Effective time management at the workplace

It may sound like a cliched statement but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. If you were to ask working professionals they will tell you that they feel like they are constantly chasing the clock. However, if you find yourself always running out of time, then you should consider having a schedule to manage your time, which is going to help you prioritise your time and show you how to accomplish more in less time and with less stress.

Time management begins with the realisation that without some thought and planning, we are likely to waste a great deal of time in the future and have already wasted a huge amount of our life span in the past. By using proven methods we can make the most of whatever time we have.


Below Q & A session was answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap


sanjeet asked, How do i manage my time to get result more effective n fruitful,, i waste my time aloat in doing nothing n keep sitting idle , i want to make my day productive
Amit Bansal answers, Well I am sure you know the answer to your question. Self discipline is the only way.

sanky asked, Hi, In office most of the time I spent in solving others issue or addressing their problem being a senior member that is one of my job but due to this not able to concentrate on my work and hence need to slog. Please advice
Amit Bansal answers, You need to create an assertive environment around you where you can say no. Please understand that you cannot solve others’ problems and still be able to do your own tasks. You can only do one thing at a time. Either finish your tasks and if time permits help others. But you cannot always keep helping others and also create time for your own work.

ajay asked, what is diff between following a time table and the time management?
Amit Bansal answers, A task list or to do list is more appropriate than a time table. You may need more time to complete some tasks and in that case a time table may not work.

Oarchilos asked, We had a time management session for my employees, Did motivate them for a small spell of time, but it faded away in due course
Amit Bansal answers, Creating regular activities to maintain time management helps. Rewards and recognition based on their area of work is important. The rewards need not be big however small appreciations help.

priyanka asked, How to manage time when there is no work in office 🙂
Amit Bansal answers, That’s a great opportunity to spend time on self development activities.

Sanjay asked, I think and follow time etc for 2-3 days but after some time again i get into old habbit finding myself behind time. how we can overcome this?
Amit Bansal answers, Reward yourself each time you complete your tasks on time. That is a great motivator.

naren asked, I have been loaded with so many projects, how do i get time for my personal improvements?
Amit Bansal answers, Like I mentioned a to do list always help. Its important you do not compromise on either your professional or personal projects. To manage time it sometimes becomes important that we go ahead and say no to a few things. So it’s alright to set priorities to tasks and if some tasks can be removed or moved to the next day, so be it.

Jayshree asked, how to motivate groups for efficient time-management?
Amit Bansal answers, You must organize some teasers or reward games in teams to motivate people about time management.

Nitesh asked, How can we effectively managed time in office as most of time went in team and client query and phone calls and our personal weekly target get impacted and to cover up we have to work on the weekend. Plz advice
Amit Bansal answers, Ideally a to do list should be created as soon as we get in the office. This helps in managing the day effectively.

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Chat date: September 12, 2012


How to manage time in office

Managing your time efficiently in office can be one of the most elusive goals when you feel that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that you have to do. We often find people struggling with the balance between their work and their personal lives. Most small business owners (and many people who are not owners!) do not have enough time or energy in a day to accomplish everything they have on their “to do” list and their “dream” list and eventually end up getting stressed.

Ignoring stress and pushing harder in your work to achieve more productivity will lead to burn out. You need to look at ways to increase productivity and lower stress at office, find time to relax, take care of yourself and sharpen your skills. Before you start your day, take time to plan. You should be able to do this in about 15 minutes. Think through your day and decide the tasks you want to deal with. Then as you work through your day, finish each task, delegate it, or set it aside.

Below are the Q & A answered by Amit Bansal, CEO-PurpleLeap


rohit asked, how to make a to do list lot of work but unable to delegate and manage? pls help… i do have people under me but not i am very sceptical whteher they do the job in the right way or not as i want everything to be perfect to the core
Amit Bansal answers, Perfection as per your standards may not be possible. However, I suggest if a particular task requires extra attention please give clear guidelines to the person doing that task and monitor it more often.

