What corporates look for in fresher

For many students, the time leading up to college graduation and the start of a first job is often chaotic and stressful. You would be trying to complete your college life while dealing with the demands of job-hunting, interviewing, and facing the reality of the end of schooling (at least for the foreseeable future). It is important to realise that employers look at attributes beyond just your degree. So the need to understand what attributes employers look for in order to determine whether a candidate is fit to join their organisation is important. For many college students taking the headlong plunge outside the safe, secure world of college results in a rude awakening to some of the cold, cruel realities of the real-world rat race.

Below are the Q&A answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap


Shekhar asked, Hello Mr.Bansal Good Afternoon. sir i persuing my MBA from Mumbai university & into my final sem. I was trying hard to find a job before my end of sem. but all in vain. Also the packages are offered are way much low that i was getting before MBA. pls help on how i should move on and approach co.’s etc. pls advice
Amit Bansal answers, Since you have started early, you will definitely achieve success in finding a good profile for yourself. Please be selective while applying. Get your resume reviewed and most importantly be confident about your own capability. Please review the market scenario as far as the package is concerned. Maybe what they are offering is what the current trend is. If not, go ahead and negotiate however before that you will have to prove your candidature to your potential employer.

santosh2104 asked, I am 32 yrs of age and looking for a career change from sales to clinical research. Could you please suggest if this could be possible? Does companies related to clinical research recruit as freshers?
Amit Bansal answers, It will be an uphill task to make drastic changes in your industry and domain. Have you already taken up a course in clinical research? if you have, the institutions usually offer placement assistance. You can enroll, however you will have to substantiate about this major move to any recruiter.

SVRAMANA asked, ,Mr Bansal, My son is going join in B.E/B.Tech course this year. In your opinion which branch of engineering will be in demand in job point of view after four years and what is the current trend. Kindly Advise. Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, CS and IT is always a stream where there are many jobs available. However it totally depends on your son as to what is he interested in. B.Tech from IIT means he can make the maximum out aquiring skills and the institution he is studying with.

Bon asked, Dear Sir, I am now 42, I have been working without any success. I can not stay in one company for more than 2 years (it is always 2 years or less than two years). What could be the reasons and what should I do?
Amit Bansal answers, Two years is a very short duration in any job. By this time you only get to understand the business and processes and only after that you are able to contribute fully to any organization. I would suggest you introspect as to what reasons have made you move jobs all these years. If it’s a specific pattern you would know your area of improvement. A lot of time we get bored with what we are doing and move however the right way to deal with this is look for other areas where you can contribute.

sabin asked, I am an HR recruiter,we used to see a trend like people changes their first job very quickly.what may be the reason behind this?
Amit Bansal answers, It’s always lack of clarity about what exactly they would like to do. Most freshers move because of better salary packages.

Sekhar asked, Amit, Many companies are not considering previous year freshers (Students who came out of college during recession and couldn’t get in job due to personal constraints like Marriage etc.,). Do you have any suggestion for such candidates?
Amit Bansal answers, That’s true however not all companies follow that trend. If you can convince them about your skills and mention appropriate skills and knowledge on your resume. Please seek help from your seniors to help you prepare a good resume and do take part in all walk-ins. I am sure you will find an opportunity. Good luck.

Nishi asked, It has been three years since i completed my graduation and i want to do an MBA now. but now that my father is retiring, i cannot do it full time. Is it ok if i take a break to study mba. And if that is not possible can you recommend some good courses please
Amit Bansal answers, Most organizations offer executive MBAs. See if your current organization offers that. Otherwise please check for some reputed institutions which offer executive MBAs like Symbiosis pune, Sikkim Manipal. IIMs also offer executive MBA programs.

