Effective Resume Writing

Jeet asked, I am HR professional. Should we write..special achievement of all my previous company at one place and write responsibiltiy under company or I should write responsibility and achievement under each company? Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Jeet, Mentioning about your achievements seperately highlights its importance else information will get hidden between the words.

Sangharsh asked, having over 10 + yrs of experience and my CV has become too lengthy, its more than 5 pages, please advice if its ok to have a CV with 6 pages.
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Sangharsh, Classify Important Very Important and not so Important Areas of your 5 Pages CV. Highlight on Very Important & Imp. areas that appeal to you Current and future career prospects, avoid not very important areas to be precise. However ther are so many Professional facts you share with interviewer through Conversation that need not be part of CV.

NeerajSahu asked, Hi Amit, Very Good after noon…I am having 8yrs of experience but I am not getting any call from testing domain..? what is missing..how I will know…?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Not Receiving a Call does not mean that your resume is missing something. However it is an indicator to ensure you mention the Professional information more appealing to the Job applied for. Hope this will help you get through.

bhoot asked, Is it good to mention current salary in the resume
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Mention of Current Salary or Expected Salary never falls under resume structure at all. Such information can be shared through your Cover Letter/email.

suresh asked, Hi Amit, I am always confused about the apt length of a resume when it goes for a first level of analysis by HR for selecting a person from a bunch. What should be the ideal length and what relevant details to include in it as I believe HR would not be concerned by the finer details say how your input in a project team was well appreciated by a client?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Suresh, Concentrate on Coverage of your Professional Experience and Key Personal Information. Ensure you have a short professional summary or Overview in the first page of your CV and include detailed information later. this will ensure that relevant details are noticed irrespective of CV length.

abcdefgh asked, how put your achivements in minimum words..
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, Mention about the Business Impact your efforts have led to, and highlight on positive implications to Business.

arun asked, naukri or any other job websites offer professional help in reusmes for a fee. is it a scam or we should try it out?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Arun, Such services are purely need based be sure before you opt for it.

shreehari asked, Hi sir i have an experience of 2 years.But 1 year in Embedded software devolopment and nex year in software devolopment.I am looking for new oppurtunities in Embedded .How can i show that in CV?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Shreehari, Ensure information about your Experience Continuity is provided clearly and justify the Shifts or Gaps between Job Roles.

kriplani asked, Can we skip description about some projects which were taken up very long ago?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Kriplani, if mention of the Project help adding value for the Job applied, then pls. do mention. However it appropriate for specific role based Opportunities.

Prateek asked, Hi Amit, I want to know whether internal certifications from company add a value to resume! thanks
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Prateek, Certification from Companies add value to your profile provided they reflect on your task accomplishments. mention of the Achievements assisted by certifications.

Vijay asked, What things should be included in resume for sales administration job in pharma or distribution for Asst. Manager/Manager post
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Vijay, Design your resume around the Particulars of your Current job Description and KRAs which will enable interviewer to assess you Better. this applies to respective roles in various industries.

Rahul asked, Hi Amit As an IT professional, what all should I include in a resume and how long should it be?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Rahul, Mention your Professional Summary in terms of Projects you have been part of, Your Roles and Responsibilities and tenure. this will help the interviewer to have an overview of your previous career. Further to it Mention the Experience particulars into cronological order providing details of your Roles and Responsibilities and Achievements Organisation Wise. Coverage of the facts is important over length of Resume.

arun asked, What should be the starting sentence for a B.E(mechanical) having experience in civil engineering field?
Amit Bansal answers, Resume with your Name as Title should start with your Career Objective that should be in line with the Requirement of the Prospective Employer. Mention about your Technical Abilities in a diversified manner including your Academics achievement in mechanical stream and your Experience into Civil Engineering. However to strike the best opportunity, try to identify your Core Competencies Either in Mech. or into Civil and Proceed in that direction.

dasfdasf asked, Any tips for a damn catchy resume? I need it for government panel of IAS and other hot shots!
Amit Bansal answers, Plan the Resume that should address the Information requirement that helps you Justify your competencies for the job you have Applied.

bhoot asked, In case of 6 yrrs work exp approximate length of cv should be?
Amit Bansal answers, Length is not the crteria for the Best CV the coverage of all your Academics and Professional atributes is Important.