Santoshdaa asked, Sir, Usually my boss ask me to come office on Saturday and Sunday to work. I am in Central Govt. Organization, I respect him and I cant say no to him, neither tell lie, but family life hampering, Suggest me how to get rid with this situation
Amit Bansal answers, You must tell no if this has become a pattern and hampering your family life. It will take you an effort once to say no, but it will fix a lot of things for you.

subash asked, i am planning to start work out in the morning, atleast walking for half an hour, but my son let me sleep after 12 only. after that it is difficult to wake up before 6.30 and go for a walk. i need to leave office by 8 am
Amit Bansal answers, Why don’t you create sometime in the evening to workout? Leave office on time and head straight to a gym.

rman asked, Hi Amit, emails are major distractors of our daily todo lists, at the same they are important, how to manage ?
Amit Bansal answers, Emails are very important part of your work. If you are too distracted close your email client after checking emails and open it once every two hours. I am sure gradually you will be less addicted to it.

Gonsalves asked, Sir, I spend a lot of time on the internet (personal). I am kind of addicted due to which my work suffers. I do not invest my time in learning new task, new skill, etc. How to break the habit ? I haven’t got any promotions in the last 5 years. My colleagues got it after 3 years.
Amit Bansal answers, Please send an email to your IT department to block facebook, gmail, gtalk and other distractions for you immediately.

yogik32 asked, Hi Sir, How to manage time for any new assigned task?…
Amit Bansal answers, Before you assign time related milestones to complete a particular project or task consider the actual hours needed to complete that task and make some time for contingencies. Now ensure whatever timeline you arrive at should be at least 3 to 4 days before the actual deadline assigned to you by your client or department. Only then you will be able to complete all tasks will within timeline and not stressing yourself for it.

SA asked, How we can identify what is critical and what is not so we can put the task on Priorty level and can plan time on the basis of Priorty
Amit Bansal answers, There’s an effective priority matrix suggested by Steven Covey in his book 7 habits. You can use this urgent important matrix to prioritize work. Look up for it. It may help you.

Mohan asked, Hi, In a group meeting how to get excused when you feel that your presence is not essential
Amit Bansal answers, You can give a reason and leave. However if it’s a meeting within internal group which you a part of, then it’s important you attend. There maybe some group announcements which may be relevant for you.

subash asked, hi, i feel to work more after 5.30 pm when the office is calm. is it in my mindset or how can i change it?
Amit Bansal answers, Change your workstation and move to a more calmer place. Find a quiet room if possible.

Teja asked, We are supposed to start our work at 9 AM every day but the clients are located in US due to which we are stretching beyond office hours. Is there a way I can manage the overtime?
Amit Bansal answers, Give a realistic picture to your HR. In most organizations the working hours are 9. So as per your meetings and interactions with US based clients you can inform the HR about flexible work hours. But that should be done in consensus with your department.

mk1166@rediffmail.com asked, How to manage when you have meetings for may be more than 4-5 hours a day.
Amit Bansal answers, It’s a good idea to assess productivity during meetings using past data. If you feel attending all meetings is non productive then you can choose to attend only the ones that are critical.

atrediff asked, How to manage time when new high priorities are coming in, even if u have a To DO list?
Amit Bansal answers, It’s always important that when you have created a to do list do not make it for the entire time spend at work. Leave 2 to 3 hours aside for last minute things. If some day no such last minute things happen then you can take it easy on that particular day.

officeman asked, Which are the key points in office time management
Amit Bansal answers, You must look at your overall time spent in office and the tasks at hand. Along with it you must also look at initiatives and extra tasks you can do along the way. All this can be assessed based on your current productivity.

rohan asked, How to split eight hours a day in office effectively and efficiently?
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest to keep a to do list. It’s an effective way to manage time and productivity.

officeman asked, Out of total 9 hours of duty, ideally how many breaks are a must?
Amit Bansal answers, The breaks should be for one hour. So 8+1 total work hours.


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Chat Date: May 23, 2012

Time Management Tips for Students

Managing your time well is an important element of success — especially if you’re a student. If you set priorities that fit your needs and lifestyle, you’ll have a better chance of achieving your goals.

