Career in Embedded Technology

Many software professionals are now going for a career in embedded systems, the latest wave in technology. The communications industry is at an all – time high with embedded technology playing a crucial role in its advancement.

Professionals trained in embedded systems technologies happen to be a rare commodity in the recruitment market place. The demand for embedded systems engineers for product development and application will continue to grow in the years to come.

Embedded Technology is a combination of computer hardware, software and additional mechanisms, an embedded device is one in which the software is hidden in the hardware on which it runs. Embedded systems are designed to perform a specific function within a given time frame.

Embedded devices are found inside (besides PCs or workstations) in anything electronic that seems intelligent such as handheld devices like personal digital assistants PDAs, toys, automobiles, mobile phones, microwave ovens, music systems, digital cameras, access cards, TVs, MP3 players, ATMs, traffic signals and numerous other gadgets that we come across in our every day life.

Some other interesting scenarios in which embedded systems can be used are; Heating and lighting systems, which sense their surroundings and help minimize power consumption; Embedded software allows your washing machine to choose speed according to the type of cloth, gives thinking power to the microwave, acts like a music conductor in the car engine and pushes rocket launches into space.

Embedded systems are similar to memory chips with applications pre-loaded onto them. Once programmed, the software cannot be changed and this is what makes it different from Personal Computer. There is a lack of technical talent is this highly evolving and developing area.



Career Assessments – Do’s and don’ts

Choosing a career is a complicated process that is based on a number of things, including your interests, skills, work-related values, and personality. One of the questions heard most often in this context is: How can I know, what I really want to do as my career? It’s definitely true that you can’t make much leeway in finding a job if you haven’t decided what area you want to work in. Variations in this dilemma occur not only to fresher’s but also to more established job-seekers who have decided that their careers isn’t a good fit but are not sure what else would be more satisfying.

Before you can make a career choice you have to learn about yourself. Your values, interests, and skills, in combination with certain personality traits, will make some careers especially suitable for you and some particularly inappropriate.

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


haresh asked, I have an offer in Europe. I have a well paid job in IT mumbai. Do u think i should resign and go to Europe or try for a local job looking at the market condition ?
Amit Bansal answers, If your job in Mumbai is good and you like it, keep it. Don’t move just because the offer is in Europe.

madhu asked, hi i have graduated in the year 2009 and due to financial problems, i had to work in a company in training division which i am not at all interested… it has been two years in that job and i am interested to work in developing side and now when i am trying to enter into my interesting area, people interviwing me started saying that i dnt have relevant experience…and some say that training experience is entirly different from developing side and some suggest me continue in the same field…..what should i do….now i started suggesting my juniors not to enter into training side…i dnt know whether i am suggesting them in correct way or not….is training division a wrong way to start a career?? plz help me with good suggetion such that not even me many of my students also get their doubts clarified….
Amit Bansal answers, Madhu, it’s a matter of time. Maybe currently the positions available do not suit your experience. There is no such thing that from training you cannot switch over to development. However, in the meantime you can take up some development projects to add to your resume. If you showcase your working knowledge in your domain it will be an added advantage.

Amit asked, Dear Amit, I have around 7.5 years of experience in IT in the same tier 1 organization. Previously I did get multiple opportunities to move with higher salaries but was held back by this organization with either onsite opportunities or a promotion. However I am now finding that opportunities in my current location is not good and if only I move to a differrent location I will be able to work in a satisfying role and project. Now I am getting another good offer from another tier 1 IT organization in my current location. I would prefer to continue in my current location for at least a 2 years due to personal reasons. Can you please tell me whether I should quit my current organization or not?
Amit Bansal answers, If you feel that the new offer is a lifetime opportunity and you cannot miss it even at the cost of the personal reason for which you have to stay in the current location, then make a move. But if you feel that your personal reason has more priority over your job aspirations then you know that you can let this offer go and maybe try again in future.

shmuk83 asked, Dear Amit Sir, I am having 5+ year experience in IT field in one of the Navratna ‘BHEL’. I am a qualified Lead Auditor(ISO 9001) as well. But Now I want to change my carrier. I am not a money minded person. But I am in doubt wheather I should go for other better PSU or a leading MNC or prepare for IAS. Pl give your opinion which one is better for me.
Amit Bansal answers, If you are not money minded then it becomes easy, what kind of career you would like to pursue? Do you want to continue in quality? because even if you join an MNC with your experience in quality you will be considered easily. However, if you have any other career interest then you may have to align your knowledge and experience accordingly.

Azhar asked, I am working as a Data Entry Operator since last 1 ans a half years. Due to financial problems I couldnt do any course as I am the only earning member in my family. I want to upgrade my carrier. Refer me some course which are low in cost that I can do with my current job.
Amit Bansal answers, What is your qualification? If you have completed your graduation you can take up any technical course based on your area of interest and current job trends.

confused asked, i have 10 years of experience in software engineering. I want to pursue an MBA now. Firstly, is MBA the right choice now? If yes can you please suggest to me the concentration which can be pursued fruitfully
Amit Bansal answers, Absolutely if you want to get into the management side. A qualification is best when its suits your job interest.

