Role of Communication Skills in GD

The first aspect is one’s power of expression. In a group discussion, a candidate has to talk effectively so that he is able to convince others. For convincing, one has to speak forcefully and at the same time create an impact by his knowledge of the subject. A candidate who is successful in holding the attention of the audience creates a positive impact.

It is necessary that you should be precise and clear. As a rule evaluators do not look for the wordage produced. Your knowledge on a given subject, your precision and clarity of thought are the things that are evaluated. Irrelevant talks lead you nowhere. You should speak as much as necessary, neither more nor less. Group discussions are not debating stages.

Ability to listen is also what evaluator’s judge. They look for your ability to react on what other participants say. Hence, it is necessary that you listen carefully to others and then react or proceed to add some more points. Your behavior in the group is also put to test to judge whether you are a loner or can work in a group.

You should be able to convey your thoughts satisfactorily and convincingly before a group of people. Confidence and level headedness in doing so is necessary. These add value to your presentation. In case you are not good at it, you might gain by joining an institute that offers specialized courses in public speaking.

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What is the best career for me?

 By  Ranjith Murali

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 Are you finding yourself pondering on the question “what is the best career for me?”  No matter what the circumstances, you will need to find the best answer for this question.  Whether you are just out of school and looking for a job for first time or you’re a mom and wants to re-join the work force or maybe you’re an executive and are just looking for a career change, there are still a lot of jobs to pick from.  Even in today’s economy, there are still jobs to be had.  You may have to aim just a bit low to start off with though.

So, how are you going to answer the question, “What is the best career for me?”  Maybe you’re searching for part time work to fill some hours up around your study time, home life or maybe you just want some extra cash.  If this sounds like you, then try the bigger supermarket chains, they usually have part time employees for checkout lines, re-stocking etc.  You can also visit your closest mall to see if the stores there are looking for part time assistance. Don’t indulge your ego not to take a low paying or a low profile job. Great leaders and entrepreneur evolved from being nothing. Just think of making different in your work, that’s all you need to have job satisfaction.

If you’ve never worked before then you can’t be too choosy about your job.  Getting an interview is your first step.  You should have a really nice resume for that which will help you out a lot in presenting yourself.  There are many people applying for jobs today and you really want to stand above everyone else, you have to convince the prospective employer that you’re going to be a very reliable employee.

Your first job won’t matter too much, but it’s going to give you a job reference to add to your resume for getting valuable skill.  But try to find work in the area that you want to go into.

Once you get a few months or maybe even a year of working under your belt then it’s time for you to be looking around for the job where you will be able to build a career.  Again, a really good resume is a must if you want that perfect job. I suggest all to make yourself prepared for a competitive carrier because hear in corporate’s only one theory works and that is Survival of the fittest. Thanks for being associated with my blog and showing interest in reading my words.

Finally know yourself better and decide on what you want to do and success will be yours.
I originate it to be last artefact and thank you for your association.

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Ice Cream Sandwich versus Apple iOS 5

By Ranjith Murali

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A comparison on Photo Editing Tools

Guess what??? Finally I got my hands over IOS 5 from Apple… yes that’s true. Am working close to mobile technology for my organisation, our team is preparing itself to explore mobile operating system and deliver it as a lead technology on our programs.

I consider my I-POD to be the furthermost beloved device on earth; after my Blackberry, it creates such a tune to which I can not hold my feet from tapping, sometimes even sing with it.

There is a reason behind talking about I-POD at this point of time; it’s all because of Apple IOS 5. Regardless of the generous camera you have on your Apple or Android device, one thing you’ve no doubt on jotting down at present are tons of photo editing applications existing for both Apple and Android systems. In the recent mobile software updates, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android Operating System) and iOS 5 (Apple Operating system), have implemented some of those features which are already present in other competitive devices.

Apple Features:

Apple has added grid lines, pinch-to-zoom gestures, and single tap focus. Additionally, there is an option to use the new Photo Stream. You can choose to use it or not, but if you do, your photos automatically get downloaded to your other devices.

Android Features:

The Android 4.0 has been updated with few features like stabilized image zoom, face-detection and pinch to zoom. Whereas on the other hand, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) offers continuous focus, zero shutters lag exposure and dwindles shot-to-shot speed.

ICS adds the ability to take a photograph besides shooting video. By tapping the screen a full video resolution snapshot can be taken while the camera is still filming. One of the core trading features here is the panoramic photo mode. It assembles a single panoramic photo from the camera after you start the exposure and sweep across the landscape in one motion. The images are not stitched together but appears like a complete sequence.. After taking any images, by tapping a thumbnail it can be shared through email, social networks, and Bluetooth or text message.

Google has also upgraded the Picture Gallery and photo editing. In the gallery, more albums are shown and the thumbnail images are larger, and the albums can be sorted by tags, location, people or time. The new photo editing tools include cropping and rotating photos, setting levels and adding effects.

