How to nail your job interview

Now that you have completed your education and are ready to set foot in the real world and as much as you’d like to earn some money, the idea of job-hunting can be pretty intimidating for some. If you’re feeling shy and lacking confidence about getting out there and talking to employers, you are far from alone, according to many career counsellors.

Job interviews have a lot in common with having a first date. You really want one, and you are thrilled when you get one, but then you start worrying about everything like, what to wear, what to say, what not to say and how not to act like an idiot!

Though job interviews can be nerve wracking experiences, they can also be wonderful opportunities too. If you are well prepared, confident and do everything right, you will make a winning impression and obtain your goal.

Below Q&A are answered by Amit Bansal, CEO-PurpleLeap

aparna asked, what to answer when they ask me why am changing domain since i do not want to tell m desperate for a job
Amit Bansal answers, You can always say you would like to expand your skill set. Now days it is important to be multi – skilled to be an asset to an organization.

amit1000 asked, How to go ahead with career transition from one domain to another domain after having around 15 years of work exp. and how we can showcase value to perpective employer?
Amit Bansal answers, At a senior level even if you change your domain, there will be a set of skills that will be common to both the domains for example management skills. What is important is to identify the exact role you want to apply for and customize your CV highlighting the skills you feel you have and might be useful for that. role. Like I said, After an experience of 15 years there might be few domain specific skills that you might have to pick up but you would have enough business related skills to project yourself well.

ablinc asked, how to answer the question- “what are your weaknesses”?
Amit Bansal answers, Weaknesses need not always be negative. They can also mean your areas of improvement or something that you think might be of help to you but you haven’t acquired that skill yet.

Savio asked, Ironically, i’m just going for an interview in a company in 2 hours. I have prepared (hopefully well). What is the single most important thing i need to keep in my mind? Good day
Amit Bansal answers, Well there are a lot of important things that matter.However, if you have already prepared well then, the only thing I would recommend you to do is try to build rapport with the interviewer with positive and confident approach and body language.

Rajesh asked, How to crack Product Management interview? What are the key skillsets for PM?
Amit Bansal answers, A product manager should have skills like organizational skills, strategic planning , good communication skills, negotiation skills, business acumen, administrative skills etc. As far as cracking an interview is concerned, it depends on how well you prepare and project yourself.

Abhinav asked, How does one overcome the barrier of employment gap in the resume and at the interview
Amit Bansal answers, It helps if you have taken a course during that gap as it is still utilizing your time. However, if you have a personal and more important reason, it is alright to be honest.

AmitBansal asked, Sir, should my resume have 5 pages for every year of experience?
Amit Bansal answers, A good resume should not ideally exceed 2 pages however, in certain cases people have to mention the projects. So another page can be added to accommodate that.The recruiters usually take a look at the basic information, snap shot of career progression and significant accomplishments.

ataneja asked, How to overcome nervousness in the interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Being prepared for the interview usually helps to kill the nervousness and makes you feel more confident. It is always a good idea to research on the company, read the JD well, know your resume and be prepared with examples of achievement to quote from your experience. Dress well and keep an open and positive body language.

rediffbhai asked, i want to know how to negotiate a salary, my salary is 5 lakhs
Amit Bansal answers, The companies usually pay as per the market scenario. To be able to negotiate you have to first convince them that hiring you will be an asset for the company. You can always quote a % hike that you expect based on your last drawn salary which is realistic.

AJOY asked, Apart from qualification,experience and special skill, what should be mentioned to draw attention
Amit Bansal answers, Apart from the above it is important to mention how have you utilized your skills in your previous roles and how has the organizations benefited from it. Important projects you might have worked on.

Sony asked, what is the answer to Why are you leaving your current company if there is no problem in there and it is located near to your house?
Amit Bansal answers, People don’t always leave their jobs because there is a problem. They might be looking for a change for several reasons like career enhancement, knowledge/ expertise gain, domain change etc.

Stallion asked, 1. How should one structure the answer to the question – “tell me about yourself”? 2. How to “map” your strengths to the role description, especially if there is a gap? 3. Should one give a number when asked “what salary are you expecting”?
Amit Bansal answers, 1. When asked this question, the recruiter expects you to give a quick snapshot about your skills and where have you used them. The best way to start is always from the latest. 2. It is very important to go through the job description and identify your areas of expertise matches the JD. If yes, find the common ground and use that to prepare for the interview. 3. It is always more dignified and professional to mention the % of hike you expect on your current CTC.

red asked, Amit sir, how to nail job interview and shine??
Amit Bansal answers, A lot of things can be done to make sure your interview goes well. 1. Researching about the company 2. Knowing your own CV well. 3. Reading the job description well and have relevant examples ready to quote in case asked. 4. Good body language..

Ashish asked, I have 14 year exp. what is an apt way to reply for the question ” Tell us about yourself?”
Amit Bansal answers, When people ask this question, they usually want to hear more about your career progression and significant contribution towards something. Basically a snap shot of your skills and how you have used them in various roles.

amar asked, I am a fresher MJMC how to prepare for media jobs. What kind of skills should i put in my resume if i want to become a news anchor
Amit Bansal answers, Now days there are several workshops that will help you gain knowledge and expertise on this. Few skills that any anchor is required to have are: Good conversationalist expertise in preferably more than 2 languages Extroverts People who easily build rapport on screen. You can always create a short video and show it as a sample.

shivamogga asked, Why should we to select you…?? what kind of answer will be better !!!
Amit Bansal answers, No one knows your strengths better than you yourself. While answering a question like this one, always be factual and avoid getting into a self praise mode.You can always mention your strengths that have enabled you to achieve something preferably quantifiable in your previous companies.

