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Open-Source Robotic Surgery Platform Going to Top Medical Research Labs

Robotics experts at UC Santa Cruz and the University of Washington (UW) have completed a set of seven advanced robotic surgery systems for use by major medical research laboratories throughout the United States. After a round of final tests, five of the systems will be shipped to medical robotics researchers at Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Nebraska, UC Berkeley, and UCLA, while the other two systems will remain at UC Santa Cruz and UW.

“We decided to follow an open-source model, because if all of these labs have a common research platform for doing robotic surgery, the whole field will be able to advance more quickly,” said Jacob Rosen, associate professor of computer engineering in the Baskin School of Engineering at UCSC and principal investigator on the project.

Rosen and Blake Hannaford, director of the UW Biorobotics Laboratory, lead the research groups that developed the Raven II robotic surgery system and its predecessor, Raven I. A grant from the National Science Foundation funded their work to create seven identical Raven II systems. Hannaford said the systems will be shipped out from UW by the end of January. After they are delivered and installed, all seven systems will be networked together over the Internet for collaborative experiments.

Robotic surgery has the potential to enable new surgical procedures that are less invasive than existing techniques. For some procedures, such as prostate surgery, the use of surgical robots is already standard practice. In addition, telesurgery, in which the surgeon operates a robotic system from a remote location, offers the potential to provide better access to expert care in remote areas and the developing world. Having a network of laboratories working on a common platform will make it easier for researchers to share software, replicate experiments, and collaborate in other ways.

Even though it meant giving competing laboratories the tools that had taken them years to develop, Rosen and Hannaford decided to share the Raven II because it seemed like the best way to move the field forward. “These are the leading labs in the nation in the field of surgical robotics, and with everyone working on the same platform we can more easily share new developments and innovations,” Hannaford said.

According to Rosen, most research on surgical robotics in the United States has focused on developing new software for various commercially available robotic systems. “Academic researchers have had limited access to these proprietary systems. We are changing that by providing high-quality hardware developed within academia. Each lab will start with an identical, fully-operational system, but they can change the hardware and software and share new developments and algorithms, while retaining intellectual property rights for their own innovations,” Rosen said.

The Raven II includes a surgical robot with two robotic arms, a camera for viewing the operational field, and a surgeon-interface system for remote operation of the robot. The system is powerful and precise enough to support research on advanced robotic surgery techniques, including online telesurgery.

In addition to Rosen and Hannaford, UCSC postdoctoral researchers Daniel Glozman and  Ji Ma, along with a group of dedicated undergraduate students working in Rosen’s Bionics Lab, played a key role in developing the Raven II. Rosen and Glozman have also developed a Raven IV surgical robotics system, which includes four robotic arms and two cameras. The system enables collaboration between two surgeons working from separate locations and connected over the Internet.  – Tim Stephens

SOURCE: UC Santa Cruz

How to prepare for the perfect job interview

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


ravi asked, I am working in a small company as marketing manager. What are my prospects to enter in to big company with the same designation? I am working in chemical company. I am also looking after recruitment and export.
Amit Bansal answers, As long as you are able to justify that your experience is good enough to handle a marketing manager’s profile in a potential company your prospects are bright. Remember the key is to align your knowledge, skills and attitude to the job description.

Himadri asked, How to answer this? Why do you prefer govt. job over private sector?
Amit Bansal answers, It’s just to understand your professional aspirations. Not to check your bias about any of these sectors. You must focus only on where you want to reach professionally rather than focusing on the pros and cons of each of these sectors.

Shom asked, I work as an instructional designer and have six years of experience in the field. I have not done any course on instructional designing. Now i am planning to do instructional designing course from Symbiosis , distance learning. Will it do any good? your take?
Amit Bansal answers, Go for it.

ChanaMasala asked, For a guy with 3 years experience in Corporate World, how many pages long should his/her resume be?
Amit Bansal answers, Just 2 pages.

shanky asked, I have 8.5 yrs work ex in one company, now planning a gap of 1 year for MBA prep. & setting up family business. How difficult it is to come back in IT industry after that gap. Please comment
Amit Bansal answers, Not really. Just be in touch with what’s happening in the industry while you are away.