AbhishekMand asked, hello sir, mand this side. i scored 54 percent in Bcom…i graduated in 2011…i have still not found a job…i have uploaded my CV in all sites..naukri, monster…but have not received a single call yet… i dont know what to update in my CV now…can you please tell me what to do?
Amit Bansal answers, Please have someone review your resume. Have you created a generic resume which you are sending for all profile? or are you creating profile specific resume? Please check for language, grammar and format of your resume. Also, it’s important to highlight skill related information on resume apart from knowledge specific information.

FRESHGUY asked, I am a fresh chemical engineer….what are the chances of job or I should continue to further in MBA?
Amit Bansal answers, You can start with a job right now and maybe after an year of experience do an MBA.

PrasannaShetty asked, Sir, I have just come back from the US after a degree in engineering. What are the things I must keep in mind before applying for a job
Amit Bansal answers, First thing is you need to identify the companies you would like to apply for. Now based on those profiles create a good resume which will highlight your skills and knowledge which are relevant to that profile. After this you must work on preparing for interviews. Anticipate questions that can arise and think of appropriate examples to substantiate your competencies.

Divya asked, Sir, what the five qualities that an MNC looks for are in a young candidate. And more importantly, how can I develop them?
Amit Bansal answers, MNC’s usually look at a candidate’s domain knowledge, communication skills and ability to work with people. These are basic skills any organization is looking at.

nottyn asked, also, i dont have any work experience…pls advise some dos and donts to mention in my CV…
Amit Bansal answers, You must mention project work or any skill related experience on your resume. It’s absolutely okay to not have work experience as a fresher.

prasad asked, Hi sir as a fresher …as an electronics engineer what prior skills I needed …
Amit Bansal answers, Apart from the cut off scores which are a basic requirements of various companies you need to prepare your resume and also work on your skills to appear in interviews. Work on communication skills, over all personality development and also practice some mock interviews.


Chat Date: March 28, 2012

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What corporates look for in fresher – soft skills decoded

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.

ujjwal asked, dear sir i am 29 years of age working as manager in SBI.i am a engg graudate n mba marketing finance.i am not liking this bank job.is it right for me to switch back to engineering job.
Amit Bansal answers, Well think through first. How are you sure that you will enjoy the engineering job as well. I suggest please analyse what about the current job that is not exciting only then look for other options.

karthikchandran asked, Hello Mr. Amit, I am a C.A Final appeared student. I am looking forward for some prospects in finance but hardly could find any for freshers. How to improve my chances to get a start with finance as my profile. Moreover, how can I improve my chances to get in to work before my result.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest till you find a suitable job profile, why don’t you look at doing some independent projects. This will help you enhance your skills as well highlight that in your resume.

rana asked, hi I am 4 yrs experience I am currently working in my third company Is I am shifting company too often please say what is the better way of approach of changing company
Amit Bansal answers, Well currently more than anything else you need to show stability on your resume. I suggest please stick to the current job for at least 2 years.

Muthukumar asked, i am working in pvt concern…i hav around 2 years exp in IT..is that possible to switch over the comapany?
Amit Bansal answers, yes, if you have identified a particular job profile that interests you.

ben asked, What skills are corporates looking for in a fresher to be industry ready?
Amit Bansal answers, Corporate India looks for strong problem solving skills, communication skills and domain specific skills in freshers.

mudit asked, Mr. Bansal, I am a student from IIT Kanpur with a very technology oriented profile. But I want to explore my options in consulting and finance industry. My question is whether my technical knowledge will be of any use in such an industry?
Amit Bansal answers, Well most non IT industries have IT specific requirements unless you also want to change your domain along with the industry. I suggest keep looking for options. Additionally you can take up some certification courses in your choice of domain to get an added advantage. However, if you really look at it, a lot of people are changing domains after completing their higher education in a specific area.

venugopal asked, Dear sir presently I am operating my own recruitment firm in visakhaptn I do have some trianing exp to MBs stufetns I want to vetnur that optin as well I ahve teaching exp of 10 yeras zcan I choose that area and what would be my cahnce to flourish in that
Amit Bansal answers, I think you should try taking freelance assignments to start with. Since you have your own recruitment firm, you can test your skills in a classroom by taking up some training assignments.