Bhat asked, whats a good answer for the question – why do you want to change your job ?
Amit Bansal answers, I have always recommend honest answers. People change their jobs for various reasons like career enhancement, chance to work with a big name, experience, domain change etc..Having said that one should keep in mind that most of the recruiters look for what a candidate can bring to the company and not what the company can give to the candidate.

A asked, whar are the keywords should i use in my resume to get shortlisted?
Amit Bansal answers, The keywords in your resume will depend on the job profile and your skill set. For example, if any recruiter is looking for someone with experience in Business development, then he would ideally be looking for resumes with key words like Client management, Business development, sales, vendor management etc…


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What to expect on your first day at work

It is advisable to ask your prospective employer about the documents you will require in advance to avoid delays in your new workplace advises Amit Bansal, CEO – PurpleLeap.

The first day at work is filled with mixed emotions.

The sense of achievement at having secured this job and journey ahead is aptly countered with the apprehension of a new environment and new people.

Being in a new place itself is daunting, so the strain of documentation and paperwork can become an additional burden.

On the other hand, from the company’s perspective, it is inevitable.

Companies need to make a record of the personal as well as professional details of a new joinee on Day 1.

Through this article, you would see why documentation on Day 1 is significant and what you can do to ensure a smooth first day.

For any company, Day 1 documentation covers detailed information pertaining to new employees’ education, competencies, professional experience, achievements, family details etc.

Further, information obtained through documentation also discloses new employees’ personal orientation and interests towards specific areas of business improvement.

Anticipation of national threats and incidents impacting the organisation at large has led to documentation becoming extremely important on the first day.

For the new employee, Day 1 orientation provides an overview of the organisations’ vision and mission, organisation structure, human resource policies, business practices, agreement of non-disclosure of business secrets, appropriate usage of physical as well as intellectual properties assigned and seeks acceptance on employment terms and conditions.

Day 1 documentation hand holds the new employee to settle into the organisation.

Information from the documentation also helps the employee understand the process of provident fund, gratuity, medical Insurance, accident cover and other statutory compliances.

Validation of original documents: Collection of joining documents differs from organisation to organisation.

Generally, an assigned HR representative of the orientation team would verify the original documents with the copies submitted for authenticity.

Document validation involves identity proof, address proof, educational certificates, previous employment documents (offer and relieving letters of previous employment, pay slips and relieving letter of recent employment)

Continuity and successful accomplishment of education: Verification of course commencement and passing date, status of course accomplishment, AICTE accreditation of the university and justifiable gaps in education are the key areas that are considered.

Continuity of employment: Verification of employment tenure at each organisation vis-a-vis offer and corresponding relieving letters of every employment, recent role and compensation details vis-a-vis recent pay slips.

Background verification: Organisations generally entrust the activity of background verification to the third party service providers (specialised organisations) who in turn help in validating information provided by the new employee.

Background verification includes verification on education, past employment, criminal records, and residential address depending on the need of the organisation.

Acceptance of employment terms and conditions: A detailed document involving terms and conditions of employment, non-disclosure agreement of business secrets, termination clause and other clauses governing employment is signed off by new employees and this emphasizes a consensus between the employee and the organisation.

Statutory compliance: In addition to organisations’ compliance to Indian Labour laws, at the point of onboarding, a new employee opens a Provident Fund account or transfers the fund accumulated in his previous employment as prescribed by Employee Provident Fund Scheme 1952.

Employee State Insurance Act 1948 provides medical assistance and accident cover for a group of employees whose existing wage limit coverage under the Act is up to Rs 15,000 per month ( w.e.f. 01/05/2010).

Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 provides a framework for onetime retirement benefit as gratitude for employees’ dedicated service.

A candidate should provide correct information and documentation from the day he or she applies for the job to ensure a smooth joining process.

Employers have realised the advantage of leveraging the technological advancements to manage candidate information effectively.

ERP enables candidates to apply through the Internet for a specific job, provide employment related information, which is retained until his/her candidature is rejected.

Pre joining communication

As part of the pre-joining formalities and pre-joining kit in some companies, a checklist of mandatory documents to be submitted before joining are included.

This enables the new employee to ensure complete document submission on the decided date of joining.

New joinees need to focus on these:

  • Lack of any document pertaining to identity, address-proof, education and previous employment would lead to insufficiency of documents and you may face rescheduled joining date or at times offer-cancellation.
  • Fresher candidates should obtain a provisional degree certificate if the original certificate is delayed beyond your joining date.
  • Experienced candidates should obtain a resignation acceptance letter in case the relieving letter is delayed beyond your joining date.

Attention to detail and bit of preparation would lead to a hassle-free start to your career.

Source: rediff

Major goof ups you need to avoid in an interview

Interviews are a part and parcel of the life of each and every professional. They provide an opportunity to move ahead in life and look for brighter horizons. For a fresher, interviews provide the first brush with the corporate life and therefore are even more important. Every aspirant tries to perform his best for an interview; however, there are certain common mistakes which everyone should learn to avoid in order not to leave a negative impression on the interviewer’s minds. Most of these mistakes are subconscious in nature and the best way to avoid them is to be aware of them.

Spelling mistakes and errors in the resume are the simplest way to put off an interviewer. By doing that you cut a sorry figure in front of the interviewer as they think that a person who is not serious about her/his career will not be serious about the job.

Experts say that seventy percent of our communication is through our body language. A candidate needs to remember that avoiding eye contact, improper sitting positions, not showing interest to the questions will not go well with interviewers. They will feel that the candidate is not interested in the job and will get switched off.

Basic etiquettes like switching your cell phone off and wearing proper clothes are expected of all candidates. You should not go for an interview dressed casually as it speaks a lot about your attitude and an interviewer will brand you unprofessional without even speaking to you. Similarly, a cell phone ringing in the middle of an interview also smacks of unprofessional behavior.

