How to nail your job interview

Now that you have completed your education and are ready to set foot in the real world and as much as you’d like to earn some money, the idea of job-hunting can be pretty intimidating for some. If you’re feeling shy and lacking confidence about getting out there and talking to employers, you are far from alone, according to many career counsellors.

Job interviews have a lot in common with having a first date. You really want one, and you are thrilled when you get one, but then you start worrying about everything like, what to wear, what to say, what not to say and how not to act like an idiot!

Though job interviews can be nerve wracking experiences, they can also be wonderful opportunities too. If you are well prepared, confident and do everything right, you will make a winning impression and obtain your goal.

Below Q&A are answered by Amit Bansal, CEO-PurpleLeap

aparna asked, what to answer when they ask me why am changing domain since i do not want to tell m desperate for a job
Amit Bansal answers, You can always say you would like to expand your skill set. Now days it is important to be multi – skilled to be an asset to an organization.

amit1000 asked, How to go ahead with career transition from one domain to another domain after having around 15 years of work exp. and how we can showcase value to perpective employer?
Amit Bansal answers, At a senior level even if you change your domain, there will be a set of skills that will be common to both the domains for example management skills. What is important is to identify the exact role you want to apply for and customize your CV highlighting the skills you feel you have and might be useful for that. role. Like I said, After an experience of 15 years there might be few domain specific skills that you might have to pick up but you would have enough business related skills to project yourself well.

ablinc asked, how to answer the question- “what are your weaknesses”?
Amit Bansal answers, Weaknesses need not always be negative. They can also mean your areas of improvement or something that you think might be of help to you but you haven’t acquired that skill yet.

Savio asked, Ironically, i’m just going for an interview in a company in 2 hours. I have prepared (hopefully well). What is the single most important thing i need to keep in my mind? Good day
Amit Bansal answers, Well there are a lot of important things that matter.However, if you have already prepared well then, the only thing I would recommend you to do is try to build rapport with the interviewer with positive and confident approach and body language.

Rajesh asked, How to crack Product Management interview? What are the key skillsets for PM?
Amit Bansal answers, A product manager should have skills like organizational skills, strategic planning , good communication skills, negotiation skills, business acumen, administrative skills etc. As far as cracking an interview is concerned, it depends on how well you prepare and project yourself.

Abhinav asked, How does one overcome the barrier of employment gap in the resume and at the interview
Amit Bansal answers, It helps if you have taken a course during that gap as it is still utilizing your time. However, if you have a personal and more important reason, it is alright to be honest.

AmitBansal asked, Sir, should my resume have 5 pages for every year of experience?
Amit Bansal answers, A good resume should not ideally exceed 2 pages however, in certain cases people have to mention the projects. So another page can be added to accommodate that.The recruiters usually take a look at the basic information, snap shot of career progression and significant accomplishments.

ataneja asked, How to overcome nervousness in the interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Being prepared for the interview usually helps to kill the nervousness and makes you feel more confident. It is always a good idea to research on the company, read the JD well, know your resume and be prepared with examples of achievement to quote from your experience. Dress well and keep an open and positive body language.

rediffbhai asked, i want to know how to negotiate a salary, my salary is 5 lakhs
Amit Bansal answers, The companies usually pay as per the market scenario. To be able to negotiate you have to first convince them that hiring you will be an asset for the company. You can always quote a % hike that you expect based on your last drawn salary which is realistic.

AJOY asked, Apart from qualification,experience and special skill, what should be mentioned to draw attention
Amit Bansal answers, Apart from the above it is important to mention how have you utilized your skills in your previous roles and how has the organizations benefited from it. Important projects you might have worked on.

Sony asked, what is the answer to Why are you leaving your current company if there is no problem in there and it is located near to your house?
Amit Bansal answers, People don’t always leave their jobs because there is a problem. They might be looking for a change for several reasons like career enhancement, knowledge/ expertise gain, domain change etc.

Stallion asked, 1. How should one structure the answer to the question – “tell me about yourself”? 2. How to “map” your strengths to the role description, especially if there is a gap? 3. Should one give a number when asked “what salary are you expecting”?
Amit Bansal answers, 1. When asked this question, the recruiter expects you to give a quick snapshot about your skills and where have you used them. The best way to start is always from the latest. 2. It is very important to go through the job description and identify your areas of expertise matches the JD. If yes, find the common ground and use that to prepare for the interview. 3. It is always more dignified and professional to mention the % of hike you expect on your current CTC.

red asked, Amit sir, how to nail job interview and shine??
Amit Bansal answers, A lot of things can be done to make sure your interview goes well. 1. Researching about the company 2. Knowing your own CV well. 3. Reading the job description well and have relevant examples ready to quote in case asked. 4. Good body language..

Ashish asked, I have 14 year exp. what is an apt way to reply for the question ” Tell us about yourself?”
Amit Bansal answers, When people ask this question, they usually want to hear more about your career progression and significant contribution towards something. Basically a snap shot of your skills and how you have used them in various roles.

amar asked, I am a fresher MJMC how to prepare for media jobs. What kind of skills should i put in my resume if i want to become a news anchor
Amit Bansal answers, Now days there are several workshops that will help you gain knowledge and expertise on this. Few skills that any anchor is required to have are: Good conversationalist expertise in preferably more than 2 languages Extroverts People who easily build rapport on screen. You can always create a short video and show it as a sample.

shivamogga asked, Why should we to select you…?? what kind of answer will be better !!!
Amit Bansal answers, No one knows your strengths better than you yourself. While answering a question like this one, always be factual and avoid getting into a self praise mode.You can always mention your strengths that have enabled you to achieve something preferably quantifiable in your previous companies.

Bhat asked, whats a good answer for the question – why do you want to change your job ?
Amit Bansal answers, I have always recommend honest answers. People change their jobs for various reasons like career enhancement, chance to work with a big name, experience, domain change etc..Having said that one should keep in mind that most of the recruiters look for what a candidate can bring to the company and not what the company can give to the candidate.

A asked, whar are the keywords should i use in my resume to get shortlisted?
Amit Bansal answers, The keywords in your resume will depend on the job profile and your skill set. For example, if any recruiter is looking for someone with experience in Business development, then he would ideally be looking for resumes with key words like Client management, Business development, sales, vendor management etc…


Chat Date: April 17, 2013


How to handle conflict at work

At a workplace there will always be minor disagreements and differences of opinion. The way you handle conflict in the workplace can have a huge impact on how you are viewed as an employee. It can affect your entire career and it can say a lot about your character.

Conflict arises from differences, and when individuals come together in teams, their differences in terms of power, values, and attitudes contribute to the creation of conflict. You can’t win a conflict at work. Winning a conflict means getting the outcome ‘you’ want regardless of what the ‘other’ person wants. Since the underlying issue has not been solved, it will simply reappear later. Hence it is much better to resolve a conflict than win it. Unresolved conflicts make people unhappy at work and can result in antagonism, breakdown in communications, inefficient teams, stress and low productivity.

below Q&A session are answered by Amit ABnsal, CEO – PurpleLeap

dfee asked, amit, is there any thumb rule to avoid conflicts in the company
Amit Bansal answers, 1. Avoid Gossip. 2. Listen deeply. 3. Appreciate People Genuinely. 4. Don’t criticize people without evidence and criticize (if you have to) their action and not their personality. 5. Let people make mistakes, but be prepared for them (if you are in a leadership position), 6. Understand the value system of your team (what they believe in). 7. Sensitise other team members about the importance of values. These are some thumb rules. Good Luck

sethu asked, how to handle the boss who is not listening us, and he insist the way he wants?
Amit Bansal answers, Sometimes, it takes time for the boss to feel confident in his/her team’s ability to contribute. This typically emerges from the managerial style. One need not be put off by it, give it some, make notes of when he accepts certain ideas, in fact, one can also ask him of an example of work which he really liked and why, that will give you some clues…

dfee asked, amit ji, How to handle a colleague, Who is not treating everybody in a same manner and making unnecessary comments on other employees in the company
Amit Bansal answers, If one cannot avoid, you will have to learn to divert attention, find out what the colleague likes (cricket, etc) and bring out topics whenever you sense he/she is making ‘unnecessary’ comments

poi asked, hi. how to deal with sensitive colleagues to avoid conflict
Amit Bansal answers, First Step is to Build rapport with sensitive colleagues, then it becomes easier to give them feedback (if needed). Know what ticks them off, avoid it where possible. For example some are very sensitive when it comes to caste, religion, etc. Avoid these topics alltogether in those lunch sessions, then develop respect for you and will be more open to feedback

rajesh j asked, my boss never praise for my work . he ask me to fulfil all the pending work . He is aware that only I can do this. But I expect he should give me a reward may in the form of promotion or praise. But he will never do that. What should i do
Amit Bansal answers, Step 1: Prepare a summary of your work, Step 2: Present it Step 3: See if you can involve other stakeholders (take your boss’s permission)

