platforms—SaaS (software as a service) and, two, candidates who are qualified to use the tools and platforms to analyse unstructured data,” said, E. Balaji, CEO and managing director of human resources service provider Randstad India Ltd. 
“We have access to a large pool of statisticians, mathematicians and technology specialists to meet the recruitment targets,” Balaji said. “We take a consultative approach with our clients and suggest candidates with the closest match and those who can be shaped for the specific role. A qualified statistician can be easily trained in SaaS or in any other business intelligence tool.”
The highest requirement is for professionals who understand both big data analytics technology and the business application of the resultant insights in ways that can benefit clients, said Sid Deshpande , senior research analyst, Gartner India Research and Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
“In big data analytics, the ones who are successful are those who can bridge IT and business (rather) than just IT specialists,” he said. “Globally, we are seeing big data professionals are increasingly techno-functional, having equal emphasis on technology and business leading to innovative roles.”
Some of the new job titles that go with this role include information leader, data steward, chief data officer, chief information manager, information architect and so on, indicating that pure IT specialists are not enough this space.
India has a strong talent pool of pure IT specialists with expertise in big data technologies but those with a business focus are fewer than globally.
“In more mature markets like the US, a lot of these roles have been filled by those strong in IT and can bridge gap between IT and business,” Deshpande said.
C.K. Guruprasad, principal, Heidrick & Struggles, said IT companies are searching for Indians with such experience overseas and who are looking to come back home. In India itself, there are many organizations that have set up captives for companies globally for big data analytics.
“At (the) entry level, there is enough talent considering the engineering graduates that pass out,” he said. When it comes to senior-level talent, it is limited.”
Randstad predicts that in the next two-three years, India will account for 20-25% of the worldwide demand for analytics and cloud computing talent. But India will trail behind the US and China as those two countries combined will account for 70-75% of the talent demand.