Amit Bansal answers, What has been the real reason for switching jobs so frequently?

harry asked, I personally like to thank you Amit, your answers were simple and upto the mark without any loop holes….thanks a lot
Amit Bansal answers, Appreciate it Harry. Thank you.

ankit asked, What if you are facing interview for the First Time in your career for a Job?
Amit Bansal answers, There’s always a first time for everything. Go for it and don’t worry even if you are not selected. Be confident about your academic qualifications, your skills and carry a positive attitude. All the very best.

DJN asked, How to Answer the question for Tell about Yourself? Did we need to tell about ourself regarding education, experience which is mentioned in resume or should tell them which is not mentioned in resume?If so what can we tell about ourself which is not mentioned in the resume
Amit Bansal answers, Tell me about yourself should highlight only your professional experience or academic details. It should talk about what you are doing currently, what did in the past and what you plan to do in future and how this current opportunity will fit into the overall game plan of your professional life.

sharmela asked, Hi.. ioday i had been for an interview and i got selected for the final round for the post of executive secretary to MD but the HR Vice president wants to know from me that whether i can deal if some data base is given and i have to compile those datas to prepare MIS report which can u please understand me?
Amit Bansal answers, Well, most data is stored on excel sheets. I suggest you improve on your ability to work on advance features of excel. It seems that knowledge of excel will be critical in your job profile.

rajesh ramchandani asked, what is best answer if one has been jobless for a whileand still wants to ask for a good package convincingly.
Amit Bansal answers, You can convince your potential employer to pay you well by highlighting what professional areas you have improved during this time and if you have added any qualifications. If you have been productive even without a job in hand any employer will be receptive to you.

ashwani asked, wat is the significance of language in an interview
Amit Bansal answers, Language is important because that’s the only way you can express yourself. There are specific jobs where language plays a very critical role. If you have applied for a job like that you will be required to speak well. This will be highlighted very clearly in a job description.

ssk asked, How to convince the Multinational companies to pay you according to their pay structure in their country and not as the prevalent Indian pay structure
Amit Bansal answers, Pay scale structuring is done as per industry standards and each company follows their own standards.

harry asked, If you have not done certification but you got ample of experience in PMP… is it good to mention in CV.
Amit Bansal answers, Absolutely. Even after a certification, real time experience is what counts the most.

sun4ever asked, how to prepare for a possible stress interview
Amit Bansal answers, First thing is to anticipate stress questions. Second is to ensure you do not get stressed. Be realistic in your responses without getting defensive.

shanky asked, How are gap of 1 year in employment looked at in IT industry?
Amit Bansal answers, 1 year is too short a period to move jobs. You should have a very good reasons for moving jobs that early. However, if its just one or two instances it’s still okay. But if it’s a pattern then you may want to reflect on it a little bit.

Raj_iv02 asked, How to answer describe your three weakness?
Amit Bansal answers, While you are describing your weakness, do not talk about blatant weaknesses like short temper, laziness etc. Talk about weaknesses you have identified and created an action plan to improve. They should also be related to your professional life.

Chirag asked, What is the best way to explain as to why I want the job
Amit Bansal answers, To answer this question, highlight your professional aspirations and how this job profile fall in line with your aspirations. Highlight the value add this job profile will bring to your professional experience. The interviewer is trying to understand if you know why you want this job and its not just a stop gap arrangement.

maya asked, what if i dont know some answers for the questions i hav been asked
Amit Bansal answers, If you do not know the answer to a specific question, it’s a good idea to say, if you are given sometime you can find out the answers. However under no circumstances give a wrong response. Also ensure that its just one or two instances during the interview where you do not know the answers and not the entire interview.

test asked, My Question is if you have talent in many fields in IT like (ITIL, Manual Testing, Application support etc) but internally people select you on criteria of last project eg “Testing” But if you want to switch to ITIL how to make ppl understand that you are good in that too and do not judge on last project.
Amit Bansal answers, You can add other expertise under competencies in your resume. You can also highlight them in the objective statement. Also, while you are talking about yourself during the interview you can put more stress on areas you would like your interviewer to notice?

imam asked, M working with company from last 4 years and didn’t got promotion due to some reasons and it became difficult for me to justify it to interviewer and i always fail to crack the inteview.Pls provide your opnion
Amit Bansal answers, What are you trying to justify to the interviewer?