Sreejit asked, Dear Sir…. I am working in a banking sector in technology dept. Our group has been entitled with large scale projects which needs proper planning and forecasting. My boss doesn’t align the work properly and at times assign the same task to two people. Further he blames the team members in case of deadlines are not met due to his lack of decission making and approvals. Further he spends lot of time in discussing the same thing with other seniors but does not update us on what is required from us. In case anything is required from me, he just tells single line requirement and further we needs to take it ahead and in case of any help or support is required he suggests to check with other team members or seniors and never gives a solution. This is going on since last 2.5 yrs with situation going from bad to worse. Kindly guide, is it worth continuing under his leadership.
Amit Bansal answers, From what you share, it appears poor managerial skills are being used, whether it is worth to continue to not is a larger question, you may to look at IJPs (internal job postings) before you make a strong move…Good luck

sneha asked, Amit ji, can you please share your experience on how to avoid conflicts and do better neogitiation…
Amit Bansal answers, 1. Decide on your starting position & your “bottom line,” 2. Consider the objectives & motivation of the other party. 3. Prepare for the meeting by determining your own motives and objectives: Why are you negotiating? What do you expect to gain and why is it important to you? What do you think you will have to offer to achieve this? 4. Be prepared with information, facts, …

AmitB asked, Dear Sir, What is the solution if your boss is someone who likes to micro manage, a control freak who always calls meetings where he is asking everyone’s opinions but finally he decides what needs to be done. Also – pls dont give gyaan answers.. a real solution will be appreciated
Amit Bansal answers, Gyaan is important. The gyaan here is psychology and management styles. If one does not understands how decisions are taken then this dilemma can take place. Maybe there is patter he is using in taking decision. He is obviously not a consensus type or collaborative type. Read/research more and make daily notes, see how you react whenever you are being ‘micromanaged’, one needs to become a student of behavior and one needs to stop looking for ‘fomulas’

nilesh asked, hi sir my manager does not pass any work to the team. he completes the same and then call on saturdays and sundays to complete the same. till the time he is not through he keeps us busy in some petty matters
Amit Bansal answers, Try and address it in your team meeting, it will require courage, but it seem important

DEb asked, I have a total exp of 10 years and recently have been associated with a blue chip company for a little over 2.5 years, offlate there have been some appraisal related conflicts, favoritism shown by my line manager to others, my growth has been not that great.. my peers tell me since it is a big company, all these are part and parcel…. I am seriously considering leaving my company because of all this and join a small company…. what do you suggest, should I stick on for another 2-3 years with low growth and disinterested boss just for the sake of stability or move on.
Amit Bansal answers, Are you linking growth with learning or you relating to only financial growth, because if you are learning well day to day then it might have long term rewards, but if you are looking at short-term growth then the strategy might be as you have thought of…

Pritpal asked, How to Avoid arguments at workplace?
Amit Bansal answers, See if all argue or is it only your team. If all then it is a culture which has been set as a precedent.

prasad asked, My boss expects me to do menial tasks like photocopying his papers. I am a senior person (A Manager myself) in organization and this seems demeaning to me. How to tackle it?
Amit Bansal answers, This seems like a culture issue, see around to see if a lot of managers are doing what you doing or you are an exception, If you are the only one then you will have to creatively avoid the task

dipa asked, sir, my boss does not involve me in any productive activity and also harasses me over trivial issues. this is causing stress. how do i handle??
Amit Bansal answers, You want to make a list of the issues he assigns you. Check if there is a pattern and check if is coming because of what you think/do

sushil asked, hi amitji, i just want you to educate me on resolving conflict of interest with our boss.where he dictates his views and wants everybody to follow it.
Amit Bansal answers, It is difficult skill to question your boss, it comes with experience and skill, you may to reflect and think of a strategy of how you will do this. One way is to extrapolate some events if you do as he says. Then question if he is ok with those results.

sam asked, I am joining a new co. they have take a months time to issue me a offer letter even though it was promised that it will be done in 2 to 3 days. consider all the pros & cons, still I feel insecure to join the co. although pay package and position is good.
Amit Bansal answers, Speak to HR, your manager, and consult a senior whom you are trust and discuss the matter further…

mak asked, I know it is important to have diversity in your team and conflicts are bound to happen. How do we make sure that conflicts at some point helps the team to achieve a common goal ?
Amit Bansal answers, It is important to check the rapport between the team members, if it is poor then achieving a common goal might be difficult…btw conflict is an important part of developing as a team, it is how you manage the period of conflict…

war asked, sir , i am working in spare parts trading company , my vice president is corrupt and taking commission from supplier , not allowing me work with genuine good price suppliers , how can i inform MD of my company ?
Amit Bansal answers, You may want to take internal advise here. It appears like a critical issue, which might affect the business. You are indicating that action is important here.

MGS asked, How to handle very stubborn & egoistic person,who usually starts the conflict
Amit Bansal answers, You may to read some strategies, for example, How to ‘Win Friends and Influence People’, gives you some time tested ideas. Genuine listening might help the ego to break down. Also one has to examine whether one is also responsible for the ego of the other person to build up…

water asked, Hi SIr, I have been working with an comapny for more than 10 years now…. Sir now a days it seems that the boss does not like my work and he is not replying to any of my emails.. He is giving half information to me for any project and is not making his inentions clear on the projects… Sir please advice what I sould do ?
Amit Bansal answers, It is difficult to predict, how things might unfold, you may need to have a discussion with him. You will need to bring out in the open what assumptions he has made about you. This might simply involve asking for feedback. Risky but it may be worth trying. Recommend that you consult somebody in office before you do that.

sam asked, Hi Amit, my performance i excellent, but just because of my cast my boss always praises my colleague, their relationship is like husband wife, I feel left out out and really dont like to middle in them
Amit Bansal answers, The main question in today’s discussion can be: is it causing conflict or are you a negotiator between the two of them, if you are then that is something you should be aware of…

razz asked, Hi Amit, my manage and leads are giving more work. they always wants to complete work ahead of time. for this we are working very late night upto 10pm sometimes 11pm. Please suggest me how to get out of this issue
Amit Bansal answers, Are you also seeing how you are dividing your tasks against the time of the day? Morning, afternoon and evening have different impacts on our productivity. You may need to map this first.


Chat Date: April 10, 2013

Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use to help accomplish what you really want in life. It helps you to move in a focused direction towards a target. The purpose of setting goals is to achieve it. Goals inspire us to do what we actually want to do. By having the goals you know where your efforts need to be put. Hence you can use your energy and time in the right way.

However not every goal can be successful and if a goal is not achieved there is no point in setting a goal. When we set up a goal, we are intended to be guided by the goal. Therefore, we should be active and motivated with the goal in order to achieve it half the time with double effort. In order to stay motivated with the goal all the time, it has some tricks in goal setting.

Below Q&A session are answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

Harish asked, Sir, just one more question.. When a person is going though a bad phase, don’t you think the comparisons are bound to happen? Fortunately or Unfortunately, We live in a materialistic world where one’s achievements are measured with the amount of wealth he/she has been able to gain so far..