Nilkavi asked, Hello Amit, Whats basics should reflects in Resume…
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Nilkavi, Resume should reflect your Professional, Academic, Achievements and Competencies based information.

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The dos and don’ts of effective resume

In India, millions of students graduating every year apply for key positions in reputed organisations. An effectively crafted “resume” is the first step to meeting a prospective employer. Old timers could afford to learn the art of making a resume through experience but not if you are seeking a job opportunity in the information technology age. Resumes and Curriculum Vitae both have similar purposes -– as marketing documents that provide key information about your skills, experiences, education, and personal qualities that show you as the ideal candidate.

Below Q & A is answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap


Anonymous askedHi sir, I have completed my MBA in May 2011, from a reputed institute in India(Top 10-15). I had a campus placement in corporate office of a leading national bank, where i worked for three months before resigning. The reason being excessive problems at Home. I have been sorting them out but it has also made me undergo counselling for depression, etc. I don’t intend to work for six more months, as i am not in a state, mentally as well as familywise, to work. How do you suggest i show this gap of one and half years in my resume after doing MBA from a top institute. What reasons shall i state? The Truth? Moreover wouldn’t my CV be filtered at initial stages only.How do i counter that ? Should i take some extra steps like calling the HR and talking about it ?. Otherwise my extra-curricular are pretty good, and i have a very good analytical bent of mind. I would really appreciate your answer. Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, I see this as a genuine query. My suggestion would be to state family reasons for your gap in employment. However, you may want to skip the information about your depression unless it will hinder you from doing certain tasks and the HR must know about it. Also, I would suggest gather evidences about all productive tasks you have undertaken during this time to talk about during the interview. Though I understand that such situations are beyond control however handling things strategically so that this may not affect your future employment prospects is important thing to consider.

Rachit asked, Are two pages optimum for a fresher’s resume who has 6 months of industrial experience as an intern? The stream and industry under focus is Electronics and Communication.
Amit Bansal answers, Yes two pages are more than enough.

kumar asked, how to project your achievements in a better way , when there is a standard format for all applicants for a job?
Amit Bansal answers, You must highlight the most relevant professional achievements in your resume. You can mention them towards the end of the resume. There is no standard format. However it can be highlighted instead of extra curricular activities.

Dharmesh asked, Hi, I have 9 years of experience in 3 different organization in Marketing. Now, more or less the job profile in all the three organizations was same. How do I bifurcate it in my resume so that it’s more impactful.
Amit Bansal answers, Highlight more about what different things you have handled in these three organizations. You may mention some important campaigns you may have run. Other strategy execution you may have been a part of etc. Highlight all the things which will show the variety of jobs you have handled in these three job profiles.

Amit Bansal answers, Most definitely it will. You will have to tell the interviewer on your resume what other occupation were you involved in during these 10 years.

dimpi asked, is it mandatory to write ‘RESUME’ on top of one?
Amit Bansal answers, No it is not necessary. You can start the resume with your name on top.

Amit Bansal answers, I am not sure if that will be relevant information to highlight in your resume for a consultant’s profile. Suggest skip that information. However, if you feel very passionate about it you can talk about it during the personal interview to introduce the lighter side of you to your interviewer.

VKG asked, I’ve an experience of 20+ yrs covering 6 companies in two industry. I’ve CV mentioning objective, professional summary, core competencies, professional experience in chronical order, qualification, highlights on professional trainings, personal detail covered in 6 pages. Is it ok?
Amit Bansal answers, You can also include significant achievements here.

raunak asked, For a structural engineer, is it important / beneficial to put up numbers associated with the projects worked(cost & specifics of project)
Amit Bansal answers, Yes you can do that. It will definitely create a positive impact on your resume.

indrajeet kumar asked, Hello sir, I have marks 10th=50% 12th=65% diploma=40% degree=56% So the first question for the inerviewer is that: why u r marks is so up and down. Can u tell me the answer. What is the genuine answer and reasonable
Amit Bansal answers, You must state a genuine reason for your scores and you must highlight the other things you may have done better during this time. The interviewer is really trying to see if you take responsibility of your actions or not.

remoxenor asked, My resume is 3 pages long,I’m into 3d animation graphic design industry i have included PROFILE Core Competencies Software Proficiency PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ProjectsUndertaken Work Highlights EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS all these into my resume. Do i have to shorten my resume or is this enough ?
Amit Bansal answers, I think it seems good enough.

sapna asked, Will it help if resume is prepared by a paid professional?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes you can seek professional help as well.