Below are the Q&A Session answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

ritz9 asked, thanks mr bhansal sorry got logged out and cudnt enter chat with same name ritz. i tried to contact my previous employer unfortunately the people who used to work that time in management they r not in the company anymore and they have moved to diff jobs so i am not able to get any kinda docs from them thats y i am in a fix that will the companies accept the explanation abt that experience

Amit Bansal answers, In that case, contact the HR of this new organization and explain to them the complete scenario. Usually HR have different policies regarding such issues. Also, in the meanwhile look for ways you can procure some proof from your previous employer to substantiate your employment and salary package.

Kavit asked, How much research should one do about the organization?
Amit Bansal answers, You should have a fair idea about the organization’s overall business. That should do it.

hellokumar asked, If I am changing job after 7 yeears and interviewer asks why I didnot change earlier, what should be the correct answer?
Amit Bansal answers, You can state that there was enough for your explore and learn during these 7 years and you did not feel the need to change. Now that you have spent so long in an organization you would like to explore newer opportunities and avenues to expand your professional experience.

ritz asked, after my graduation i worked in a training institute for more than 2 yrs and it was not a regular pay job but it was related to my field of selection so for work experience i worked there. they used to pay me by cash sometimes and then i got a professional jobin the same field. now after 4 yrs i wanna switch job. i want to use that training job experience as well but i dont have any proof such as payslip or experience letter. my friends r saying not to put the experience but if i dont then there is a break of 3 yrs after my graduation. cud u pl advice me wat to do
Amit Bansal answers, You can reach your old employer and give you a letter stating that you worked for them. They can also mention your salary in that letter. Most organizations will accept that kind of documentation. Also, I suggest explain to your new HR about the circumstances of this old job.

anoop asked, If interviewer asks “why u want to leave your present organisation”?? I am changing job for better prospects and to grow professionally as current job there is no growth to next postition
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest refrain from talking about the limitations of the current job and focus more on the opportunities in the job you have applied for.

japru asked, bansal sir, if i am leaving my current organisation with 1 year of service only though i have got exp of more then 12 yrs and if interviwer ask why i am leaving this organisation so early then what wouold be my answer
Amit Bansal answers, One year is a very short time to leave an organization. You will need to give a very convincing answer to your interviewer.

anil1 asked, I had a two year gap after class 12 which is making it difficult for me to get into an IT company. What can I do to get into one.
Amit Bansal answers, You may opt to work for smaller organizations first and then try for big IT companies. However, I am sure there are IT companies who would like you to justify the break for two years after 12th and would be willing to hire you if the reasons are genuine.

SK asked, What is the best answer for th equestion Like”why u want to leave your present organisation”??
Amit Bansal answers, This question is really to check your professional association with organizations and people you work with. I suggest not to give any information which reflects negative about your previous employers or colleagues. Instead maybe you can mention for personal and professional growth you would like to move and also because your experience matches the organization’s requirement.

Vicky asked, Amit, What kind of clothes should you wear for an interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Business formals or smart formals will be a good attire for an interview.

Wagle asked, What kind of answer do interviewers expect for the question ‘Why should we select you for this job?’ I’ve already mentioned my qualification and everything in my resume. So what else do they want to know.. Also I would not know who the other people they have interviewed are and what percentage they have..
Amit Bansal answers, This question is a very good opportunity for you to highlight your skills, knowledge and attitude that will fit the job description and the organization’s goals. Match yourself to the job requirement.

Vimla asked, Amit, how long an answer should we be prepared for the question ‘Tell me something about yourself’
Amit Bansal answers, It should be a very confident answer and should not be for more than 2 to 3 minutes. Try scripting your response. That helps to ensure you do not miss out the important details.

Bala asked, Iam going for a final round of interview with the ceo. What kind of body language will i need to display ? How i need to sit where should i keep my hands ?
Amit Bansal answers, I would suggest, dress professionally. You need not wear a tie however ensure you are wearing business formals. Body language should not distract the interviewer. Sit straight with your back firmly rested on the back rest of the chair. You can keep your hands on the armrest of the chair or if you are sitting close to the table it can be on the table as well. Whatever body language you use, ensure you are comfortable. Wear a smile. That’s the most important thing about a good body language. It will also make you feel comfortable and less nervous.

gafoorup asked, Mr. Bansal – Do we really need to be 100% truthful in an interview? Or shall we keep some room for manipulation?
Amit Bansal answers, I would not suggest manipulating information during an interview. However I advice keep all information you give about yourself on the professional front. You can choose not to reveal certain things however not manipulate.

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How to impact and influence others at work

The ability to impact and influence others is a key competency frequently identified in top performers. While we assume salespeople are good at impacting and influencing, the ability to impact and influence others is often the number one competency in helping, service, managerial and leadership roles. Learning to increase your ability to impact and influence others can make a big difference to your career success.

Impact and influence as a competency is the ability to persuade or convince others to support an idea, agenda or direction. Impact and influence is often linked to organisational awareness. Understanding who the key decision makers are, who wields the power and who the influencers are, enables you to be more strategic in your dealings and approaches with stakeholders in order to get your desired results.


Below are Q & A section answered by Amit Bansal, CEO Purpleleap

Don asked, I am very experienced in my domain in engineering. I joined an organization recently. What is the best way to get your new junior team mates to have trust and beleif in you? How can i convince the new management that i can add value to the organization?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Don, The Organisation has selected as a prospect to be a Productive resource ensure you keep up that expectation and excel, To have a better influence on your team understand your juniors expectations as to what areas they need your support and Areas where they lag to bridge. thsi will help build confidence among the team and the Management.

djoshi asked, Hi Amit…How can we make our senior understand our view point without offending them
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Joshi, Clearly communicate with facts and positive outcomes as alternative point of view without contradicting your Seniors views.