Amit Bansal answers, yes, you are right, and it is good you are aware that we are living in a measurement oriented world, but there is no specific answer to your question, guess one needs to explore that…all the best

Prshant asked, My goal is to switch my current company and to be a part of another big organisation and I am working towards it hard but I started losing my patience as jobs are not generating can you tell how to be focus and not frustrated and wait for right time because I want to switch in next 3 months that is commitment to myself?
Amit Bansal answers, sometimes we make commitments to ourselves under some compulsions, and sometimes these compulsions are self-imposed, you may to examine your assumptions about leaving this company and joining the next

Arvin asked, Hello sir, i am 37, single, no movable or immovable assets. going to be fired on 28 feb because of egoist and bad boss. company run by politically influential person. this is the first time i am experiencing such kind of defeat in life. father has got lucoderma after 25 years of his age and many people find this as issue during matrimonial proposals. i do not know what exactly to do, how to set the goals in my life for 1. getting new job after such a episode. 2. getting married 3. getting owned home. can you please guide?
Amit Bansal answers, What if someone had stated the same issues to you, how would you have advised that person, with this in mind, you may want to write down some solutions…difficult activity but worth trying…

suniltiwari1407 asked, thnx mr amit but can you suggest me some more regarding general plans for achieve that goals.
Amit Bansal answers, typically a list helps…so you may want to make one and then classify them as short, middle term and long term,

RAJAT NIGAM 83 asked, Hi I am into retail business and i had opened newly .Kindly let me know about the goals of the business and how to write it
Amit Bansal answers, typically what you are asking is done before you set-up shop

Sunandan asked, Sir, pls advice me how to overcome lack of concentration and how to keep my mind cool to achieve success in my final exam?
Amit Bansal answers, try sitting down for short periods without interruptions and then extend that time, but avoid going more than 90 mins…

Vinod asked, I have been out of job for the last few months. Its my first such experience after working for over 20 years. No matter how hard I try I have not been get myself placed due to the bad economic conditions. How can I approach this problem through Goal Setting. Need your help.
Amit Bansal answers, This does not seem like a goal setting issue, typically in today’s day and age, personal branding is very crucial, it is about who you know (networks) in the industry and of course also about what you know (exposure) and how well you know (expertise),

suniltiwari1407 asked, Mr.Amit i want to set goals about our own home good education for child and a respectful life after retirement what we can do for fullfill the same presently i am working with a reputed construction company in logistic and inventory department.and my age is 32 years.
Amit Bansal answers, goal setting and success is not only dependant on you but also dependant on those you are in close relations with. typically critical things like you have mentioned are achieved in partnership, the question is have you initiated that discussion at home?

dhruv2004 asked, amit bansal sir how to manage our time?
Amit Bansal answers, time is only one of the things to be managed…but you really can’t manage it, you need to manage yourself…

Harish asked, I never let setbacks win over over me. I’m strong enough to stand up and fight again, but in such a course, time gets wasted. Today my batch-mates are way ahead of me & even though I a topper in college; am not able to achieve a decent career.. What to do sir?!?
Amit Bansal answers, typically this could be a situation of comparatives, let us take an example, imagine you are going on a highway and you are driving a car…you find that there is car who is trying to drive faster than you, but you are not in a hurry, but you feel that you should beat him because you have a more powerful car, so you race him and suddenly you see that car stop at a hospital and you stop and find out what happened. the other person was having some medical emergencey and hence he was racing to the hospital. so the lesson is he had a purpose and you were only racing to compete (without a clear purpose)

Pradeep asked, Sometimes our heart says this is my wish and it should be the goal but our mind denies it and we are in a state od dilemma. what to do in this case. listen to heart or mind? but one will be suppressed.
Amit Bansal answers, this is case of a conflict in the mind, think about one situation where you were able to resolve a conflict (heart/mind) and how did you handle it?

sanjeev asked, If i feel that i cannot achieve the in the middle, resetting of goal which is achievable is right or wrong and please let me know the areas in which i can set the goal
Amit Bansal answers, as for resetting, it is a very thing to do…sometimes unavoidable as well

sanjeev asked, If i feel that i cannot achieve the in the middle, resetting of goal which is achievable is right or wrong and please let me know the areas in which i can set the goal
Amit Bansal answers, career, health related, monetary, relationships etc are typical areas in which goals can be set

Amit Bansal answers, typically in sales, the org will set goals for you, first you may want to know what those are and after that you will have to work with it…

Anitha asked, how to prevent negative thorught that prevent us to reach goals?
Amit Bansal answers, write the so called negative thoughts down in journal each day or maybe every few hrs. continue this and maybe an idea may stike you…

vijay asked, A general goal for evry one is making money in his lifetime.It looks to me like this goal is parent goal and all child goals will come under this?
Amit Bansal answers, while there is a general process of goal setting, priorities are very individual dependant, it could be that you are thinking about priorities

Harish asked, Sometimes nothing works in your case.. No matter how many times I plan and set goals, mother-nature (God) never lets me walk through them and things get worse.. 😦
Amit Bansal answers, Sometimes yes these things happen, it is also about how you respond to these so called set backs

diliplimhan asked, please help me to set my effectiv goel
Amit Bansal answers, the following may help you set your goal effectively, using each of the letters below write down or elaborate your goal(s)… S- Specific and also short and simple, M – Measurable and also it should be meaningful to you and also there should be more than 1 way to achieve it, A- Achieveable and also it can be thought of ‘As if now’ or present tense, R- Realistic and also it should be responsible or ecological good and of course it should be Right for you, and finally, T- Timed, and also toward what you want, it should be positive with no negations and comparatives…

diliplimhan asked, i dont understand hou to make my goal
Amit Bansal answers, writing down is the best method, zig ziglar (famous motivational author) has some very clear ideas (videos), you may to go through that,

vijay asked, if a person sets a goal and his wife is contradictor to that goal. he should redefine his goal or he sould ignore her.
Amit Bansal answers, this is a relationship related point, any good relationship requires nurturing and talking and of course listening, you may want to ask the importance of each of the above to yourself…

harry asked, Sir I am in real estate bysiness and sells flats, plots, commercial spaces etc. How to achive my goals. How to find new clients.
Amit Bansal answers, You seem to thinking about sales strategies rather than goal setting, you may want to start reading about your sector, along with this research you may want to start talking to experienced heads and figure out how they achieved sucess, finally there is no subsititute to actually talking to your clients, how to find new clients? well, that is a networking issue,

harry asked, Sir I am in real estate bysiness and sells flats, plots, commercial spaces etc. How to achive my goals. How to find new clients.
Amit Bansal answers, You seem to thinkign about sales strategies rather than goal setting, you may to start reading about your sector, along with this research you may to start talking to experienced heads and figure out how they achieved sucess, finally there is no subsititute to actually talking to your clients, how to find new clients? well, that is a networking issue,

sameera asked, To achieve any goal you should be financially sound, so basic question should be that How you should be financially sound, Am I right?
Amit Bansal answers, not excatly, well it depends on how you are defining the process of goal setting

vijay asked, we should define our goals and also time period to achieve or not? Because if we define time period it will be burden and stress. if not it will be endless goal
Amit Bansal answers, Good observation, that is how it is…it is about how you manage the internal stress, famously it is said that you should use time to your advantage rather than becoming a slave of it… it is about how you stay relaxed and also focussed on your goals, unfortunately there is no one single formula to that, it is about trying different methods of goal setting, followed by reflection and finally using something which works for you

Vikas asked, How does goal setting help in proffessional life
Amit Bansal answers, Actually quite simple- it helps you to become a better professional. aprt from monetary success, it may also give you recognition, respect and admiration and you may also be able to leave a legacy, but remember running behind any these mentioned sometimes decreases your chance to actually get it… that is the paradox of success

priyanka asked, can you please explain what are the things we need to consider to set our goals.. And how do we proceed towards it ?
Amit Bansal answers, Sure…typically apart from career, it is also critical to think about financial goals, spiritual goals, health related goals, relationship goals, check out mind tools on the net and you will get more ideas…another point is once you have your goals written down, you may experiment by sharing your goals with somebody your trust…this may give you the necessary confidence and clarity…

AnilKarande asked, Sir I am Insurance agent and I would like achieve MDRT this year. Please guide me.
Amit Bansal answers, TO begin with you may to ask yourself, whether do you know your product(s) well enough, and next do you really believe in them. If the first points are not matching then you may or not achieve success…no matter how well you set goals (of course you can achieve short term success but it may not give you long term)

Anoop asked, Amit a simple example or a goal would be to get up early in the mornin whcih we might do it for 3 days and again back to the old routine. How to refine this process?
Amit Bansal answers, This is not just about goal setting…to adhere to your mentioned task, you need to do manage your energy well…what do i mean by energy…well, you may to ask yourself whether you are getting enough sleep, whether you are excercising well enough, also whether you take a small nap during a day, or whether you are browsing a lot before you go to sleep, all of the mentioned points and some more will impact you getting up successfully in the morning