Once edited, photos can be instantly shared by text or several other ways. The new Android version has a more robust set of tools for photos than Apple, but not by much. Because there are so many camera apps out there, neither company probably wanted to duplicate too many ideas.

Advise me in the comments on your favourite camera apps with any mobile technology.

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World of Cyber Crime

By Ranjith Murali

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One fine Thursday morning, don’t remember the time still I felt the breezy wind all around me, holding a warm cup of coffee it was time to identify what’s going on the other side of the world. I started to flip all over the page of newsprint as we all do to watch for pictures rather than current affairs.

By then my eyes rammed into an interesting topic and it was called “HACKING” finding it to be interesting I rather wanted to share some tit bits with you all.  It was not the right time for blogging but still couldn’t control my fingers  which were all set to type. Cybercrime at the present is a hot subject to be discussed. Cybercrime can embrace various malicious actions resulting in damage of public interest.

Now you may ask what I mean to define by Public Interest.

Cybercrime indulge in malicious activity such as e-mail spoofing; Denial of Service Attack (DOS), Trojan attack and the most collective actions are HACKING. To wrap everything into a simple term, hacking is an act of penetrating into any Computer or Networks to setback information almost all information about the target. As soon as the hackers gain access, he can flush and amend the systems with his own permissions where the owner of the commuter will lose his confidential and protected information.

Based on the artifact that I found some hackers have hacked the Bangladesh government website and generated a muddled atmosphere in entire system. It was found that out of 64 districts 19 web portals has been located hacked by hackers.

It is obviously seen that hacking concerns cannot be taken lightly. As we dismay, it might put a country’s people to be in jeopardy when there is no obsession. May be in future it can be predicted that a cyber-war can turn into a reality war.

What are you waiting for; if you can’t lend your support to cyber war its better you join team Anna Hazare to fight against corruption. That looks not a bad idea to me, let’s think and discuss about it at the end.

Back to the cyber world, in order to avoid these crimes our government should take lead responsibility to increase the awareness of these issues among the people. Constricted security level of the systems and networks should also be applied especially to government and defence websites. Websites should also be updated frequently to check whether all the contents are genuine and remain the way it was uploaded.

How can we save our self from getting HACKED?

No one in this world is capable of saving them from getting hacked, by the current trend I can predict that, one fine morning god with loads of tears in his eyes would say I am HACKED.

“Just for fun folks not in an intension to hurt any one’s sentiment”

You still can save yourself from getting hacked. Am going to give you few gyan on saving your privacy while doing online shopping or banking-

1.   Make sure you have an up to date security package on you PC and don’t tell anybody about your login details.

2.   Buy anti-virus and anti-spy ware shield, make sure it is up to date, also only use your cards on trusted sites, and look for a padlock on the status bar so you know the site is secure.

3.   Make sure your computer is clean and free of viruses, malware, spyware etc. Make sure you have all updates installed to your operating system and internet security suite to be secure.

4.   Use online banking card readers if your bank offers the service.

5.   When using wireless make sure WPA is enabled, and don’t use unsecured or public wireless networks.

6.   When you sign into your online banking, double check that it says “https://” (notice the S) in the address instead of just “http://” (no S).

7.   Extra security can be taken by not saving the passwords and deleting your internet history immediately once finish browsing sounds a very good, you can even use a private browsing option if your browser supports.

8.   Some people also use a proxy website to enter their banks website this then encodes data between you and the bank meaning hackers have even more trouble getting your details.

9.   Don’t reply to any emails from your bank which you are not with, and they are obvious that they are phishing sites.

10. As long as that “https” is the browsing mode you may never get a warning about an invalid certificate, then you’re fine.

11. Make sure when you are online you have a good firewall to defend your network and operating system.

12. Make sure when you are banking online and logging in- that you have a non-easily obtainable account name and password (not easy for others to guess)

13. Only do online banking on computers that you own.

14. If you do online banking with a public computer, then it is possible for your online banking password to be saved in the browser.

15. Lastly, never go to your online banking from a link in an e-mail message. Instead, always use a bookmark, a favourite, or manually type in the address of your online banking web site.

Stay safe and secured. Cybercrime is a vast subject to study upon. You might find this interesting but it’s not as easy as we think. I will come back to you all with more information on CYBERCRIME and HACKING. Till then

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The new wave of Windows 8 – II

By Ranjith Murali

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It’s nice to be back again with something special every time for all of you.  Am an operating system freak may it be mobile version or desktop version. To completely erase my love on Music am trying to divert myself to work upon reliable source. Personal things apart, there are a lot of buzzes everywhere in www about what will be unfilled in the new upcoming Windows 8; numerous of its features look cool and inspiring. At this juncture I would like to enlighten you with 10 of them, not in particular order that I really like.

1. User Account Roaming

Well, this is not innovative but what is innovative in Windows 8 is that you can roam your user profile to the cloud along with your own Windows Live account. still undisputable how much successful it would be to address the business network, but it does sound like the Windows Live cloud might be able to work as a domain controller in a way to move corporate to the cloud computing.