Azhar asked, I am a B.Com graduate and doing correspondence in M.Com. Iam really confused about my carrier. I am a accounts student but I dont want to enter in accounting field. What should I do?
Amit Bansal answers, I don’t see why you have to be worried about being in accounting domain. B.Com is a degree accepted in most non technical domains. Look for a job profile that best suits your interest and apply for it.

Vijay asked, Vijay says, Hello sir i have done 3 yrs llb regular course and at the same time done mba from distance edu. is this helful
Amit Bansal answers, What kind of a job profile you want to work in?

manishm asked, What roadmap you suggest for career post 20 years experience in Engg line to ensure stability in professional life as well enhance horizon and working life.
Amit Bansal answers, Why don’t you try Research and Development or training?

ankur asked, hell sir, my name is ankur..iam work as an assistant manager in marketing in an agrobased based compnay.but my rela interst does not lies here iam a post grad in english litterature and a have done a diploma course in marketing and i have got real liking and passion for other stuff like acting , music and broadcasting..but iam unable to proritse and bit perplexed which path shall i choose..
Amit Bansal answers, You have too many areas of interest. I think you must discuss your confusion with a mentor around you. Sometimes people who have seen our work can give us a good feedback about the kind of work we may be good at. Probably that will help you come to a good decision.

pritesh asked, amit,, I completed HSC in commenrce, then I done my diploma in hotel management of one year..but the Job I got was a job of waiter, so i frusted & now I am thinking to do career in technical line,So which course is good for me?
Amit Bansal answers, My suggestion is that you must complete your graduation.

yatheesh asked, Good afternoon, I am a Civil Engineer working in Government Department. I don’t find this job interesting so i want change this. What is the best option?
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you must first look for profiles that may interest you. You may have to take up a course in case the career choice is very different from your stream of study. In any case, the first step is to identify what kind of job profile you would like to take up.

Raman asked, Sir, I am a B.Com graduate & hv done PGDBA in Marketing from Symbiosis, Pune. I am working as an Executive Secretary in a Real Estate co. in Gurgaon & hv a total exp. of more than 5 years. I see very little growth in my current profile. Kindly advise some career enhancement tips. I shall be highly obliged.
Amit Bansal answers, You should look for job profiles in sales and marketing. You may change your industry as well.

Bhupesh asked, Hi, i’m working as a secretary for the last 16 years. i don’t find any growth in this job? i am feeling sick going to work. What should i do? should i quit and look for a career change. i don’t feel like working in this position any more.
Amit Bansal answers, 16 years is a pretty long time. Are there any other career options you have considered in all these years? I suggest please spend time looking out for other profile which suit your experience. You experience can be relevant for any admin related profile. Suggest you look for such profiles.

water asked, Dear Amit, I have done BE mech + MBA. I have been working with one single company for more than 7 years. Now I want to change the job however finding it difficult to get an opportunity. Can u suggest me some methodologies for finding the opportunities.
Amit Bansal answers, I don’t think for your experience finding an opportunity should be very difficult. Look on job portals for current trends in your sector and the kind of openings. Create a customized resume for all positions you apply for and create a good cover letter. All the best.

GiriPrasad asked, Hi , I am Giri Prasad Complete B.Tech(Computer Science) in 2004.i have 6.8 yrs exp in Software development field(3 yrs in It company and 3.8 yrs in non it company). my salary is 6 l.p.a. shell i continue in non it company or shell i shift to it companies,and my salary is upto market standard ? Thank you GiriPrasad.G
Amit Bansal answers, Giri salary package totally depends on the job profile. You are not doing very bad with the package in regards to your experience. However, I suggest in your next move whether IT or non-IT sector you negotiate your salary well.

KRISHAN asked, Sir, I am a Stenographer working in Limited company since last 15 years. Now I want to become P.A. to Director how I can. please let me know.
Amit Bansal answers, Please refer to the job description of the PA and see how you can match your experience and qualification to it.

PK asked, what is best choice when there is option to go for technical & managerial path? Say if person is good in both, where he should go?
Amit Bansal answers, Wherever your interest is and wherever you think you will be able to make the maximum impact and apply the best of your ability.

bgr asked, hello sir presently doing BMS( Managment ) II year. What Should I do after BMS to get early job
Amit Bansal answers, Ensure that you have relevant cut off to appear for interviews in maximum number of organization. Take up a part time job opportunity if you can. It will become an added advantage.

Parag asked, Hi, Am Parag, MBA from a primere B School and working in a leading Management consulting firm. I want to know when should i switch. I have completed 1 year and 4 months in present organisation
Amit Bansal answers, There is no definite time when you should switch an organization. Ideally when you feel you have acquired substantiate amount of learning in a current role and further learning seems to be more or less stagnant, that’s probably the right time to move.

anushree asked, hello i am anushree , i wanted an advice regarding my career . i have pursue my graduation with a specialization in foreign trade and i have one year of work experience with thomson reuters . i want to pursue masters in international business , but masters progrma of only one year. Please advice.
Amit Bansal answers, You will have to do some R&D to identify some good institutions which offer this degree. Is there a specific reason why you particular about a degree in one year?