Amit Bansal says, What is SMART- since we are talking about goal setting, we all could benefit by applying it…S- Specific and also short and simple, M – Measurable and also it should be meaningful to you and also there should be more than 1 way to achieve it, A- Achieveable and also it can be thought of ‘As if now’ or present tense, R- Realistic and also it should be responsible or ecological good and of course it should be Right for you, and finally, T- Timed, and also toward what you want, it should be positive with no negations and comparatives…

red asked, amit sir, how to set goals n reach them??
Amit Bansal answers, Try using some techniques, here is one of the techniques, ‘SMART’ way of setting goals, here each letter stands for process in goal setting…

red asked, I always set goal but mostly on half way i loose my focus/get tired/get bored etc n leave half way.Even if i reach the goal successfully theres not much excitment and the feeling comes – ok wat next?? So hw to balance the things?
Amit Bansal answers, First of all this is a common thing which happens to all of us…also you need to examine why do you want to have excitement to reach a particular goal…this typically results in setting expectations for ourselves which may or may not match with the outcomes…

Anoop asked, PLease help in setting measurable goals and also the process in sticking to them? The problem is basically I stick to it for two days and then aggain gets back to the old routine.
Amit Bansal answers, You may to think about which goal you have successfully adhered to…analyse what has made you stick to it…what motivates you to continue to stick to it…then you may want to think about what motivations are not allowing you to pursue some of the other goals…


Chat Date: 20 February , 2013

Enhancing productivity at work

A productive employee is an asset to any organisation. He works smartly, prioritises tasks and gives an organisation the most value for his time. Organisations also take notice of such individuals and we see them getting promoted faster, being handed over important responsibilities and being praised by the management.

Generally, most employees are productive but there are certain small things that can make a big difference when it comes to enhancing productivity at work.

Prioritising ones responsibilities is one such measure.It can be done by maintaining a job sheet. If in the beginning of the day itself, we identify the tasks that we need to complete and prioritise them according to their urgency and importance, it will help us reduce redundancy in the form of idling time away thinking what we should do next.

It will also help us take control of the tasks at hand and divide them according to time-lines.Remember, the management always takes notice of employees who offer realistic deadlines and are well prepared and ready for any important meetings.

Another small measure that helps greatly in enhancing productivity is assigning time-limits to discussions that we have. For e.g. team based brainstorming sessions should not only have a starting time but should also have an ending time. Setting a time-line gives a clear message to participants to stay on the ball. It also reduces the time wastage that generally accompanies such sessions when participants idle away time in personal chatter. It also improves the quality of discussion as it is serious and focused.Apart from these there are many other simple but effective methods of enhancing productivity at work.

Below Q&A are answered by Amit Bansal, CEO-PurpleLeap

rk asked, How we can manage both the productivity and quality (turn around time and Short TAT) on the client side and motivation and job satisfaction on the employee front being a manager_operations…thanx
Amit Bansal answers, Well to be able to maintain that balance one needs a very strong, motivated team that is ready to go an extra mile. Now the task of the manager is how to motivate the team and get them to reach their potential which therein will increase the productivity. 1. I suggest first one needs to assign the tasks to the team depending on the skills of each member.Setting the expectations and realistic targets. 2. Guiding and supporting the team would be a good idea. 3. Encouraging a helping each other kind of enviorment. 4. Rewarding them to increase their motivation. 5. The team looks up at their managers, so setting an example for them is the best way.

xyz asked, I am a freelancer and feel very lonely in my work. I would appreicate if you couldgive me tips to increase my motivation levels in this senario
Amit Bansal answers, To self motivate you can always get in touch with other free lancers. Create your own netowrk through linkedin or by attending workshops. That will help you meet other trainers who freelance and it will be a good experience to share ideas and methodologies.

xyz asked, I am a freelancer and feel very lonely in my work. I would appreicate if you couldgive me tips to increase my motivation levels in this senario
Amit Bansal answers, To self motivate you can always get in touch with other free lancers. Create your own netowrk through linkedin or by attending workshops. That will help you meet other trainers who freelance and it will be a good experience to share ideas and methodologies.

CHANDRAKANT asked, How to manage a team more effectively for best result? Chandrakant
Amit Bansal answers, I believe a team always works better if it is: 1. Motivated by rewarding 2. By encouraging Interpersonal communication 3. Encouraging creativity 4. Guiding them but not micro managing 5. Clearly setting expectations. 6. Most importantly every individual is responsible and accountable for his/her task

avi asked, Dear Sir, I usually notice that in projects where everything goes well, go unnoticed by management, but where there is a lot of hue and cry and then everything ends well are more appreciated by management.How to tackle such situations?
Amit Bansal answers, I think the question here is visibility in front of the management. I agree that creating hue and cry is definitely not the right way to go about it. A better way is to showcase the entire progress of a project right from the initial phase till the end including the challenged faced and the achievements and the highlights on a ppt etc. That is a more dignified and effective way to showcase the efforts put in.

Poornima asked, Some times we used to work 24/7 due to project deadlines, during this time myself and team’s productivity goes down. how best we ca tackle this situations?
Amit Bansal answers, In such situations the decrease in productivity is primarily because of the reduced motivation level, increased monotony at work. It is a good idea to : 1. Set realistic target for the team. 2. Motivate the team by rewarding them for extra hrs they put in. 3. If possible rotate the tasks if the team is multi skilled, that gives the members a break from the monotony. 4. It is also a good idea to conduct some stress releasing exercises when the work pace is too hectic

Poornima asked, Some times we used to work 24/7 due to project deadlines, during this time myself and team’s productivity goes down. how best we ca tackle this situations?
Amit Bansal answers, In such situations the decrease in productivity is primarily because of the reduced motivation level, increased monotony at work. It is a good idea to : 1. Set realistic target for the team. 2. Motivate the team by rewarding them for extra hrs they put in. 3. If possible rotate the tasks if the team is multi skilled, that gives the members a break from the monotony. 4. It is also a good idea to conduct some stress releasing exercises when the work pace is too hectic

dd asked, Following the process will help to increse the productivity? or it would reduce the productivity?
Amit Bansal answers, It all depends on the process you are following with respect to the task you are trying to accomplish. It is always a good idea to brainstorm at every step of the process and see if there is a more effective and business friendly way of doing the same thing.

abcd asked, dear amit sir, may this question may sound stupid to you. How can we show productivity in work if we are not loaded 100%. even higher managers knows this, still they ask for productivity improvements. Its a dead lock kind of thing here, no work (not fully loaded) but how to show productivity improvement?. Pls share your thoughts and suggestions on this. Thanks in advance
Amit Bansal answers, Productivity does not always mean to be 100% loaded with work. Sometimes we can also look at better ways of doing existing tasks. Methods that will give us better results. That will also lead to increase in productivity.Innvovation and creativity also lead to increase in productivity.

aparna asked, how to manage time effectively
Amit Bansal answers, Time management and productivity are interlinked. If we are able to manage time, our productivity also increases. To manage time there are few things you can do like: 1. Planning your day in advance. 2. Making a list of important tasks. 3. Setting a deadline for each task and following up on it. 4. Making an achievable ‘to do’ list for each day. 5.Most importantly not being too hard on yourself. We are more productive when we are stress free.

red asked, amit sir tell na sir, how to improve productivity at wrk and shine??
Amit Bansal answers, Well as I shared earlier that to increase self productivity there are various steps one can take : 1. Prioritizing work in order of its importance and urgency. 2. Focussing on important items first. 3. Self tracking the progress on any task. 4. Being accountable on every task you undertake. 5. Following up on action items. 6. Most importantly planning your day well.

rajeshgangam asked, hello sir, i am a software engineer, where we have share a common labaoratory setup. When my team mates ask for the setup, i usually give my setup asap. but when i need it no body does it the same way like me. this at the end affects me a lot. as i am not able to show a lot of prodcutivity. what do you think i should be doing.
Amit Bansal answers, In such situations it is advisable to do an expectation setting with the team members you are sharing the set up with beforhand. It is a good idea to divide the time slots so there is no overlap. One on one discussions to solve such issues is usually reccomended.