DJN asked, How to Answer the question for Reason for change?
Amit Bansal answers, Most organizations accept personal and professional reasons for moving jobs. However if there are behavioral issues which are reasons for your moving, it’s important you are careful while talking about them to potential employers.

hrd asked, how to negotiate for the best salary, if you are eligible for the right job and profile
Amit Bansal answers, Negotiating an unreasonably amount may not work even if you are the right candidate. Study the market scenario and see what is being offered by competitors. Negotiations should be based on some valid reasons.

raj asked, how to prepare to get better job in accounts?
Amit Bansal answers, Is there a specific profile you are planning to apply for? I suggest study the job description and then align your knowledge skills and attitude to the job description. That’s the best way to prepare for any job.

sohit asked, hi i found prom to speak in front of people who is taking my interview even I have knowledge in my field but I unable to speak in front of people
Amit Bansal answers, Lack of confidence can be easily taken care of. You must do mock interview practice with friends. I also suggest that just to overcome this problem you can even attend some random interviews without looking for a job offer.



Chat Date: 13 January, 2012

Embedded Systems & Design Track

In today’s world, at least 20 gadgets are associated with every person and each such gadget is an embedded system. Embedded system is a fundamental engineering application in many consumer electronics, industrial automation, aviation, medical systems, automotives etc. All industries thrive on it, hence job opportunities for engineers equipped with the right skills, knowledge and attitude are umpteen. If students are looking to be placed, PurpleLeap Embedded Systems course will give them the requisite skills to achieve their goals.

The lab activities in Embedded Systems course are practical oriented and enables a student to develop their own projects in the future. The lab activities provide a simulated environment and prepare students for a career in embedded systems.

What do Students Learn?

Course is divided into three modules.

Module 1 deals with the designing small scale embedded systems by using 8 bit microcontroller and assembly language programming.

Module 2 deals with designing medium scale embedded systems and embedded C programming.

Module 3 deals with high end embedded system design based on ARM board with Linux operating system ported on it . By end of this module students will be able to develop mobile applications on their own.

Course Highlights

  • Exposure to the complete design process of embedded system with wide range of microcontrollers and Linux  Operating System
  • Hands-on experience on all the modules
  • Course design and delivery by industry experts


 1. Student Benefits

  • Assists the student to build
  • Embedded System expertise
  • Connects student to the right job before graduating 

2. College Benefits

  • State-of-the-art Embedded Lab
  • Latest Embedded software for the lab usage
  • Industry Engagement Platform
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Pool of Embedded Systems
  • Certified students

Career Path

  • Embedded Design Engineer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Product Verification and Validation Engineer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Analog Design Engineer
  • Embedded Test Engineer


Oracle Certification Program

Oracle Certification

Oracle Certification

PurpleLeap enables Oracle partnership for selective reputed educational institutions to deliver the Oracle training for students in their college. With the widely acclaimed credential of Oracle certification, students are ready to face the job market for a variety of entry-level Oracle job roles.

DBA Track

Earning Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) status opens the door to great DBA and software development jobs. It is the professional credential recognized by employers around the world, and PurpleLeap has the career development tools to help the student succeed.

Oracle Database is the industry leading and most advanced Relational Database System (RDBMS). Oracle’s OCA DBA 10g is an entry-level certification specifically designed to certify foundation skills required for database administration or application development. Its objectives are intended to measure a candidate’s ability to work as a junior team member with database administrators or application developers.

What do Students Learn?

During the course of the PurpleLeap’s Oracle Certification program students will learn how to install and maintain an Oracle Database. Student will gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle Database architecture and how its components

work and interact with one another. They will also learn how to create an Operational Database and properly manage the various structures in an effective and efficient manner including Performance Monitoring, Database Security, User Management, and Backup/Recovery techniques.

Art of Cracking the OCA Exam

PurpleLeap assists student to prepare for this certification by providing the training from the Oracle Certified Industry Experts and Preparation Kit which includes official Oracle courseware, practical assignments and practice tests.