Ajay asked, I am very good in my work…but nobody appreciates the same.
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Ajay, Work accomplishment is what we all are expected to do at work where as How innovativly and how many of the team is affected does matters. look for opportunities where you can emphasise you innovation which will bring appreciations.

Vikram asked, Amit, I work in a big organization. How can I get the top management guys to take note of me and is there any short cut to reach there myself?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Vikram, As you know every destiny has its own route and expects Time and Experience. there is no shortcut for a destiny however there are alternatives choosing the best one is upto you.

akshay asked, Dear Sir, I own a manufacturing unit , wherein i hav to take work from labourers , and they r not doing work as per the requirement & we don’t an option to remove them , in such a case what should be done???
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Akshay, when there is a need to extract best of the outcomes from Labourers, you need to have a clear benefit plan for them that keeps them motivated. ensure their Basic necessaties are taken care and emphasise how their increased performance will be a booster for the organisation and them aswell. This will lead to a win win solution.

Sanjay asked, Good afternoon mr. Bansal! Being an independent consultant in QA/QC Construction field, what skills I should have to develop to impress my clients?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Sanjay, i am Sure you have the best of skills related to the Construction field technically, however its is most important for you to step into your clients shoes and understand what is that they look up to you as a service provider. introspect and proceed in this direction, it helps.

Rakesh asked, I am Area Manager & Normally people not listen to me also they arae escaping at the right time. What to do to control the people ?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Rakesh, we all work to achieve a Common Goal which is inturn aligned to our individual goals. to have a greater influence on your team ensure to emphasise and motivate them to achive common goals which benefit them inturn. show them credible out comes

Amrutha asked, Hi Amit, I’m a software engineer. I’ve just joined this organization a couple of weeks ago. This monday, I was given my first assignment. I’m very excited about it and want to do my best and show my boss that I am capable of handling more such tasks. Any tips on how I can impress them?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Amrutha, Use such Opportunities to bring in broader advantage for your team in all perspective.

shruti asked, Hi Amit, I work in a advertising agency. We work in teams of four. The other three in my team are people with experience and when we get an assignment they work as a team. At times, I feel like the odd one out. Although I do have ideas in my head, I seem tongue tied at times and am not able to put the ideas out on the table in a logical manner. How can I overcome this?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Shruti, i suggest look into opportunities to have a mind share with rest of the team and understand what your areas of contribution does matter for them and effectively execute it consisten effort will bring in a positive change. Never loose positive outlook.

anju asked, Hi Amit, I’ve been in my present company for almost three years now. Sometimes I feel that no matter what I do, my boss has his own strategy and he wants us just to follow it. How can i make him listen and understand to our ideas as well?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Anju, as a team individuals’ participation in formation of the strategy is important. Ensure you make use of such opportunities to Pitch in your Ideas with a broder view. try to request increased frequency of such discussions where there is ample scope of Thoughts flowing among the team. Persuasion is the key to win team members conscent.

sandip asked, Hi Amit..I am very good when it comes to technical experties but still I cant make impact..what you would suggest me to make imapact..?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Sandip, we are all part of an evolving environment and competitive era, it is the continuous interpersonal effectiveness that keep us ahead of others. our Expertise in this scenario would be the Baseline requirement, however focus on Innovative Initiatives and Interpersonal effectiveness will lead us to the Objective

vikas asked, please give some tips to influence the people at work
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Vikas, to have a positive influence with people at work, be it your Team members or Customers. it is very important to be i) Efective Communicator ii) Be a Good listner- understanding and introspecting rigth is the key to influence iii) Empethatical- to understand the situation from others point of view, iv) Being Credibal- you should be strong in competencies as to why other should seek your support, v)Visualise possible areas where you would be needed to go an extra mile and prove your self



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How to prepare for the perfect job interview

Below are the Q & A section answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

chandokraj asked, A common question I`ve encountered is ” What do your subordinates would say about say, if asked “. What shud be the best answer?

Amit Bansal answers, This is another way of asking your strengths and weaknesses and how you take feedback from others.

TR asked, Hi Amit, I left an organization 3 years back as I was not promoted. I was not promoted because my appraisal ratings were not good. Now, after 3 years, I have received interview call from same organization for a requirement at next level. I am not sure how to respond to questions in interview “why you left us 3 years back? why are you joining us now?”
Amit Bansal answers, Have you initiated to apply for the company or they have asked you to come back? If they are asking you to come back then you can tell the reason why you left the organization and why you want to join back. But if you have applied for that job, you need to ask yourself why you are looking at returning to the same company even after your appraisal was not good the last time you were with them.

Vidya asked, Many times interview ask about information about projects from the last organization. How to answer this questions as if somebody may not want to disclose this information ?
Amit Bansal answers, Do not give specific details. In fact you can let your interviewer know that you will not be able to share some confidential information. I am sure any good company will appreciate your attitude.

Akshay asked, Hello Sir, If the Interviewer ask a specific question like, what are the development needs which your superiors advised.? How to handle this…Obiviously there are negative things which we dont want to highlight…In this case how to handle the scenario? Please Advice
Amit Bansal answers, This question is asked to check your ability to learn from your mistakes and accept your shortcomings positively with an action plan to work on them. There is nothing wrong in talking about your negative areas. We all have a few.

georcy asked, Is it advisable to get the CV written by a professional to get a advantage over others
Amit Bansal answers, You are the expert for writing your own resume.

Nisharani123 asked, What will be the perfect answer if any interviewer asked”Why you are planning to quit your present job”
Amit Bansal answers, Please check other replies. I have already responded to this question.

Ganesh asked, Hi Amit.. How should I do background research on the company, should I be humble in the interview or should I boast about my qualities? What are the strict no-nos when it comes to face to face interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Always highlight areas which will match your capability to the job requirements. So boasting will help only to a certain extent.

abcdedg asked, Hi Amit, In some interviews, i observed that the interviewer is going out of the requirement scope for technical things. How to over come this.
Amit Bansal answers, Just testing the depth of your knowledge. Please remember you need not know everything but you must know everything you have mentioned on your resume and required as per the job profile. Interviewers just push boundaries sometimes.