Poornima asked, How best we can improve Team’s Productivity?
Amit Bansal answers, Working in a team is the most effective way to accomplish complex and huge tasks. 1.It is important that we don’t assign everything to everyone. Instead we should assign the task to each member according to his/her skills. 2. The target set for the team members should be realistic. 3. Each member should have a sense of accountability for his/her task. 4. Motivating the team members also goes a long way to get their complete support and cooperation.

Amit Bansal answers, Every task has some action items. I would suggest breaking the task into steps and working on it step by step. To maintain the focus, it is important to refer to the items everyday and track your progress.

rohit asked,  what tips to increase productavity
Amit Bansal answers, There are a lot of things we can do that help us to increase our productivity like: 1. Prioritizing our work. 2. being accountable for our action items. 3. By not delaying our work. 4. Following up on our to do list everyday

ad asked, how to get work done in limited time?
Amit Bansal answers, Well, the first thing you must do is prioritize our work. We need to categorize the list of tasks by their urgency and importance and then work on them.

Chat Date: February 6, 2012


Tips to motivate yourself and others

It takes great effort to stay motivated especially when our drive is constantly assaulted by negative thoughts and anxiety about the future. Even after beating it, the problem reappears at the first sign of failure. What separates the highly successful is the ability to keep moving forward. It is very important for an individual to understand their thoughts and how they drive their emotions.

By learning how to nurture motivating thoughts, neutralise negative ones, and focus on the task at hand, one could pull themselves out of a slump before it gains momentum. Self-motivation is the force that helps an individual keep pushing to go on — it’s the internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keep moving forward.

When we think we’re ready to quit something, or you just don’t know how to start, our self-motivation is what pushes us to go on. With self-motivation, a person will learn and grow regardless of the specific situation. That’s why it’s such a fundamental tool for reaching your goals, achieving your dreams, and succeeding in our lives and careers.

Below Q&A session are answered by Amit Bansal – CEO, PurpleLeap

Pankaj asked, Hi, how to motivate the employees who stop their sale as to Increased sales will increase their targets as well ?

Amit Bansal answers, Hi Pankaj, One motivational approach does not hold good forever. if the first approach has helped the team to achieve Level 1 next approach should be more motivational in value and recognition, team would be excited to achieve next level of the target. always Motivation, Reward/Recognition should out weigh Employee Efforts to be successful.

optimistic asked, Amit ji,Namaskar.Kindly guide how to motivate people having negative attitude?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Negative attitude is result of ambiguity / non awareness of the individual’s benefit in team objective. In such instances Leader is expected to persuade and make them realize the importance of team contribution. If the efforts do not work, isolating such members and realigning them appropriately would help.

PV asked, Hi Amit, I truly agree that self motivation is a skill. Could you please help some ways through which a person can improve upon and faces the problems with some confidence, even if by nature or at times he goes into depression and really feel down?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi PV, one should focus on activities(Meditation/Sports/music) that will isolate the him/her from prevailing problem, Rethink on creative approaches to give a try to resolve the Problem. Maintain a positive attitude towards the people and circumstances. Try to have frequent interaction with people who exhibit higher motivation (Superiors/Experts) who would have already gone through the phase that you are in.

sree asked, how to remove the fear of non-performance from the minds of team and motivate them, if they are no where near the success. Does companies have time to spend for team? every company need already motivated team?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Sree, Fear of Non Performance arises among people who are not equipped to handle the task or are not the relevant candidates.Motivation has no role to play here. Motivation is a catalyst that encourages Effectiveness and Rewards Performers. Companies Need Right Candidates who are positively responsive to such motivation.

rk asked, Hi, all people motivated whenever there is a vested interest. would you agree?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Motivation leads to a tangible or perceived benefit and that is how motivation work in achieving goals. Success is in how well a leader aligns the individual interests to the Team interests leading to Organisational Development.

Tanya asked, I have completely lost the motivation after joining a top B-school. I used to study all day , but now I just can’t get myself to study. I also had a break up of a 4 year old relationship recently. Please advise
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Tanya, Try to Priortise the Requirements you would need to settle down with what you can change and what you can control. with focus towards your Education i believe that you can bring in a greater change in your life. you would notice things changing in your life when you focus on this crucial priority. However it is not simple as it looks you would need a break from your past.

kapil asked, Amit – is motivation a “culmination” of person beliefs and values and if so how to nurture these beliefs?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Kapil, Motivation is a drive that keep you on your toes to achieve something. your personal beliefs and values give a clear frame work of your satisfaction(end result). To nurture these beliefs self awareness is necessary through this you realize your strengths and Improvement Areas.

tips asked, hi sir, can you please share some tips on self motivation
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Self Motivation is a skill one should master as you naturally are not always motivated. you find yourself Highly motivated some time and at time low. To manage this situation you should realize instances that brings your motivational levels down and act on it. further manage Such situations with Positive encounters ie. Take inspirations from Experienced people or read to learn about a solution.

deepak asked, How to motivate a team when the senior management has informed you that jobs cuts are due anytime?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Deepak, Motivation always becomes significant during such Circumstances. Motivation may drive the Teams performance to the positive side and may change the Management Decision. Try to soothe down the situation and keep team focused to the nearest Important target.

Chat Date: January 30, 2013


Are you ready for your face-to-face interview

After months of searching for a new position you have finally been invited to come in for a face-to-face interview. What are you going to do to maximise your chances of getting an offer that will advance you toward your career goals. Remember that a job interview is a two-way process. It ought to be a time when two parties seek to gain a better understanding of each other and why it would make sense to get together.

Always remember that you cannot underestimate your competition and all of them are working hard to enjoy the same fruit. Face to face interview is the only parameter that will decide who will win the marathon and who will be the also-rans. Therefore preparation for an interview is essential. Just to underline the importance of preparation, remember, that many well prepared candidates have a better chance of getting selected than many well qualified ones. Therefore prepare, prepare and prepare!

A few important areas that one needs to address in her/his interview preparations include one’s tone, body posture, enthusiasm, subject knowledge, background research on the company, knowledge of the role, etiquettes and one’s ability to showcase oneself as the right fit.

Below are Q & A session answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

Rachna asked, how do i sound humble during interview

Amit Bansal answers, Well, sometimes we tend to mix self respect with pride or sometimes even arrogance. That is where we fail to sound humble. A tip is to mention achievements as just stepping stones in your career that you have worked hard for. Mention them but don;t show off or compare them with others’. Let the interviewer draw the comparisons.

Deepak asked, how to judge a company prime-facia basis to know the chance of a better enviornment and your survival . as I have seen cases where companies offer a good salary and were very bad in retaining ppl because of enviorment issue
Amit Bansal answers, Well, remember the same company may be really great for someone and not so good for someone else. As far as background check is concerned one can always go by the reviews either via internet or ex or current employees of that organisation. Ask them questions that are important to you.

Atul asked, if interviewer ask waht will you contribute to the organisation, what will be our reply
Amit Bansal answers, Here the recruiter wants to know how can you be a value add to their organisation. You need to highlight your strengths that you have demonstrated in your previous projects that have contributed towards the improvement of the process and helped you achieve something.

Boss asked, Hi Amit, you pls tell about some of the positive body language to display during the interview.
Amit Bansal answers, Tips: 1. Project confidence but not arrogance 2 Be realxed but don’t slouch 3. Do not be uptight and stiff. 4. Answer slowly and not in a rush 5 Eye contact while talking 6. Be crisp while responding. 7. Dress formally. 8. Be realistic and show a learning and excelling approach towards things.

SKN asked, What we need to ask when the interviewer allows us to ask a question .
Amit Bansal answers, There are many questions one can ask depending upon what you would like to know : 1. Qualities they are looking for in a candidate. 2. Process related questions. 3. Anything specific you would like to know about the position you are applying for.

Jmk asked, Hi Amit, I am currently stressed because of my current job conditions and when I go for an interview it shows.. Can you tell me how can I handle this and hide it in interviews
Amit Bansal answers, It is normal to get stressed during an interview. If you are already working somewhere, then it is a good idea to go for an interview on a day off so that you are not bothered by work related issues. Read about the company, prepare well for the interview so that it boosts your confidence and most importantly relax, the recruiters are also people who have faced these interviews themselves. There is no need to get worked up or intimidated.