Dhirendra asked, Hello Sir, My name is Dhirendra , I have almost 7+ years of expernce in IT. My question is , 1.should I/we write a objective on CV ? 2. What is appropriate lenth of CV of a 7 yrs exp. IT professinal ? Thnaks in advnce.
Amit Bansal answers, A career objective should highlight what specific professional and functional competency you bring for the employer. It should be short not more than 2 or 3 lines. In IT organizations resumes are preferred over CVs. Your resume should not be more than 2 pages.

mdinesh asked, Does a gap due to personal reasons in our career affects?How to show it in resume
Amit Bansal answers, Gap should not be considered threatening if it is due to genuine reasons. The important point is to be able to substantiate why there was a gap.

sapna asked, why short resumeis preferred by recruiters?
Amit Bansal answers, Resume is a self advertisement and usually made to get an interview call. Usually the details are discussed during the personal interview process.

Sudin asked, Hii I had an education break period of 3 years upto graduation level. Is it a serious issue from employer point of view.?
Amit Bansal answers, Well yes it is. You may be asked the reason why you had that gap.

tapo asked, genreally what will be the max size of the resume
Amit Bansal answers, Keep it to two pages and if really needed may be 3 pages. But not beyond that.

vivek asked, On the top it is recommended not to write CV or Resume ? What is appropriate
Amit Bansal answers, A Resume is a chronology of your professional details while a CV is more detailed document in case you have participated in many projects or done extensive research. A resume usually is about two pages while a CV may be of 10 pages also.

vivek asked, does pdf is the good format to send the resume ?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes PDF is a good format. You can send your resume in this format.

Pankaj asked, Dear Mr Bansal- How a presentation(ppt) file of the resume goes with recruiter?
Amit Bansal answers, A PDF is more appropriate than a ppt.

sapna asked, should resume include a photo also?
Amit Bansal answers, Some organizations specifically ask for photographs. In such cases you include one. However in majority of resumes it’s not mandatory.

raj asked, how to show the gap in resume
Amit Bansal answers, You can mention the chronology of your employment on the resume. Substantiating a gap in employment is usually done during a personal interview.


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Effective Resume – what goes in and what should not

In India, millions of students graduating every year apply for key positions in reputed organisations. An effectively crafted ‘resume’ is the first step to meeting a prospective employer. Old timers could afford to learn the art of making a resume through experience but not if you are seeking a job opportunity in the information technology age.

Most people find the idea of creating a resume overwhelming. Even the notion of revamping an existing resume can be daunting. Employers receive almost 100 to 200 resumes in response to a job posting, and only the resume that catches their eye will get a chance to get to the interview round and hence the resume has to stand out from the crowd.

Resumes and Curriculum Vitae both have similar purposes -– as marketing documents that provide key information about your skills, experiences, education, and personal qualities that show you as the ideal candidate.

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


RAJESH asked, Sir, how much salary rise in expected salary column, we should mention
Amit Bansal answers, yes, if you have already had a phone interview or if it is on a portal or newspaper. It is tricky but you will have to play the ‘game’ here.

Guddu askedHi Amit, Does resumes development from online employment search service providers enhance the chance of getting short listed?
Amit Bansal answers, It depends. You should not depend on it solely. Do it as one of the one things which might help you to get the job you want.

nilgoa asked, The resume should be of how many pages? Is it necessary to submit covering letter all the time with resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Covering letter can really help the employer understand you well. Just like the resume it needs to be written well. While resume is objective in its nature, covering letter is like a story told from a professional angle. Attach it if you feel you are proud about it.