Vishal asked, What needs to be done, when you find, your having half knowledge and not able to concentrate on the area which you want, but not able to identify where your actual interest in ?
Amit Bansal answers, You need a mentor who can help you identify your strengths and help you arrive at a good career decision.


Chat Date: December 14, 2011

Source: Rediff

Equipping yourself for your career

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


payal asked, Sir,I have passed my B.E in 2007 and rite now in mumbai after marriage,i have no experience due to family issue,but now from last 6 months i am working as resource executive in one placement consultants firm and handling IT company as i have background of cse students,plz suggest i am on right track or not, also pursuing PGDBA-HR distance learing from symbiosis pune
Amit Bansal answers, Well Payal…if you are doing PGDBA in HR, I am sure you must have thought about a career in HR. If you are getting an opportunity in this domain as a resource executive handling recruitment, i think take it as a start. You can groom into other areas within HR soon.

psudhir asked,  Sir, I wants to make my career in despatch co-ordinator , as i have more than 7 years of expirence in despatch department, But education front I have done my MA in political science…I needed your guidance on which path to chose should i Chose despatch or as my education goes i Should focus on admin….of which i have only 1 years of experience.Presently I am working as an sales co-ordinator for a company?
Amit Bansal answers, If you think you are doing well in this profile…stick to it. You have a good number of years experience in this domain…don’t let that go in vain.

Praan asked, Dear sir, i have around 5 years exp in Software Quality engineering. But offlate i have realised that my interest is in Renewable resources industry like Solar, Wind. How should I start getting into it. should i leave my job and start searching ? I am a mechanical engineering grad.
Amit Bansal answers, Interesting. My suggestion is look at your entire work experience and see the competencies you have developed in all these years. Now look at the job profile you can be eligible for in the renewable resources industry. You will have to strategize your entry into a new industry.

jittu asked, Sir, I wants to make my career in operations , as i have more than 9 years of expirence in Operation, But education front I have done my MBA in Finance…I needed your guidance on which path to chose should i Chose operations or as my education goes i Should focus on finance….of which i have only 1 years of experience.Presently I am working as an Asst Manager – operations for a company?
Amit Bansal answers, Well most often people who have studied a particular domain are working in a totally different area. So I guess, before you confuse yourself with your qualification and skills and competencies, I suggest ask yourself what you enjoy the most. Maybe then you can think of increasing your qualification in that particular area.

shivam asked, What are the career opportunities in event management?
Amit Bansal answers, There are many career options. Like visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events such as fashion shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars, exhibitions etc….there are a host of event management options available.

loafer asked, sir,i want to join the offshore industry in remotely operated vehicles(r.o.v) and automated underwater vehicles(a.u.v) after doing my mechanical should i go about it?
Amit Bansal answers, I don’t think there are many companies operating in this domain. It’s a niche industry. My suggestion is first find out globally which companies operate in this area. Visit the websites and look at the career options and apply for them. Apart from the core companies, each of these companies will be supported by other companies for procurement of resources. Look at the career options in alternative domains as well which eventually will give you access to your choice of career. Long process…but if you really want to get there…I am sure you will.

Vishal asked, Hi Amit, by when does one need to decide what career he wants to be in? I’m in my 10 std now. My parents want me to study for medicine or engineering, but I’m not sure if i want to do that or try something else. Who can I check with?
Amit Bansal answers, Vishal, the first person you need to check with is yourself. Look at the subjects that interest you. That’s the first criteria. Now look at the various industries that attract your attention. Study about these industries. Gather more information from the web, from people around you. That’s the best way to prepare. And I think this is the right time to think about your career.

Shailajanand asked, I am thinking for Msc distance, is it eligible for NET in future, will i take participate for NET after Msc through distance?
Amit Bansal answers, yes you are eligible for NET

notty asked, should i go for a career based on interest or scope of remuneration? i have always been confused
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest interest…but then you need to know your priority. If you have interest, you will make enough money. But if you go for remuneration and do not like the job, you will always be dissatisfied with whatever you are doing.

aslam asked, Sir, am class XII pass. could not study fiurther coz family problems. how can i build my career?
Amit Bansal answers, Aslam, you can start your studies even now. Why don’t you prepare for your graduation through distance learning? The reason I am mentioning that is because the minimum qualification for any job is graduation. Unless you want to open your own business.

Nikhil asked, Sir, what are the career opportunities in fashion industry?
Amit Bansal answers, Nikhil..there are many options within the fashion industry. You have design, manufacturing, quality control, merchandising, concept management, accessories etc etc….now what kind of profile are you looking at?

rajesh asked, sir, i am 15 and i want to be an investment banker. how can i start preparing
Amit Bansal answers, Rajesh, since you are only 15, the first question you must ask yourself is, what particularly attracts you about investment banking?

mamu asked, Sir, what could be five dos and don’ts for getting prepared for one’s career?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, it is important to first look at the industry that you would like to work in. Next is within that industry what kind of work profile suits your skills and personality. once you identify this, the next step is to work towards gaining subject matter expertise in that domain. I think these steps are the most important steps to prepare for one’s career.


Rediff Chat Date: Oct 5, 2011