Testing asked, Hi Amit would like to know that its a good idea to rejoin again previous company if yes then HR must ask this question why you left us earlier..any good suggestion
Amit Bansal answers, Nowdays, there are so many people who join their previous companies again. There are personal or professional reasons that make the people to leave the organisation but what is important is to convince them that you loved , enjoyed and learnt a lot working with them which has inspired you to come back.

SANJEEV asked, what points should be covered for question ‘Tell me something about yourself’
Amit Bansal answers, When this question is asked, the recruiters usually expect information that is relevant to them like educational qualification, professional experience, previous organisations, any important projects undertaken. They usually ask for more information if they need it.

g_amit22 asked, What should be the answeres for job change / why are u looking for a change/ why not u took any change if u are from a long time??
Amit Bansal answers, My suggestion to people who face this question is to be honest. There are several reasons why people look for a job change like: 1. Knowlege gain and exposure. 2. Learning various other aspects of a business which the company specifically provides. 3. Excel in their field. 4. Learn and at the same time contribute your learning to that company. 5. Career growth and better opportunity to excel. Again there are several reasons possible but always give the one that is honest and you can explain it. As far as time factor is concerned it is a good thing if you have spent a considerable amount of time in an organisation as it talks about your stability and loyality factor.

SHAM asked, how to attract interviewer
Amit Bansal answers, Every recruiter looks for some specific qualities in a candidate which they relate with the position, process or maybe even the company.Having said that, there are certain qualities that all recruiters look for like subject matter expertise, confidence, ambition and attitude towards things.

Mohan asked, How to dress up before going for an Interview ?.
Amit Bansal answers, It is advisable to dress formally for any interview. There are some organisations who do not follow any particular kind of dress code however, at the time of the interview every aspect of your personality is judged. It is always safe to dress formally.

sam asked, how to end the interview ?
Amit Bansal answers, Ending an interview is a generic question.There is no fixed or standard ending for any interview. The flow of the conversation itself decides the end. Usually, once you have show cased your side, the ending is left on the interviewer.

SHAM asked, Sir How to Introduce myself as the biggest and catching format
Amit Bansal answers, Introductions need not be elaborate. They should be honest, crisp and effective. Honest as in stating whatever experience you have, crisp as in short and effective as in mentioning the relevant information first depending on what the interviewer has asked.

Chat Date: 16 January, 2013



How to motivate self and others

Motivating self and others is a great skill by itself. One can achieve a lot while completely motivated and reach the desired goals. While an organisation goal or a group goal has to be achieved then it becomes really important for the a team player to be motivated and meantime enhance the motivation of the team members.

Below are the Q&A are answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

sreekanth asked, My problem is that I have been given a Asst.Manager post recently and was told that that I have handle few additional depts. The guy who is there in the dept. which I was and still in does not bother to intimate me anything and directly goes to my reporting boss(dept.head) which is a real humiliation to me. Even my boss seems to give a deaf hears to it when brought to his notice. what should i do?
Amit Bansal answers, This happens when promotions happen within departments. People take time to adjust to the new set of supervisors. I would suggest give it a little time for this person to see you as a partner at work rather than a threat. Do not expect this to happen immediately. Also, please understand people do not respond to hierarchy positively all the time. So just take things slow, this is your learning process as well.

sukrudra asked, How to keep motivated with mediocre salary, no project work but allocated to project, can forsee apprisals to be bad in future, gloomy job market, low salary raise, do not get roles as per expereince and cannot switch career after having been with it for more than 10 years now as I will have to start as a fresher.
Amit Bansal answers, Even if you cannot change your industry you can find a new organization to work for. Maybe that will help.

sai asked, I am in a company in which there is very less growth. I am paid a good package and people look at me as a white elephant. But my position is such that i cannot really show them the results since neither the management nor the product supports me. I ma selling an out dated product. At the same time i cannot change to other companies since there are less number of vacancies for my level. I do not want to change my place of work. I am getting d emotivated very periodically. Growth is too minimal from year to year . I am in confused stage . Please advice
Amit Bansal answers, It seems to be a sticky situation for me. I have always loved the 5 why analysis and would extend it to you. It’s a basic tool but has helped me in such sticky situations where the solution is very difficult to derive it. Start with finding you why is the organization still keeping you? Why is that there is not room for you to innovate in the current situation? Why can you not turn around this mindset of you being looked at a liability? I am sure asking such questions will give you some leads to turn around this situation. I have always believed that solutions are available if we are determined to find them. Hope this will help.

ANAMIKA asked, hi,Sir, I am an article trainee .the work in my firm is very less which is an advantage at one time since it gives me time to study but on the other hand i am not getting much work exposure …and also being a part of the audit group(external to the organisation) how to develope relationship with clients?
Amit Bansal answers, I think you are lucky to get an exposure to clients so early in your career. Clients always want to be attended to. If you are able to take care of that aspect you will always have good relationships with them. Now you cannot fulfill their wishes all the time and so there comes the opportunity to learn to cater to client needs under all kinds of restrictions. You are in a very challenging domain. I would suggest you to enjoy yourself and have a great time learning.

gs1 asked, I m a government servant. Some time for days together, there is no work in my office. This tires me and makes me demotivated. This also gives me feeling of not being relevant. How to deal with this situation.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you to engage yourself with productive activities outside work. Join a professional group or pursue a hobby. You can also extend your services to teach or train people. I think its a good opportunity to pursue your interests since you have so much time at hand.

anoop asked, how can one be motivated when some people who are getting more attention despite of low knowledge and less work
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Anoop, you will always find such situation in other places as well. It’s a good idea to focus on what benefits you are drawing through your work. If you focus on your learning you will be able to use it in other places you work. I would suggest do not waste your precious time worrying about what kind of recognition other people get.

sachin asked, How do I motivate myself.. I am engaged to same kind of work from past 3 years. I get bored.
Amit Bansal answers, If the work is not very engaging, its a good idea to find a new job now. Or within the organization look for newer opportunities. Whichever is more feasible for you personally and professionally.

Trainee asked, Hi Amit, I am part of team and my actual and functional supervisor is based at other location, for administrative purpose my attendance is mapped under some one here from other department, how ever the local supervisor thinks he is the super boss and wants me to contribute time to his tasks. i am really pissed of by his daily hope less gyan sessions and amateur follow up on silly non achievable things. but cannot reply back as he is at a senior position in the organisation.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you bring this up with your actual supervisor who is at a different location. Sometimes, it is necessary to bring these things in the notice of your reporting managers and also the fact that someone is taking undue advantage of your situation. However, I suggest do not approach your manager in a complaining mode. Check with him if you are expected to report to the local supervisor and pitch in for his tasks as well. If you are told yes you have to, explain to your supervisor how it is difficult because your hands are already full and if your manager says no, let him know that you are being asked to do tasks outside your KRAs.

paadu asked, To succeed in the workplace, you need to be at your best, and you can only truly be at your best when you are motivated to work. With the proper inner drive, everything can seamlessly fall into place. So how can you motivate yourself at the office day in and day out?
Amit Bansal answers, Well, it is not possible to be motivated at all times. You will have regular intervals of dissatisfaction and low morale. It’s important that you do the things you like to do and like the things you do. However at the same time keep in mind that we are human beings who will have the low points as much as we will have the high points.

asa asked, My problem is; I do not get much work from my organization (which is a research organization) and I have to create my own work. I am statistician and my organization is biology based. As I can not relocate to some other city I have to remain here only. I am getting enough salary but not satisfied with the work I am doing.What can I do?
Amit Bansal answers, On a lighter note, hope you are not worried just because you have no reason to worry. 🙂 You have a good job, place which is of your own choice and enough time to do things you would want to do. I suggest align yourself to other activities of your interest. You are a statistician, you can offer honorary services to other institutions or research work. You will never find a place where you get 100% satisfaction professionally. I suggest engage in activities which will use your skills outside your organization.

ssch asked, How shall i motivate myself when my boss is not showing interest in engaging in big assignments
Amit Bansal answers, If you are someone who requires external motivation to be at your best, this is a good learning opportunity for you. At a workplace you may not get appreciation always. It is a good idea to learn to self motivate. Also, working for yourself is more important than working for your boss. If you do these changes in your outlook towards people and tasks you will feel inspired to work in a different way even if your boss is not appreciating you.