123 asked, Sir what i have to do if i dont have any idea about the ask question should i say no straight or should i try to coniviece in other manner
Amit Bansal answers, Well it’s a good idea to say you can find out about the answer if you are given an opportunity rather than giving a wrong answer.

ravikirank asked, in my last interview i told the interviewer that i acheived only 60% of the target because of some circumastances this year. he applied the same to his organization says they can’t take the reasons what i mentioned in the interview for non acheivement in thier organization if i supposed to work the same circumstances in the new organization. even though i make it to the final interview by this i think they didn’t consider my candidature. would like to should only lie in the interviews to get recruited and how this can be overcome.
Amit Bansal answers, A very genuine query Ravi. Appreciate you asking this question. When you are offering reasons for not being able to achieve your targets you must also talk about the root cause analysis you may have done for the failure. You must also highlight your learning from that situation and how you could have done things differently to achieve the targets. The point here is not whether you will be able to achieve the targets with an improved plan or after doing the root cause analysis. But it highlights your ability to learn from your mistakes and a constant urge to achieve.

rishi asked, what is the prefect reply to question”why do you want to leave the job.”
Amit Bansal answers, The perfect reply is a genuine reason of why you are leaving your current job. Most companies only want to check your commitment level when they ask this question. If you were not leaving your current job you would not be able to join them. And the reason they are interviewing you is because they want you to join. So don’t panic, this question doesn’t mean they want to reject your candidature. They just want an affirmation of your commitment.

Sally asked, Amit, I presently have 5 years experience in the industry I am currently working in. My present organization (I wouldn’t want to name them) is very reluctant to let their employees go, and even if somebody leaves, then if their prospective employers were to call back for a reference they usually say something not very helpful. This has made me apprehensive about leaving this job, but I don’t want to continue here either. Do you have a solution to my dilemna?
Amit Bansal answers, It’s a good idea to collect some positive feedback documented over emails or in the form of certifications your company may have given you during the time of your service. Present them during the interview or attach them as references when you submit your details to the HR of the new organization. I guess then it wouldn’t matter if verbally they don’t have anything good to say about you.

rishi asked, hi i gave an interview three days back,should i call them and ask about the result.
Amit Bansal answers, Wait for a week before you call.

Vidya asked, Hello Sir, How much percent of hike we should ask at the time interview ? Is there any ground rule which we normally have to follow to get best offer ?
Amit Bansal answers, First thing is we should not ask for a hike at the time of the interview. If you are asked specifically to quote a figure then you need to know the industry ratio. It ranges from 10% to 30% across different industries.

Damodar asked, Hi Amit, Is there any particular etiquette to follow for a telephone interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Basic telephone etiquette include finding a quiet place to speak and ensuring your phone volume is loud enough for both parties to hear properly. Do not chew while you speak and it’s a good idea to smile while talking as that will reflect confidence in your voice. You must keep your resume in front of you while talking with the interviewer. Try to sit at one place and speak rather than walking and talking.

vinod asked, I am called for interview at Big Recruitment firm in few days the want to interview me before shortlisting for final candidate for their client. What would be the reason for such face to face interview with firm and how I should be prepared for it?
Amit Bansal answers, Well this is a shortlisting procedure and very clearly it will be an elimination round. Please be thoroughly prepared for the interview and do look at the job profile before you go. Ensure you highlight your skills, knowledge and attitude which match the job profile.

Suraj asked, Hi Amit, When an interviewer asks please tell me about yourself, I often wonder what they want to hear, since my resume is already in front of them.
Amit Bansal answers, When the interviewer asks you about yourself, they want you to be able to articulate your thoughts which means your ability to communicate and secondly they want to know how well you can sell yourself. It’s really a sales pitch to sell yourself. And whatever facts you give should match with what you have written in the resume. However, you can go ahead an give extra details which you may not have mentioned on your resume.

SaketS asked, What is a good answer to the question ‘Where do you see yourself 5 years from now”
Amit Bansal answers, The interviewer is really trying to know if you have a mindset to grow and achieve new things in life. They are also looking at your ability to plan a career and how your plan will fit with the plan of the organization. So any answer is good as long as it addresses the basic questions interviewer has on mind.

nagesh asked, if some body approach us for overseas job vacancies what kind of precautions need to be taken, i mean to say what are the dos & don’t
Amit Bansal answers, You must take all details of the employer and the employment. You must then go ahead and do your own research to find out how genuine the profile and the company is before you decide to go for it.


Chat Date: April 25, 2012


How to perfect your interview?

So you’ve finally landed an interview for that dream job you’ve always wanted. Now what? Do you go into panic mode as you try and figure out how to best prepare for the interview, or do you remain calm, cool and collected as you review your interviewing basics checklist. Now is the time to buckle up and prepare for the big day because as they say, there is no second chance to make a first impression. A face to face interview preparation will make you more confident, help you identify points that may let you down and will definitely improve your chances of getting that job.

Always remember that you cannot underestimate your competition and all of them are working hard to enjoy the same fruit. Face to face interview is the only parameter that will decide who will win the marathon and who will be the also-rans. Therefore preparation for an interview is essential. Just to underline the importance of preparation, remember, that many well prepared candidates have a better chance of getting selected than many well qualified ones. Therefore prepare, prepare and prepare!

A few import areas that one needs to address in his interview preparations include one’s tone, body posture, enthusiasm, subject knowledge, background research on the company, knowledge of the role, etiquettes and one’s ability to showcase oneself as the right fit.


Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


vinni asked, Hi Amit I recently changed my job about 6 months ago. But the work here is not satisfying; I got another chance with a product company with which the F2F interview is scheduled next week. I always desired to be with that company. What should I tell at the time of Interview since I barely joined present company 6 months back only.. How can I convince them I am not interested in current work assignment and interested in joining their organization …
Amit Bansal answers, Well in this case you can tell them that this company is like a dream job because of (state the reasons). Make sure you have looked at the job description carefully and prepared yourself about about all anticipated interview questions.

feroz asked, SIR which dress suitable for interview like formal etc.
Amit Bansal answers, Formals or semi formals are good. Do not get over dressed and ensure you are wearing something that suits your personality.

lol asked, let says the interview went all OK and during HR around when it comes to salary they say 30% and I say 40%,,,what are the skills required at this stage?
Amit Bansal answers, 30% hike is industry standard. Beyond this can be a little difficult. However you may try based on how exclusive your experience is and how critical that experience can be for the business of your potential employer.

birendra asked, what if the interviewer asks why “YOU”?
Amit Bansal answers, For this question, you need to study the job description carefully and ensure you align your experience, strengths and knowledge to the job description. That’s the key; the interviewer is looking at how your knowledge skills and attitude fit in with the job you will be doing.

kanaka asked, I have location preference due to personal reasons. I am planning to quit my current job for the said reason. I am also outdated in my knowledge. How should I proceed?
Amit Bansal answers, I guess you know what you must do to update your knowledge. And if you are moving jobs because of location, let your interviewer know about it.

abhinav asked, how should one tackle telephonic interviews which are very common these days..
Amit Bansal answers, be clear when you speak over the phone. Do not interrupt and ensure you smile. A smile can be heard over the telephone. The other rules remain the same, know what you have written on your resume and talk with conviction with evidences about your work experience.

DS asked, I have qualified for NDA SSB interview. Interview will be held at Dehradun on 30th Jan. onwards. Any tip sir,
Amit Bansal answers, Be confident. The biggest trait looked at is commitment and stable mind. If you are able to highlight that you will surely be selected. All the best!

shekhar asked, how to gain confidence, sometimes I am not unable to say certain things confidently.Due to this I missed 3 jobs
Amit Bansal answers, It needs to be practiced. Believe in what you are telling your potential employer and keep practicing. Do not take an interview failure to stop you from preparing better for the next one.

ran asked, I had been working in IT field for almost 3 years. As I was interested to switch into banking/finance sector, i tried many PO test but couldn’t make any. Now I am doing MBA in finance from a reputed college, how should I convince recruiters who come from bankin/finance background about the switch from IT to this sector
Amit Bansal answers, you can say that it is your interest, provided it really is. You can also say that you were in the IT industry to earn while you were studying for a finance sector job.

dsdsd asked, what is the right way of answer when interviewer asked to tell us about ourselves
Amit Bansal answers, You must highlight what you are doing currently, what you have done in the past and your future plans. Keep it strictly professional and ensure whatever you say is in alignment to the current job profile that you are applying for.

chiii asked, If the interviewer asks about previous manager what should I say? I left my prev company coz of manager only
Amit Bansal answers, I do not think that’s a good reason to give. You can say personal reasons or for better opportunities. Those are more or less safe reasons. However, I would encourage you to introspect to find out the reasons of disharmony with your manager; So that you can avoid similar situations in your future employment.

birendra asked, I should lean towards the interviewer or sit back?
Amit Bansal answers, you should sit back comfortably without slouching on the chair. Keep an upright posture and you may keep your hands on the table.

ariv asked, Hell Sir, Can you please tell that what should be the right answer to the interviewer if asked that “why are changing jobs so frequently”
Amit Bansal answers, There is no right or wrong answer. What has been your reason for frequent job changes?

Chegu asked, I have 3 years of experience in ecommerce and now working in BPO as csp since 16 months and no growth
Amit Bansal answers, well, which area would you like to grow your skills in? Are you planning to continue in the BPO industry or move out?

birendra asked, what should be body language at the time of interview?
Amit Bansal answers, it should be confident and pleasant. Make sure you make appropriate eye contact and smile.



Chat Date: 27 January, 2012


Tips to answer “Tell me about yourself”

While describing yourself in an interview, the answer should always be related to the job. Remember, although the employer is asking personal questions, they are still all related to “what can you bring to the company?” So, I usually give adjectives like reliable, loyal, etc., but make sure you back these with supporting examples. The most important thing is to make sure you boil it all down to presenting the answer in a way that it matches the things the employer is looking for.

Here is more advice

  • Think about what kind of person you would like working for you and convey that to the employer. The best advice I can give to a job seeker is first aim high, well as high as you are capable of and realize the more you are willing to learn through experience or school is valuable. See yourself as a commodity. Be honest about your capabilities, if you don’t know how to do something, say you don’t know but let the employer know you are capable of learning and even give an example of something else you learned to do, maybe at another job or even a hobby. Most jobs will have to train you to their way and processes so don’t undermine your capability and be proud of your accomplishments in life because they will only bring you up.
  • Just list off a few characteristics that you see yourself as having. Make all of the characteristics sound as positive as possible. This question is usually asked in order to gauge how a person perceives him- or herself. Just be honest. Are you outgoing? Shy? Diligent? Stubborn? Clever? Passionate? Level-headed? Easy-going? etc., etc. Don’t stress too much.
    • If you can’t think of anything, think of a few people who know you and imagine how they would describe you. Pretend that your mom, a sibling, a good friend, a co-worker, and your spouse or significant other are all sitting down in a room making a list of your characteristics and then use the things you think they would say.