 2. The New Windows Explorer

The Ribbon lastly arrives in Windows Explorer, subsequently years ago when it was firstly presented in Office 2007. Whether you like it or not, Ribbon appears to be the method to go as a Windows user edge. I like it. The fresh Windows Explorer also finally permits you to drag a file and drop it to a folder itemised in the address bar. A missing piece has finally been found.

Ribbon is becoming the standard UI on Windows system. I myself like it a lot.

The innovative design was prepared based on the usage survey Microsoft team steered. Apparently, only 2 out of the top 10 commands the end users invoke in Explorer are available in the Command Bar, the chief UI element for invoking commands. This seems to be a bad failure in current Windows 7 but also means a big improvement that can be made in Windows 8.

 3. Restore to Factory Settings

Restoring Windows system back to factory settings is nothing new. Almost all manufactories have included the recovery disc in every new computer sold that can already to do that. But an option restoring back to factory settings on only systems not user data is what I am really looking forward to.

4. ISO mounting

Lastly, one more long time misplaced piece has been found. Why took so long? Now, one more 3rd party tool will be eliminated on my computer.

 5. Smart Screen on Windows

Smart Screen built in Internet Explorer 8 & 9 look like will be arisen not only in IE but in OS itself as well. This will be stimulating to see whether or not this will be the anti-virus software out of the box. It also can be used as a File Download Verifier.

6. History Vault

This Microsoft version of Time Machine is a better version of Shadow Copy? Sound like it is. Windows rumours

7. Better Reading Experience

Not only does Microsoft finally develop its own version of PDF reader, but is the modern reader also an e-Reader that utilizes the new AppX application package type.

8. Portable Workspace

Fundamentally, it’s a feature that allows user to run Windows system right from a USB storage device. An portable office indeed. Really, if you can have all your application and data stored on an encrypted flash drive and are able to run on any computers why would you still need a cloud service?

9. Xbox Media Service in Windows

No surprise at all, considering the huge success Microsoft made on Gaming area with their extremely demanded Xbox.

10. App store

Well, even though I am not a huge fan of this, an Windows app store seems inevitable, all because of the huge success on Apple’s App Store.

* I will come back to you all once I study them in very elaborate way, till then happy reading *


BlackBerry – Architecture to be loved

By Ranjith Murali

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I have been a proud owner of a RIM Blackberry (BB) device since its launch in India. Learning and updating myself on the BB operating system and its features has become a pet project for me. My BB is a one stop device for all communication and helps me keep in touch with all my friends anytime, anywhere. I remember, after a rather tiring day at office, I got back home eager to catch up on my personal emails and messages on networking sites. I wanted to send birthday wishes to my friend Karan through the Facebook application on my Blackberry smartphone. After a few failed attempts, I found out about the global melt down of Blackberry services. It was a real let-down and I decided to make use of my time by studying about the BB operating system and architecture. Here, I plan to share some of my thoughts and knowledge about the OS.

The operating system platform used in the Research In Motion (RIM) BB mobiles is the BlackBerry OS. The operating system is developed using C++ programming language.

BlackBerry OS is compiled in such a way that it can meet the requirements of a user who needs to multi-task. The special input devices like the scroll wheel, the trackball and the track-pad available with the device enable the user to navigate effectively and efficiently through the applications.

The operating system supports the Java mobile information device profile (MIDP) 1.0 and the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 1.2. Java has MIDP as a specification which is used for mobile devices. WAP is an etiquette that supports the WAP browser. The WAP browser is comparatively identical to the web browsers used on an operating system of your choice. The WAP technology is used to access internet from the mobile phones. A comprehensive wireless synchronization is allowed by the BlackBerry OS with the calendar, tasks, contacts, e-mail and notes.

These tasks are achieved by software named, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) that is an integrated part of blackberry OS. An alternative to the BES and is the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) which allows internet access to the operators. The user can make use of POP3, IMAP and Outlook web access e-mail accounts without logging in through a BES. This is possible through the push technology of RIM. BIS is the service that is actually run by RIM, but then again it is provided by your mobile network service provider (such as Airtel, Vodafone, Docomo etc.). BlackBerry releases upgrades to the OS like we have with all versions of operating system and this is available through your service provider that support the over the air software loading (OTASL) a special service provided by BlackBerry OS.

However my favourite part of a BlackBerry OS has to be the Application Programming Interface (API). Using API third-party I can write source code for my very own application programs. It sounds interesting doesn’t it? It is exciting when you can integrate your own application to a blackberry operating system.

Just like the operating systems designed for computers and notebooks, BlackBerry OS also uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI enables the users to interact in multiple ways with the various applications and software on their mobile phone.

Before I conclude, I would like to say that it’s not the looks or the design which makes Blackberry the King of smartphones but rather it’s the operating system which gives it the edge. With social media sites and BB messenger integrated into the device, it has become the go to smartphone for both business users as well as the youth, helping everyone stay connected.