Chat date: October 3, 2012

Source: rediff

Major goof ups you need to avoid in an interview

Interviews are a part and parcel of the life of each and every professional. They provide an opportunity to move ahead in life and look for brighter horizons. For a fresher, interviews provide the first brush with the corporate life and therefore are even more important. Every aspirant tries to perform his best for an interview; however, there are certain common mistakes which everyone should learn to avoid in order not to leave a negative impression on the interviewer’s minds. Most of these mistakes are subconscious in nature and the best way to avoid them is to be aware of them.

Spelling mistakes and errors in the resume are the simplest way to put off an interviewer. By doing that you cut a sorry figure in front of the interviewer as they think that a person who is not serious about her/his career will not be serious about the job.

Experts say that seventy percent of our communication is through our body language. A candidate needs to remember that avoiding eye contact, improper sitting positions, not showing interest to the questions will not go well with interviewers. They will feel that the candidate is not interested in the job and will get switched off.

Basic etiquettes like switching your cell phone off and wearing proper clothes are expected of all candidates. You should not go for an interview dressed casually as it speaks a lot about your attitude and an interviewer will brand you unprofessional without even speaking to you. Similarly, a cell phone ringing in the middle of an interview also smacks of unprofessional behavior.

Below are the Q&A Session answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

ritz9 asked, thanks mr bhansal sorry got logged out and cudnt enter chat with same name ritz. i tried to contact my previous employer unfortunately the people who used to work that time in management they r not in the company anymore and they have moved to diff jobs so i am not able to get any kinda docs from them thats y i am in a fix that will the companies accept the explanation abt that experience

Amit Bansal answers, In that case, contact the HR of this new organization and explain to them the complete scenario. Usually HR have different policies regarding such issues. Also, in the meanwhile look for ways you can procure some proof from your previous employer to substantiate your employment and salary package.

Kavit asked, How much research should one do about the organization?
Amit Bansal answers, You should have a fair idea about the organization’s overall business. That should do it.

hellokumar asked, If I am changing job after 7 yeears and interviewer asks why I didnot change earlier, what should be the correct answer?
Amit Bansal answers, You can state that there was enough for your explore and learn during these 7 years and you did not feel the need to change. Now that you have spent so long in an organization you would like to explore newer opportunities and avenues to expand your professional experience.

ritz asked, after my graduation i worked in a training institute for more than 2 yrs and it was not a regular pay job but it was related to my field of selection so for work experience i worked there. they used to pay me by cash sometimes and then i got a professional jobin the same field. now after 4 yrs i wanna switch job. i want to use that training job experience as well but i dont have any proof such as payslip or experience letter. my friends r saying not to put the experience but if i dont then there is a break of 3 yrs after my graduation. cud u pl advice me wat to do
Amit Bansal answers, You can reach your old employer and give you a letter stating that you worked for them. They can also mention your salary in that letter. Most organizations will accept that kind of documentation. Also, I suggest explain to your new HR about the circumstances of this old job.

anoop asked, If interviewer asks “why u want to leave your present organisation”?? I am changing job for better prospects and to grow professionally as current job there is no growth to next postition
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest refrain from talking about the limitations of the current job and focus more on the opportunities in the job you have applied for.

japru asked, bansal sir, if i am leaving my current organisation with 1 year of service only though i have got exp of more then 12 yrs and if interviwer ask why i am leaving this organisation so early then what wouold be my answer
Amit Bansal answers, One year is a very short time to leave an organization. You will need to give a very convincing answer to your interviewer.

anil1 asked, I had a two year gap after class 12 which is making it difficult for me to get into an IT company. What can I do to get into one.
Amit Bansal answers, You may opt to work for smaller organizations first and then try for big IT companies. However, I am sure there are IT companies who would like you to justify the break for two years after 12th and would be willing to hire you if the reasons are genuine.

SK asked, What is the best answer for th equestion Like”why u want to leave your present organisation”??
Amit Bansal answers, This question is really to check your professional association with organizations and people you work with. I suggest not to give any information which reflects negative about your previous employers or colleagues. Instead maybe you can mention for personal and professional growth you would like to move and also because your experience matches the organization’s requirement.

Vicky asked, Amit, What kind of clothes should you wear for an interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Business formals or smart formals will be a good attire for an interview.

Wagle asked, What kind of answer do interviewers expect for the question ‘Why should we select you for this job?’ I’ve already mentioned my qualification and everything in my resume. So what else do they want to know.. Also I would not know who the other people they have interviewed are and what percentage they have..
Amit Bansal answers, This question is a very good opportunity for you to highlight your skills, knowledge and attitude that will fit the job description and the organization’s goals. Match yourself to the job requirement.

Vimla asked, Amit, how long an answer should we be prepared for the question ‘Tell me something about yourself’
Amit Bansal answers, It should be a very confident answer and should not be for more than 2 to 3 minutes. Try scripting your response. That helps to ensure you do not miss out the important details.

Bala asked, Iam going for a final round of interview with the ceo. What kind of body language will i need to display ? How i need to sit where should i keep my hands ?
Amit Bansal answers, I would suggest, dress professionally. You need not wear a tie however ensure you are wearing business formals. Body language should not distract the interviewer. Sit straight with your back firmly rested on the back rest of the chair. You can keep your hands on the armrest of the chair or if you are sitting close to the table it can be on the table as well. Whatever body language you use, ensure you are comfortable. Wear a smile. That’s the most important thing about a good body language. It will also make you feel comfortable and less nervous.

gafoorup asked, Mr. Bansal – Do we really need to be 100% truthful in an interview? Or shall we keep some room for manipulation?
Amit Bansal answers, I would not suggest manipulating information during an interview. However I advice keep all information you give about yourself on the professional front. You can choose not to reveal certain things however not manipulate.

Chat Date: September 26, 2012


Effective Resume Writing

Jeet asked, I am HR professional. Should we write..special achievement of all my previous company at one place and write responsibiltiy under company or I should write responsibility and achievement under each company? Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Jeet, Mentioning about your achievements seperately highlights its importance else information will get hidden between the words.

Sangharsh asked, having over 10 + yrs of experience and my CV has become too lengthy, its more than 5 pages, please advice if its ok to have a CV with 6 pages.
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Sangharsh, Classify Important Very Important and not so Important Areas of your 5 Pages CV. Highlight on Very Important & Imp. areas that appeal to you Current and future career prospects, avoid not very important areas to be precise. However ther are so many Professional facts you share with interviewer through Conversation that need not be part of CV.

NeerajSahu asked, Hi Amit, Very Good after noon…I am having 8yrs of experience but I am not getting any call from testing domain..? what is I will know…?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Not Receiving a Call does not mean that your resume is missing something. However it is an indicator to ensure you mention the Professional information more appealing to the Job applied for. Hope this will help you get through.

bhoot asked, Is it good to mention current salary in the resume
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Mention of Current Salary or Expected Salary never falls under resume structure at all. Such information can be shared through your Cover Letter/email.

suresh asked, Hi Amit, I am always confused about the apt length of a resume when it goes for a first level of analysis by HR for selecting a person from a bunch. What should be the ideal length and what relevant details to include in it as I believe HR would not be concerned by the finer details say how your input in a project team was well appreciated by a client?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Suresh, Concentrate on Coverage of your Professional Experience and Key Personal Information. Ensure you have a short professional summary or Overview in the first page of your CV and include detailed information later. this will ensure that relevant details are noticed irrespective of CV length.

abcdefgh asked, how put your achivements in minimum words..
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Mention about the Business Impact your efforts have led to, and highlight on positive implications to Business.

arun asked, naukri or any other job websites offer professional help in reusmes for a fee. is it a scam or we should try it out?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Arun, Such services are purely need based be sure before you opt for it.

shreehari asked, Hi sir i have an experience of 2 years.But 1 year in Embedded software devolopment and nex year in software devolopment.I am looking for new oppurtunities in Embedded .How can i show that in CV?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Shreehari, Ensure information about your Experience Continuity is provided clearly and justify the Shifts or Gaps between Job Roles.

kriplani asked, Can we skip description about some projects which were taken up very long ago?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Kriplani, if mention of the Project help adding value for the Job applied, then pls. do mention. However it appropriate for specific role based Opportunities.