  • A job interview is NO TIME to be shy. Brag about yourself. It’s expected. Brag about all of your good points and don’t mention anything negative or anything you “can’t do.” Be positive and upbeat.
  • With complete honesty, don’t try to make yourself better than you are, but don’t yourself down, either.
  • Employers love to ask you questions that get to your perception of yourself. These may come in several forms – “How do you describe yourself”; “What are the qualities you possess that make you the best candidate for this job”; “What do you bring to this company that will make this company stronger” or a variation on these are commonly asked.
  • Your resume should already have a personal statement that discusses your qualities – in the most positive terms possible. Make sure you are familiar with your resume. VERY familiar. This is especially important if you didn’t write it yourself, or if you have multiple resumes tailored to different positions.
  • Because this is such a common question, it may be a good idea to sit down ahead of time and list 4-5 qualities and examples in your previous experience where these qualities allowed you to overcome a problem or succeed at a task.
  • Remember, the interview is not a “game”
    where you are trying to outsmart the interviewer to get the job. Your best strategy is to honestly sell yourself and your abilities to an employer to get a job that is a good fit for you, in a company that is a good fit for you. Outsmarting an interviewer to get a job in a company or position that ultimately leads to unhappiness on either or both sides is really outsmarting yourself.
  • Give a fair answer, tell them about your strong and weak points, but try to emphasize some of your qualities. For example, you could say that you are a hard-working, responsible, serious person, you are able to handle with people, able to work under stress, you are an easy learner. Don’t be shy to talk about your creative “side”. But be honest, admit that you also had some “bad moments” in your past jobs.
  • Your answer should be relevant to the job for which you are being interviews. Do not start going into your personal life. Keep your self-introduction professional!
  • A person is defined in three ways: (1) who he is right now, (2) what he has done in the past, and (3) what he will become in the future. So, here is how you answer: (1) I am a [the job title for which you are applying or something very close.] (2) I have [how many years of experience] in [what field, what subject]. (3) I want to be [a job title that is a couple or a few levels above the current position for which you are applying in 5 to 10 years.] Close your answer with an affirmative question: “Is there anything else you want to know?”
  • You should be very straightforward and honest in replying to this question. The interviewer wants to check if what you have mentioned in your resume is correct or not.
  • I would answer the question based on who is interviewing me? If it’s a sales manager/Technical Manager/Human resources manager? Depending on the person’s field I’ll have to mend the answer to please him… I feel that everyone’s goals are different… so analyze that and then answer.
  • Answer this question with your 30-second “elevator speech” about yourself. The standard format for this speech is… “I am a (BLANK), who does (WHAT).” In my case… I am a PROJECT MANAGER, who PROVIDES QUALITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, Blah, Blah, Blah. (you get the idea).
  • Let me share what my recruiting office tells its candidates as they head out for that crucial face-to-face interview. When asked to “tell me about yourself,” say, “I will gladly answer that question, but may I first ask you a question? (They ALWAYS say yes) So that I may better focus my answer, what are the issues you want me to address should you hire me? Once they share with you what they need to have you do, then proceed to address how your training, education, skills, and experience can best resolve these issues. By answering in this fashion, you have proven that you know how to focus … and that you have what’s needed to fix the issues they need to have fixed. It’s always a winner … and beats the heck out of, “Well, let’s see, I was born on a small farm in Idaho …”
  • I suggest you go into the interview with a few “talking points” about yourself, in other words things you want the interviewer to know about you. Then you try to hit those points in response to any questions you are asked, such as “tell us about yourself.” Also be sure to have copies of your resume with you and offer them. In general, interviews go better when you spend them listening and don’t talk. If the interviewer is just telling you about the job, you might have a good shot at it.
  • This is the chance for you to run down a 30-60 second sales pitch for yourself. The employer doesn’t want to know that you like gardening or have four dogs. Here’s where you start usually with your education and highlight selling points about your skills, experience and goals.


Best IT talent pool in Delhi & Bihar; TN lags: Survey

The National Employability Study 2011 by Aspiring Minds reveals that Delhi and Bihar champion and provide the best talent pool for IT Product, IT Services, KPO, BPO, Software Testing and Hardware Networking roles. The data released under the National Employability Study 2011 analyses the employability scores of over 1.2 lakh final year engineering graduates. Regionally, it is observed that employability in IT services companies Delhi is highest of Engineers in the North, followed by East, then West and Uttarakhand Rank East then South.

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Source: The Financial Express

India Inc to go slow on hiring in 2012

Amit Bansal, CEO, Purple Leap, says, “In engineering, the bulk of recruitment is in the information technology (IT) sector. The sentiment has changed over time. In mid-2011, there was a 25-30 per cent increase for freshers in IT. In the later half, that sentiment changed. People are cautious. I believe that in the first quarter of 2012, the sentiment would be to wait and watch.”

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Source: Business Standard



Job Interview Strategies

Now that you have completed your education and are ready to set foot in the real world and would like to earn some money, the idea of job-hunting can be pretty intimidating for some. If you’re feeling shy and lacking confidence about getting out there and talking to employers, you are far from alone, according to many career counselors.

Job interviews have a lot in common with having a first date. You really want one, and you are thrilled when you get one, but then you start worrying about everything like, what to wear, what to say, what not to say and how not to act like an idiot! Though Job interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, they can also be wonderful opportunities. If you are well prepared, confident and do everything right, you will make a winning impression and obtain your goal.


Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


Trainee asked, Mr.Bansal Recently we had an internal job opening. Three people applied including self. After application scrutinizing the HR announced that the criteria s are being revised, which is really strange and out of the policy frame work. Some people say that expected person whom the seniors want to promote has not applied, hence this drama. I have been waiting for such an opportunity for last 4 years, now i feel completely lost to the corporate politics. How should one deal with tis ?
Amit Bansal answers, I understand your concern… dynamics of every organization is different. However, before giving in to rumors i suggest please contact your HR and find out the real issue. Maybe you can reapply.