Kalyan asked, Mr.Bansal, how r the opportunities for Ex-servicemen possessing HR degree?
Amit Bansal answers, Ex-servicemen with HR degree are the most preferred in many organization. Good luck.

khansahab asked, Thank you for your answer. One more ques…a friend of mine, a fresher, appeared for an interview and had a good one. Two days later he was contacted by an HR manager of tht pvt ltd company (on a landline phone)asking for some favours (in terms of money) in return of issuing offer letter…My frnd was in dilemna that it is tactic to check his ethics Or is is really a case of bribery to HR manager. He said he will get back to him…so plssss suggest what my frnd do?
Amit Bansal answers, Whatever the reason maybe, I think its unethical to bribe to get a job. I am sure your friend will find better opportunities.

xc asked, hi, I had my own mktng firm for computers for 14 yrs. 4 years of pre-school running exp. now i want a job. my qualification is undergraduation. my age 43 which industry shall i try for a job
Amit Bansal answers, Most companies require a minimum of graduate degree. However, I suggest you look for jobs for undergraduates on job portals. Additionally you can start doing your graduation through distance learning.

yu asked, Hi Sir, I am working as Branch Head in reputed Security oranisation. I am having 5+ yrs experience and looking after sales, operation, HR, etc. I am not satisfied with the current job as there is very less scope of increment. I would like to prefer HR, Admin or QA releted job. Can I opt for that kind of job with good salary package?
Amit Bansal answers, All the job profiles you have mentioned are specialized domains and need experience or some certifications related to it. My suggestion is to try moving into the HR of your security organization. Internal movements are much easier while changing domains compared to external.

bhawu asked, I am from the IT background and now i am interested to got for non-IT domain like sales, but being from IT domain and non MBA, its getting hard for me to get the same, should i go for MBA?
Amit Bansal answers, MBA would be a good option.

prathmesh asked, hello sir i completed be it with one year drop at first year.now whne i go for interview people ask me why didi u wasted one year n then reject me.
Amit Bansal answers, Was there a specific reason why you dropped out after your first year? If it was a good reason it’s okay to tell the interviewer about it.

ahdg asked, If i wann change my domain says from sales to other….where will my exp get counted
Amit Bansal answers, Sales gives you an advantage in people’s skills. I guess any job requires some amount of sales and a lot of PR. If you switch over you must highlight this aspect of your experience.

ranjan asked, Hi ,I have 5 years of exp…and recently i changed the company…but still i m struggling with my careers …I have exp on Software development…My question is Is it mandatory to have certification course for better career.
Amit Bansal answers, Certifications are always an added advantage.

khansahab asked, Sir, would the freshers with 4 yr bachelors degree and freshers with 3 yrs bachelor plus one year masters degree be treated same?? or any difference?
Amit Bansal answers, Except for the degree and the various advantages it brings in both the cases the candidate will be considered as a fresher.

bhawu asked, Hi Amit, though i am experienced person and that too exp. of more then 6 yrs, but i want to start my career again , is it possible for me to get a Fresher Job?
Amit Bansal answers, After 6 years of experience I am not sure why you want to start as a fresher. I suggest, if its a change of industry you are looking at then you can take the change and highlight your existing experience as well.

refresher asked, Mr. Bansal, will the person be treated as a fresher is he or she swithes the industry and join the new one, say at a age of 33?
Amit Bansal answers, No switching industries does not mean your will be treated as a fresher.


Source: Rediff

Chat date: December 7, 2011



Many of those who were campus-hired by IT companies last year or early this year and who expected to join soon after completing their courses in June/July, are still awaiting their joining letters.

Companies are unwilling yet to admit it publicly, but all indications are that uncertainties about IT demand in the wake of the global slowdown are compelling them to stagger their fresher joining dates over a much longer period than is normal. Some third party recruiters say the wait could go up to a year for some freshers.