Psa asked, How many pages should the ideal resume be? I have 17 yrs of experience… can i leave out the details from my very 1st and 2nd jobs to fit the resume in 2 pages?
Amit Bansal answers, If it so happens that your 1st and 2nd jobs are relevant in terms of domain to what you are seeking; then do not leave it out. Do not leave out anything just because it was done long back.

simple asked, i am a designer…..can i attach few of my good works with my resume itself. in case of hard copy can i pin my work with the resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Usually design fields use the idea of a portfolio. In your case it may apply as well. Focus on getting your portfolio right and keep your resume simple and effective and mention to the employer that you have a prepared portfolio. Normally don’t attach designs etc to the resume…

Rupesh asked, Hi Amit, as i working in purchase dept. there is no such achievements which can be mentioned in resume. can you please guide me
Amit Bansal answers, Ask yourself how long have you worked there. Also sit with somebody you trust in the company and get them to help you with your contributions for the time you have worked. You may just surprise yourself!

nilgoa asked,  resume should be of how many pages??? Salaray increment by 50% – can it be mentioned as achievement??
Amit Bansal answers, Resume length depends on the your experience. Having said that even 20 years of experience should not exceed 4 pages.

pankajsirwani asked,  How important is it to mention “Objective” in the resume? And if its important should it be a “Long term objective ” or “Short term objective ”
Amit Bansal answers, Make sure both- long and short term appear on your resume. Some people use the following titles: Career Objective Job Objective Obviously the career will be long term and Job will be very specific. All the best.

Bandhu asked, I have worked for some year ITES and now I am looking for IT jobs, how should I present this transition in da resume
Amit Bansal answersRemember transitions can show your strengths as well. ITES to IT transition can mean a lot of things. It will depend how you want to highlight the transition. Are you getting into a developers role, project management role, testing role, accordingly you may have to highlight your experience(s)

mayur asked, Hello sir, Is it required to write the post what I am applying for on the resume?? Please reply I am confused for that.
Amit Bansal answers, For some companies not just the post but the number will also be mandatory. Check with the details given on the job posting.

nandan asked, Hi Amit, Why is a resume sometimes called CV? Or they are not interchangeable? Would someone with work ex say CV and students say resume? Or is the difference country specific?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes they are. Make sure you are getting the full form of CV right if you use it.

rajurasthoki asked, i did a intern in a company but i not got any certificate…. is it good to mention my intern in resume or not>??????
Amit Bansal answers, Can you get references (your boss or someone senior)from this internship? do you have a project report for this work? if yes for at least one question then mention it…

Naveen askedis it important to mention role & responsibility of all company in which worked
Amit Bansal answers, yes…role, responsibility add it but keep it very brief and detail your achievements in each role…

piya asked, what is standard font and size one has to follow while writing resume?
Amit Bansal answers, times new roman, arial, calibri are all ok, keep your font between 10 and 12 for text and use 14 for headers and use 17 – 20 for name. For address you can use 8 or 9…

ASUME asked, Hi is it mandatory to mention date of birth in Resume & also marital status. Also do I need to mention no children if married??? Please advise…
Amit Bansal answers, avoid any personal info like the ones you have mentioned. companies will anyways get you fill it up when you are recruited.

harshal asked, where i get the drafts for preparing resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Drafts are available on the net…start with objective, educataion, project experience and end with hobbies. Keep it sincere, simple, consistent and add a lot of relevant details.

b asked, SIr, Does adding photograph have some advantage or a difference in a resume?
Amit Bansal answers, It depends on the types of roles you are applying for. If you are not sure, then send it without…

deepa asked, Hi Amit, Is it mandatory to include reference section in my resume?
Amit Bansal answersNot mandatory. Include it if the company has asked for it…make sure you have informed your references as well otherwise they might get surprised with the call.

shivaji asked, is it mandatory to mention previous company project
Amit Bansal answers, The previous company project is usually the most important. You would be judged on what you have done and achieved in your previous role and work. So yes, do your due diligence on that…

Andre asked, Amit, is it mandatory to have a video resume? How is this helpful? Any tips to make one?
Amit Bansal answers, I understand that video resume is becoming popular. yet there are no confirmed findings that a lot of employers are asking for it. Check with your potential employer if they are looking for one. Only then send it. A word of caution though: Make sure the video is professionally shot and you are dressed professionally for it. You do not want a regular youtub type of video right?

sonalika asked, Hi Amit, I have 5 years of experience in the IT feild. Should I mention every project I have worked on while writing a resume?
Amit Bansal answersFirst write down all your achievements alongside your projects. Then put it down in reverse chronological order, i.e. 2012, 2011, 2010. after that you include the projects which have the most relevant experience and achievements in the resume.