Prateek asked, Hi Amit, I want to know whether internal certifications from company add a value to resume! thanks
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Prateek, Certification from Companies add value to your profile provided they reflect on your task accomplishments. mention of the Achievements assisted by certifications.

Vijay asked, What things should be included in resume for sales administration job in pharma or distribution for Asst. Manager/Manager post
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Vijay, Design your resume around the Particulars of your Current job Description and KRAs which will enable interviewer to assess you Better. this applies to respective roles in various industries.

Rahul asked, Hi Amit As an IT professional, what all should I include in a resume and how long should it be?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Rahul, Mention your Professional Summary in terms of Projects you have been part of, Your Roles and Responsibilities and tenure. this will help the interviewer to have an overview of your previous career. Further to it Mention the Experience particulars into cronological order providing details of your Roles and Responsibilities and Achievements Organisation Wise. Coverage of the facts is important over length of Resume.

arun asked, What should be the starting sentence for a B.E(mechanical) having experience in civil engineering field?
Amit Bansal answers, Resume with your Name as Title should start with your Career Objective that should be in line with the Requirement of the Prospective Employer. Mention about your Technical Abilities in a diversified manner including your Academics achievement in mechanical stream and your Experience into Civil Engineering. However to strike the best opportunity, try to identify your Core Competencies Either in Mech. or into Civil and Proceed in that direction.

dasfdasf asked, Any tips for a damn catchy resume? I need it for government panel of IAS and other hot shots!
Amit Bansal answers, Plan the Resume that should address the Information requirement that helps you Justify your competencies for the job you have Applied.

bhoot asked, In case of 6 yrrs work exp approximate length of cv should be?
Amit Bansal answers, Length is not the crteria for the Best CV the coverage of all your Academics and Professional atributes is Important.

Nilkavi asked, Hello Amit, Whats basics should reflects in Resume…
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Nilkavi, Resume should reflect your Professional, Academic, Achievements and Competencies based information.


Chat Date: August 8, 2012

The dos and don’ts of effective resume

In India, millions of students graduating every year apply for key positions in reputed organisations. An effectively crafted “resume” is the first step to meeting a prospective employer. Old timers could afford to learn the art of making a resume through experience but not if you are seeking a job opportunity in the information technology age. Resumes and Curriculum Vitae both have similar purposes -– as marketing documents that provide key information about your skills, experiences, education, and personal qualities that show you as the ideal candidate.

Below Q & A is answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap


Anonymous askedHi sir, I have completed my MBA in May 2011, from a reputed institute in India(Top 10-15). I had a campus placement in corporate office of a leading national bank, where i worked for three months before resigning. The reason being excessive problems at Home. I have been sorting them out but it has also made me undergo counselling for depression, etc. I don’t intend to work for six more months, as i am not in a state, mentally as well as familywise, to work. How do you suggest i show this gap of one and half years in my resume after doing MBA from a top institute. What reasons shall i state? The Truth? Moreover wouldn’t my CV be filtered at initial stages only.How do i counter that ? Should i take some extra steps like calling the HR and talking about it ?. Otherwise my extra-curricular are pretty good, and i have a very good analytical bent of mind. I would really appreciate your answer. Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, I see this as a genuine query. My suggestion would be to state family reasons for your gap in employment. However, you may want to skip the information about your depression unless it will hinder you from doing certain tasks and the HR must know about it. Also, I would suggest gather evidences about all productive tasks you have undertaken during this time to talk about during the interview. Though I understand that such situations are beyond control however handling things strategically so that this may not affect your future employment prospects is important thing to consider.

Rachit asked, Are two pages optimum for a fresher’s resume who has 6 months of industrial experience as an intern? The stream and industry under focus is Electronics and Communication.
Amit Bansal answers, Yes two pages are more than enough.

kumar asked, how to project your achievements in a better way , when there is a standard format for all applicants for a job?
Amit Bansal answers, You must highlight the most relevant professional achievements in your resume. You can mention them towards the end of the resume. There is no standard format. However it can be highlighted instead of extra curricular activities.

Dharmesh asked, Hi, I have 9 years of experience in 3 different organization in Marketing. Now, more or less the job profile in all the three organizations was same. How do I bifurcate it in my resume so that it’s more impactful.
Amit Bansal answers, Highlight more about what different things you have handled in these three organizations. You may mention some important campaigns you may have run. Other strategy execution you may have been a part of etc. Highlight all the things which will show the variety of jobs you have handled in these three job profiles.

Amit Bansal answers, Most definitely it will. You will have to tell the interviewer on your resume what other occupation were you involved in during these 10 years.

dimpi asked, is it mandatory to write ‘RESUME’ on top of one?
Amit Bansal answers, No it is not necessary. You can start the resume with your name on top.

Amit Bansal answers, I am not sure if that will be relevant information to highlight in your resume for a consultant’s profile. Suggest skip that information. However, if you feel very passionate about it you can talk about it during the personal interview to introduce the lighter side of you to your interviewer.

VKG asked, I’ve an experience of 20+ yrs covering 6 companies in two industry. I’ve CV mentioning objective, professional summary, core competencies, professional experience in chronical order, qualification, highlights on professional trainings, personal detail covered in 6 pages. Is it ok?
Amit Bansal answers, You can also include significant achievements here.

raunak asked, For a structural engineer, is it important / beneficial to put up numbers associated with the projects worked(cost & specifics of project)
Amit Bansal answers, Yes you can do that. It will definitely create a positive impact on your resume.

indrajeet kumar asked, Hello sir, I have marks 10th=50% 12th=65% diploma=40% degree=56% So the first question for the inerviewer is that: why u r marks is so up and down. Can u tell me the answer. What is the genuine answer and reasonable
Amit Bansal answers, You must state a genuine reason for your scores and you must highlight the other things you may have done better during this time. The interviewer is really trying to see if you take responsibility of your actions or not.

remoxenor asked, My resume is 3 pages long,I’m into 3d animation graphic design industry i have included PROFILE Core Competencies Software Proficiency PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ProjectsUndertaken Work Highlights EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS all these into my resume. Do i have to shorten my resume or is this enough ?
Amit Bansal answers, I think it seems good enough.

sapna asked, Will it help if resume is prepared by a paid professional?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes you can seek professional help as well.

Dhirendra asked, Hello Sir, My name is Dhirendra , I have almost 7+ years of expernce in IT. My question is , 1.should I/we write a objective on CV ? 2. What is appropriate lenth of CV of a 7 yrs exp. IT professinal ? Thnaks in advnce.
Amit Bansal answers, A career objective should highlight what specific professional and functional competency you bring for the employer. It should be short not more than 2 or 3 lines. In IT organizations resumes are preferred over CVs. Your resume should not be more than 2 pages.

mdinesh asked, Does a gap due to personal reasons in our career affects?How to show it in resume
Amit Bansal answers, Gap should not be considered threatening if it is due to genuine reasons. The important point is to be able to substantiate why there was a gap.

sapna asked, why short resumeis preferred by recruiters?
Amit Bansal answers, Resume is a self advertisement and usually made to get an interview call. Usually the details are discussed during the personal interview process.

Sudin asked, Hii I had an education break period of 3 years upto graduation level. Is it a serious issue from employer point of view.?
Amit Bansal answers, Well yes it is. You may be asked the reason why you had that gap.

tapo asked, genreally what will be the max size of the resume
Amit Bansal answers, Keep it to two pages and if really needed may be 3 pages. But not beyond that.

vivek asked, On the top it is recommended not to write CV or Resume ? What is appropriate
Amit Bansal answers, A Resume is a chronology of your professional details while a CV is more detailed document in case you have participated in many projects or done extensive research. A resume usually is about two pages while a CV may be of 10 pages also.

vivek asked, does pdf is the good format to send the resume ?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes PDF is a good format. You can send your resume in this format.

Pankaj asked, Dear Mr Bansal- How a presentation(ppt) file of the resume goes with recruiter?
Amit Bansal answers, A PDF is more appropriate than a ppt.

sapna asked, should resume include a photo also?
Amit Bansal answers, Some organizations specifically ask for photographs. In such cases you include one. However in majority of resumes it’s not mandatory.

raj asked, how to show the gap in resume
Amit Bansal answers, You can mention the chronology of your employment on the resume. Substantiating a gap in employment is usually done during a personal interview.



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