Yogi asked, Hello sir, I m working as a manager in marketing department.I have given interview for one company.I have to change my job location.But for that,new company negotiated me for salary 30 % less than my currently drawn.SHall I accept that proposal due to job location change.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest look at your priority. However 30% is a huge chunk to negotiate with. You may find difficult to cover this gap in future. Give it a thought before you decide.

mandy asked, What sould be min years we should work in 1 company on same position?
Amit Bansal answers, 1 to 2 yrs.

gop asked, is it necessary to talk always in english during the interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes absolutely unless your job requires you to interact in regional language only.

mandy asked, Every Time I face tough Technical Questions that I dont know the answers…what to do in these situations?
Amit Bansal answers, You can accept that you do not know the answer. Ideally if you do not know one or two answers in an interview it is acceptable as long as you show good subject knowledge otherwise.

gop asked, how can i approach them i.e.naukri,timesjobs etc.
Amit Bansal answers, There are always phone numbers, email IDs and even website addresses mentioned. Please contact on those.

klk asked, Is there a right answer to the question “Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?” Is it ok to answer something like “I see myself leading a team or I see myself as a Senior engineer ”
Amit Bansal answers, It’s okay but besides leading a team is there a goal for self development as well?

sriniold asked, Currently I am a Tech Lead, planning to move towards Management. What is my first step towards that?
Amit Bansal answers, Well look for an internal job posting. Getting an experience in the current organization will be better than moving into a new place and then learning.

gop asked, i have been applying jobs through portals for last 1 year.but i have not got single response from them. could you please help me in this regard?
Amit Bansal answers, Just applying will not help, please follow up with the respective people through phone.

Zulfi asked, Hi, I’m 31 & A Finance Professional. Since 23 Years, I Have Been Only In Telecom Industry Where I Have Grown From Executive To A Manager. 2 Questions: 1. Right Time To Shift To Another Upcoming Industry 2. Any Other Industry Which Is As Vibrant As Telecom? Thanks.
Amit Bansal answers, Zulfi, all depends on what you want to do. I think if it’s your interest any industry will look vibrant.

amitbansal asked,  I know someone who keeps on changing job every 1 or 1.5 years. In his 14-15 year career, he has changed 10 or 11 jobs. I am not able to understand why he is able to get a new job? Ordinary qualifications and job in IT sector. Doesn’t prospective employer look for stability in a candidate? According to me, it takes 6 months to settle in a job and another 3-4 months for looking for a new job. So for 1 year tenure, you would be productive only for 1-2 months.
Amit Bansal answers, Well I know your concern here, however I am not sure what kind of companies this person has usually applied for and it also depends on this person’s ability to prove his worth for the organization. There can be various parameters.

rahul asked, what if i dont know the answer??
Amit Bansal answers, Say you do not know it right now, if you are given time you can find it out. But in no case you should give a wrong reply.

priyanka asked, i am a masters in design and work as design manager in a design consultancy firm. i work in projects where innovation in product and business, marketing strategies is to be studied. how do i enter core marketing/ strategies field…i do the same things but for lack of an mba, can make a breakthrough in interviews
Amit Bansal answers, I think knowledge and experience counts. So if you are able to substantiate a job experience in that area maybe you can get a breakthrough. I know that some companies have a basic eligibility as MBA.. in those cases I am not sure if you will be able to make it. So look for lower options and then progress to better ones if you want to change your domain.

rahul asked, i am not much confident when m answering
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest practice before you go for interviews.

Riju asked, I am working as Manager in MNC.. i recently had interview… interview went well and it was there for close to 1 hr…Interview was completly Management related questions.. I answered almost everything.. at end of interview two interviewers went out for 10 mins discussion and came to room again and said.. It was nice talking to you.. how long is your notice period and gave me overview of job waiting for me and how they plan to train me etc… does it show i am selected?
Amit Bansal answers, Looks positive… all the best!

gop asked, is there any difference between MNC and Indian companies interview pattern?
Amit Bansal answers, Companies follow their own interview procedures. I suggest each time you get a call from the HR, please clarify the interview process so that you are ready.

abc asked, How do we handle a PI where on a panel 3-4 individuals are sitting and shooting Questins one after the another?
Amit Bansal answers, Handle all the questions, address the entire panel while you are answering, do not look nervous and keep a pleasant smile.

Chand asked, Hi, when we go to an interview the first question they usually ask is tell me something about yourself. Since my whole resume is already there with them, what else can i tell them?
Amit Bansal answers, Well you need to talk about your highlights. Keep three things in mind, what you did, what you are doing and what do you want to do in future. Create a response based on these three things.

asdasmd asked, how to negotiate salary? if the interviewer asks to quote a number then should we quote?
Amit Bansal answers, Salary negotiation should be based on your previous drawn and industry standards.

sur asked, Normally what questions , candidate can face during interview for SENIOR MANAGEMENT POSTs like VP/CEO/CTO
Amit Bansal answers, For senior management positions, the interview is usually based on sharing real time experiences and business projects. More than the qualifications the implementation of projects, business and revenue impact will be scrutinized.

sss asked, If employer says we will call you back and doesnt it advisable to call HR and ask for Interview status
Amit Bansal answers, Yes you may call the HR to give you a clear response on your selection. Most professional organizations will send you an email reply but if they don’t you can ask the HR about the status.

a asked, Is there any thumb rule for preparation of Interview?
Amit Bansal answers, The thumb rule is to refer to the job description while preparing for an interview.

Amit Bansal says, There can be various types of interviews, like the one on one, group interview, panel interview, stress interview, behavioral interview, telephonic interview… there can be many other types also depending on an organization.

Mangesh asked, What does interviewer actually expects from candidate..???
Amit Bansal answers, All interviewers expect you to talk about your skills, knowledge and attitude required at the job you are applying for. All interview questions will be based on this description.


Chat Date: November 23, 2011