Juvin asked, Hi Amit, good afternoon. I have prepared my resume in three different formats and now am confused which one is the right one. Can you please let me know if there is a correct format for writing resumes
Amit Bansal answersI suggest you show them to at least 2 people. One from your domain and one who is not. Incorporate their feedback. Finally look at all the 3 formats and then ask yourself- which do you feel is the most honest, clear and compelling.

Krish asked, how to differentiate my resume from the others?
Amit Bansal answersThe best resumes are the ones which are well thought through. To explain more, you would need to take your resume through at least 3 or 4 rounds of editing. Have you done that? Then after this, ensure show your resume to at least 2 types of people. One who knows your subject and one who doesn’t. Both these will help you make your stand out. All the best!

sunil askedPlease give me a sample of resume for accounting field.
Amit Bansal answersCouple of thoughts here…First do some searches of experts in the accounting field on the net. Go through these and you will start seeing a pattern in their resume. Second, keep in mind that accounting is about consistency and credibility, use such key words in your resume and also think adding relevant references in your resume. Of course, add references only if the company is asking for it.

ChaheYehMile asked, I am a software professional with 2 years experience in PL/SQL development and 1.5 years in performance testing. What should my resume headline be?
Amit Bansal answers, First things first. For your resume headline you would need think about about what interests you in performance testing. Have you thought of that?

Vikram asked, I wanted to know how I can write effective resume for software field
Amit Bansal answers, The process of writing a resume remains the same. But yes for the software field, you have to ensure that you are keeping in mind the job descriptions (JD) you would be interested in. Have you gone through the JDs? After that you need to select the key words from the JD and then ensure that it appears on your resume

ashvin asked, how to write resume..
Amit Bansal answersFirst you need to get together all your academic and work related facts together. For example like projects completed, whom you worked for, what you did in the project. Get it all compiled first.


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Tips for effective resume writing

