Download: Instapaper (Android)

The popular reader app, Instatpager has finally been released forAndroid. The software is very popular among iPhone users, so it is expected to be equally popular on Google‘s platform.

The app allows you to save web-pages for offline viewing. This means you can grab your favourite online stories when at home, and read them while commuting. To optimise readability, it removes images and other distractions from the content. Instapaper’s clean UI resembles to that of the e-book readers. It provides adjustable fonts, text sizes, and line spacings options to suit your needs. Brightness controls are available, and you can also choose between light and dark backgrounds.



Ice Cream Sandwich versus Apple iOS 5

By Ranjith Murali

IMS-CORE, PurpleLeap

A comparison on Photo Editing Tools

Guess what??? Finally I got my hands over IOS 5 from Apple… yes that’s true. Am working close to mobile technology for my organisation, our team is preparing itself to explore mobile operating system and deliver it as a lead technology on our programs.

I consider my I-POD to be the furthermost beloved device on earth; after my Blackberry, it creates such a tune to which I can not hold my feet from tapping, sometimes even sing with it.

There is a reason behind talking about I-POD at this point of time; it’s all because of Apple IOS 5. Regardless of the generous camera you have on your Apple or Android device, one thing you’ve no doubt on jotting down at present are tons of photo editing applications existing for both Apple and Android systems. In the recent mobile software updates, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android Operating System) and iOS 5 (Apple Operating system), have implemented some of those features which are already present in other competitive devices.

Apple Features:

Apple has added grid lines, pinch-to-zoom gestures, and single tap focus. Additionally, there is an option to use the new Photo Stream. You can choose to use it or not, but if you do, your photos automatically get downloaded to your other devices.

Android Features:

The Android 4.0 has been updated with few features like stabilized image zoom, face-detection and pinch to zoom. Whereas on the other hand, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) offers continuous focus, zero shutters lag exposure and dwindles shot-to-shot speed.

ICS adds the ability to take a photograph besides shooting video. By tapping the screen a full video resolution snapshot can be taken while the camera is still filming. One of the core trading features here is the panoramic photo mode. It assembles a single panoramic photo from the camera after you start the exposure and sweep across the landscape in one motion. The images are not stitched together but appears like a complete sequence.. After taking any images, by tapping a thumbnail it can be shared through email, social networks, and Bluetooth or text message.

Google has also upgraded the Picture Gallery and photo editing. In the gallery, more albums are shown and the thumbnail images are larger, and the albums can be sorted by tags, location, people or time. The new photo editing tools include cropping and rotating photos, setting levels and adding effects.

Once edited, photos can be instantly shared by text or several other ways. The new Android version has a more robust set of tools for photos than Apple, but not by much. Because there are so many camera apps out there, neither company probably wanted to duplicate too many ideas.

Advise me in the comments on your favourite camera apps with any mobile technology.

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A Glimpse of Android

Ranjith Murali

IMS- CORE, PurpleLeap

What is Android?

Android is a software mass aimed at portable devices that embraces an operating system, and key applications.

Android is run and maintained by Google, ever since they bought it from Android.Inc In the year 2005. Android ended Nokia’s Symbian OS which were in existence for 10 years turning out to be the prominent Smart-phone OS.

 What is there for me in Android?

Android is fundamentally fabricated for handy manoeuvres like tablets and Smartphones. Android established device is gifted of doing pretty much the whole thing that you can expect it to. Precisely as of the basic tasks of making a call, interpretation of email, or even turning your mobile phone to WiFi  hot spot.

Are we offered Apps for Android OS?

Affirmative folks, there remains overabundance of Apps for an Android. There is enormous series of apps and games existing to copy from the Android Market (as corresponding to Apple’s iTunes App Store). As of November 2011 there were about 500,000 games, applications and widgets obtainable on the Android Marketplace. Consumers can also mount apps directly using .APK files, or from different app arcades. (Like Apple, Google permits self-regulating app stores manoeuvre for Android).

Whereas as widespread Apps are free, intended for folks who are offered at a premium rate. Merely you’ll require setting up an account with Google in order to pay for apps.

 What does Google Offer for us in Android?

Ever since Google upholds the Android it has launched utmost its features even Apps for Android platform. Particularly Apps presented by Google are

–          Google Voice for the Google Voice service.

–          Sky Map for watching stars.

–          Finance for their finance service.

–          Maps Editor for their My Maps service.

–          Places Directory for their Local Search.

–          Google Goggles that searches by image.

–          Gesture Search for using finger-written letters and numbers to search the contents of the phone.

–          Google Translate.

–          Google Shopper.

–          Listen for podcast and My Tracks.

Android relies on Linux version kernel for core system services such as security, memory management, process management, network stack, and driver model. The kernel also acts as an abstraction layer between the hardware and the rest of the software stack.