1.     Student Benefits

• Assists the student to build Oracle Database expertise

• Assists the student to prepare for the OCA Test

• Connects student to the right job before graduating

2.     College Benefits

• Global Partnership with Technology Major

• Oracle WDP Logo and other marketing material usage rights

• Latest Oracle software for the labs

• Industry Engagement Platform

• Faculty Development Programs

• Pool of Oracle Certified students

Career Path

• Database Administrator

• Database Developer

• PL-SQL Programmer

• Database Analyst

Microsoft Certification Program

System Admin & Development Track

Earning Microsoft certification (MTA/MCTS) opens the doors to great IT and software development jobs. It’s the professional credential recognized by employers around the world, and PurpleLeap has the career development tools to help students succeed.

What do Students Learn?

The Microsoft certification (MTA/MCTS) training course from PurpleLeap is the student’s first step towards success as a Microsoft professional, and demonstrates their firm foundation of knowledge in Microsoft, .NET or Windows Server 2008. PurpleLeap MCTS Certification (Developer Track) training course will enable students to gain conceptual understanding of the features and functionality of .NET Framework architecture and ASP.NET and then effectively design and implement ASP.NET Web-based applications in an optimized manner.

PurpleLeap MCTS Certification (IMS track) training course ensures that students have a strong foundation and expertise in the industry’s most advanced operating system, Windows server 2008.

Art of Cracking the MTA/MCTS Exam

PurpleLeap assists students to prepare for this certification by providing the training from the Microsoft certified industry experts and Preparation Kit which includes official Microsoft courseware, practical assignments and practice tests.


1. Student Benefits

• Assists the student to build Microsoft expertise

• Assists the student to prepare for MTA/MCTS Test

• Connects student to the right job before graduating

2. College Benefits

• Global Partnership with Technology Major MSITA Logo and other marketing material usage rights

• Latest Microsoft software for the lab usage

• Industry Engagement Platform

• Free email IDs for students & staff

• Faculty Development Programs

• Pool of Microsoft Certified students

Career Path

Developer Track

  • Software Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • System Analyst

IMS Track

  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator

Networking Certification Program

Networking Certification Program 

The scope for Infrastructure Management Professionals is increasing rapidly every day. The use of internet among the younger generation is very high and will reach 100% in a short span of time. This shows that the growth of the internet and internet software is a definite non-reversible trend.

The PurpleLeap Network Certification program develops the essential skills required for a Desktop Support Engineer and/or a Network Support Engineer. The course is mapped to the Windows 7 Client Operating System certification and CompTIA Network+ Certification. Hence this meets the industry expectations for any entry level job opportunity in the domain of Information Technology Infra Structure Management (IT-IMS).

What do Students Learn?

  • Install/Upgrade the operating system
  • Configure and troubleshoot operating systems
  • Configure and troubleshoot the network connectivity issues
  • Enhance the security measures of a machine
  • Setup a LAN for a small organization
  • IP addressing and Subnetting concepts
  • Choose and configure the equipment for a small medium business


1.     Student Benefits

• Assists the student to build network expertise

• Assists the student to prepare for CompTIA Network+/MCTS

• Connects student to the right job before graduating

2.     College Benefits

• State-of-the-art Network Lab

• Global Partnership – CompTIA

• Latest Network software for the (virtual) lab usage

• Industry Engagement Platform

• Faculty Development Programs

• Pool of N+ Certified students

Career Path

 • System Support Engineer

• Network Support Engineer

• Network Design Engineer

Certification Of Excellence for Networking (CNT)

The objective of CNT is to nurture and develop professionals in the growing areas of networking industry through research based experiential learning methodology.

In collaboration with technology majors like Kaseya and other leading networking companies for setting up the networking lab along with essential software and simulation tools.

We prepare the students for industry recognized certifications like N+(compTIA) and MCTS (Microsoft). Students will be exposed to best industry practices through various activities like industry expert seminars, conferences, workshops, internships, projects and competitions.

The focus areas include LAN, WAN, Internet, Servers, Network Management and Wireless LAN.