Having a solid and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of landing that dream job. That is beyond discussion. How does one make sure that his resume is top notch and bullet proof, however?  We wanted to put them all the tips for good resume writing together in a single place, and that is what you will find below: 44 resume writing tips.
1. Know the purpose of your resume
Some people write a resume as if the purpose of the document was to land a job. As a result they end up with a really long and boring piece that makes them look like desperate job hunters. The objective of your resume is to land an interview, and the interview will land you the job (hopefully!).
2. Back up your qualities and strengths
Instead of creating a long (and boring) list with all your qualities (e.g., disciplined, creative, problem solver) try to connect them with real life and work experiences. In other words, you need to back these qualities and strengths up, else it will appear that you are just trying to inflate things.
3. Make sure to use the right keywords
Most companies (even smaller ones) are already using digital databases to search for candidates. This means that the HR department will run search queries based on specific keywords. Guess what, if your resume doesn’t have the keywords related to the job you are applying for, you will be out even before the game starts.
These keywords will usually be nouns. Check the job description and related job ads for a clue on what the employer might be looking for. You can read more about resume keywords on the article Tapping the Power of Keywords to Enhance Your Resume’s Effectiveness.
4. Use effective titles
Like it or not, employers will usually make a judgment about your resume in 5 seconds. Under this time frame the most important aspect will be the titles that you listed on the resume, so make sure they grab the attention. Try to be as descriptive as possible, giving the employer a good idea about the nature of your past work experiences. For example:
Bad title: Accounting
Good title: Management of A/R and A/P and Recordkeeping
5. Proofread it twice
It would be difficult to emphasize the importance of proofreading your resume. One small typo and your chances of getting hired could slip. Proofreading it once is not enough, so do it twice, three times or as many as necessary. If you don’t know how to proofread effectively, here are 8 tips that you can use.
6. Use bullet points
No employer will have the time (or patience) to read long paragraphs of text. Make sure, therefore, to use bullet points and short sentences to describe your experiences, educational background and professional objectives.
7. Where are you going?
Including professional goals can help you by giving employers an idea of where you are going, and how you want to arrive there. You don’t need to have a special section devoted to your professional objectives, but overall the resume must communicate it. The question of whether or not to highlight your career objectives on the resume is a polemic one among HR managers, so go with your feeling. If you decide to list them, make sure they are not generic.
8. Put the most important information first
This point is valid both to the overall order of your resume, as well as to the individual sections. Most of the times your previous work experience will be the most important part of the resume, so put it at the top. When describing your experiences or skills, list the most important ones first.
9. Attention to the typography
First of all make sure that your fonts are big enough. The smaller you should go is 11 points, but 12 is probably safer. Do not use capital letters all over the place, remember that your goal is to communicate a message as fast and as clearly as possible. Arial and Times are good choices.
10. Do not include “no kidding” information
There are many people that like to include statements like “Available for interview” or “References available upon request.” If you are sending a resume to a company, it should be a given that you are available for an interview and that you will provide references if requested. Just avoid items that will make the employer think “no kidding!”
11. Explain the benefits of your skills
Merely stating that you can do something will not catch the attention of the employer. If you manage to explain how it will benefit his company, and to connect it to tangible results, then you will greatly improve your chances.
12. Avoid negativity
Do not include information that might sound negative in the eyes of the employer. This is valid both to your resume and to interviews. You don’t need to include, for instance, things that you hated about your last company.
13. Achievements instead of responsibilities
Resumes that include a long list of “responsibilities included…” are plain boring, and not efficient in selling yourself. Instead of listing responsibilities, therefore, describe your professional achievements.
14. No pictures
Sure, we know that you are good looking, but unless you are applying for a job where the physical traits are very important (e.g., modeling, acting and so on), and unless the employer specifically requested it, you should avoid attaching your picture to the resume.
15. Use numbers
This tip is a complement to the 13th one. If you are going to describe your past professional achievements, it would be a good idea to make them as solid as possible. Numbers are your friends here. Don’t merely mention that you increased the annual revenues of your division, say that you increased them by $100,000, by 78%, and so on.
16. One resume for each employer
One of the most common mistakes that people make is to create a standard resume and send it to all the job openings that they can find. Sure it will save you time, but it will also greatly decrease the chances of landing an interview (so in reality it could even represent a waste of time). Tailor your resume for each employer. The same point applies to your cover letters.
17. Identify the problems of the employer
A good starting point to tailor your resume for a specific employer is to identify what possible problems he might have at hand. Try to understand the market of the company you are applying for a job, and identify what kind of difficulties they might be going through. After that illustrate on your resume how you and your skills would help to solve those problems.
18. Avoid age discrimination
It is illegal to discriminate people because of their age, but some employers do these considerations nonetheless. Why risk the trouble? Unless specifically requested, do not include your age on your resume.
19. You don’t need to list all your work experiences
If you have job experiences that you are not proud of, or that are not relevant to the current opportunity, you should just omit them. Mentioning that you used to sell hamburgers when you were 17 is probably not going to help you land that executive position.
20. Go with what you got
If you never had any real working experience, just include your summer jobs or volunteer work. If you don’t have a degree yet, mention the title and the estimated date for completion. As long as those points are relevant to the job in question, it does not matter if they are official or not.
21. Sell your fish
Remember that you are trying to sell yourself. As long as you don’t go over the edge, all the marketing efforts that you can put in your resume (in its content, design, delivery method and so on) will give you an advantage over the other candidates.
22. Don’t include irrelevant information
Irrelevant information such as political affiliation, religion and sexual preference will not help you. In fact it might even hurt your chances of landing an interview. Just skip it.
23. Use Mr. and Ms. if appropriate
If you have a gender neutral name like Alex or Ryan make sure to include the Mr. or Ms. prefix, so that employers will not get confused about your gender.
24. No lies, please
Seems like a no brainer, but you would be amused to discover the amount of people that lie in their resumes. Even small lies should be avoided. Apart from being wrong, most HR departments do background checks these days, and if you are buster it might ruin your credibility for good.
25. Keep the salary in mind
The image you will create with your resume must match the salary and responsibility level that you are aiming for.
26. Analyze job ads
You will find plenty of useful information on job ads. Analyze no only the ad that you will be applying for, but also those from companies on the same segment or offering related positions. You should be able to identify what profile they are looking for and how the information should be presented.
27. Get someone else to review your resume
Even if you think you resume is looking kinky, it would be a good idea to get a second and third opinion about it. We usually become blind to our own mistakes or way of reasoning, so another people will be in a good position to evaluate the overall quality of your resume and make appropriate suggestions.
28. One or two pages
The ideal length for a resume is a polemic subject. Most employers and recruiting specialists, however, say that it should contain one or two pages at maximum. Just keep in mind that, provided all the necessary information is there, the shorter your resume, the better.
29. Use action verbs
A very common advice to job seekers is to use action verbs. But what are they? Action verbs are basically verbs that will get noticed more easily, and that will clearly communicate what your experience or achievement were. Examples include managed, coached, enforced and planned. Here you can find a complete list of action verbs divided by skill category.
30. Use a good printer
If you are going to use a paper version of your resume, make sure to use a decent printer. Laser printers usually get the job done. Plain white paper is the preferred one as well.
31. No hobbies
Unless you are 100% sure that some of your hobbies will support you candidacy, avoid mentioning them. I know you are proud of your swimming team, but share it with your friends and not with potential employers.
32. Update your resume regularly
It is a good idea to update your resume on a regular basis. Add all the new information that you think is relevant, as well as courses, training programs and other academic qualifications that you might receive along the way. This is the best way to keep track of everything and to make sure that you will not end up sending an obsolete document to the employer.
33. Mention who you worked with
If you have reported or worked with someone that is well known in your industry, it could be a good idea to mention it on the resume. The same thing applies to presidents and CEOs. If you reported to or worked directly with highly ranked executives, add it to the resume.
34. No scattered information
Your resume must have a clear focus. If would cause a negative impression if you mentioned that one year you were studying drama, and the next you were working as an accountant. Make sure that all the information you will include will work towards a unified image. Employers like decided people.
35. Make the design flow with white space
Do not jam your resume with text. Sure we said that you should make your resume as short and concise as possible, but that refers to the overall amount of information and not to how much text you can pack in a single sheet of paper. White space between the words, lines and paragraphs can improve the legibility of your resume.
36. Lists all your positions
If you have worked a long time for the same company (over 10 years) it could be a good idea to list all the different positions and roles that you had during this time separately. You probably had different responsibilities and developed different skills on each role, so the employer will like to know it.
37. No jargon or slang
It should be common sense, but believe me, it is not. Slang should never be present in a resume. As for technical jargon, do not assume that the employer will know what you are talking about. Even if you are sending your resume to a company in the same segment, the person who will read it for the first time might not have any technical expertise.
38. Careful with sample resume templates
There are many websites that offer free resume templates. While they can help you to get an idea of what you are looking for, do not just copy and paste one of the most used ones. You certainly don’t want to look just like any other candidate, do you?
39. Create an email proof formatting
It is very likely that you will end up sending your resume via email to most companies. Apart from having a Word document ready to go as an attachment, you should also have a text version of your resume that does not look disfigured in the body of the email or in online forms. Attachments might get blocked by spam filters, and many people just prefer having the resume on the body of the email itself.
40. Remove your older work experiences
If you have been working for 20 years or more, there is no need to have 2 pages of your resume listing all your work experiences, starting with the job at the local coffee shop at the age of 17! Most experts agree that the last 15 years of your career are enough.
41. No fancy design details
Do not use a colored background, fancy fonts or images on your resume. Sure, you might think that the little flowers will cheer up the document, but other people might just throw it away at the sight.
42. No pronouns
You resume should not contain the pronouns “I” or “me.” That is how we normally structure sentences, but since your resume is a document about your person, using these pronouns is actually redundant.
43. Don’t forget the basics
The first thing on your resume should be your name. It should be bold and with a larger font than the rest of the text. Make sure that your contact details are clearly listed. Secondly, both the name and contact details should be included on all the pages of the resume (if you have more than one).
44. Consider getting professional help
If you are having a hard time to create your resume, or if you are receiving no response whatsoever from companies, you could consider hiring a professional resume writing service. There are both local and online options are available, and usually the investment will be worth the money.