Here are some tips for taking control of your time and organizing your life.

1. Make a To-Do List Every Day.

Put things that are most important at the top and do them first. And don’t forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments.

2. Use Spare Minutes Wisely.

When you’re commuting on the bus or train, use the time to get some reading done.

3. It’s Okay to Say No.

If your friend asks you to go to a movie on a Thursday night and you have an exam the next morning, realize that it’s okay to say no. Keep your short- and long-term priorities in mind.

4. Find the Right Time.

You’ll work more efficiently if you figure out when you do your best work. For example, if your brain handles math better in the afternoon, don’t wait to do it until late at night.

5. Review Your Notes Every Day.

Reviewing helps you reinforce what you’ve learned, so you need less time to study before a test. You’ll also be ready if you get called on in class or have to take a pop quiz.

6. Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

Your brain needs rest to perform at its peak. Lack of sleep makes the day seem longer and your tasks seem more difficult.

7. Communicate Your Schedule to Others.

If phone calls or text messages are proving to be a distraction, tell your friends that you are only available at certain times of day and not to expect a response at other times.

8. Become a Taskmaster.

Give yourself a time budget and plan your activities accordingly. Figure out how much free time you have each week before you add any commitments.

9. Don’t Waste Time Agonizing.

Instead of agonizing and procrastinating, just do it. Wasting an entire evening worrying about something that you’re supposed to be doing is not productive, and can increase your stress.

10. Determine Your Priorities.

You can’t do everything at once. Establish the importance of each item. Then set realistic goals that are attainable.

Source: http://www.collegeboard.com

Making the most of your time at work

It may sound like a cliched statement but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. If you were to ask any working professional they will tell you that they feel like they are constantly chasing the clock. However, if you find yourself always running out of time, then you should consider having a schedule to manage your time, which is going to help you prioritise your time and show you how to accomplish more in less time and with less stress.

Time management begins with the realisation that without some thought and planning, we are likely to waste a great deal of time in the future and have already wasted a huge amount of our life span in the past. By using proven methods we can make the most of whatever time we have.


Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.

amit.bhatia asked, For me the biggest problem is time estimation of task. If I try to complete the work in 2 hours, it often takes 5 or even 10 hours to complete because once I start the work, I start seeing various shortcomings and then try to solve problems and when I finish the work done is great but then time taken is too long. Can you suggest some tips?
Amit Bansal answers, I would suggest two things. One do not over estimate your capacity. Make time for interruptions and errors during time estimations. And second when you are performing a task don’t be over critical of your work. When the task is finished within the deadline, only then it is perfect. Not a high quality job which has no use because it’s time has lapsed.

sandeep asked, Sir, i am completely disturb,,i am just wasting my time..though i am doing job..besides B.tec )cse n having 3 yrs exp..i don’t get job satisfaction till now..i am lost..i just living in completely dark n not serious in life..
Amit Bansal answers, Well sandeep, please sit down and talk to yourself. Ask yourself what you love to do the most. What keeps you motivated and charged up. Write down these things on a paper. Now evaluate your career options. It will be a great idea to find a friend or a mentor you can discuss this particular issue with.

Katherine asked, Dear Sir, it irritates me so much to see that my boss doesn’t guide nor help me in my work at all, in fact she’ll just burden me with work while she’ll enjoy her time talking over phone, chatting, facebook etc. Even though the senior personnel does know that but wont say anything bcz she’s a frnd, bt i think she’s shutting his mouth wid candies, food stuffs supply all tym. Feel frustrated to see all this. She’s 15yrs exp bt nw getting salary practically in my terms for supplying candies & doing facebook. Hw shud i deal wid it? M jst 1yr exp.
Amit Bansal answers, Perfectly understand your situation. Can you escalate this to the top management? Or run a campaign in the office through the HR as ‘facebook free’ office. I mean think about ways you can pass the message on to the HR and IT that social networking is affecting work in a negative way. Once the rule is made it will be uniform for all.

bpl_amol asked, Sir, do eating habits or meals also contribute to lacuna in work , lack of concentration . or they are separate issues
Amit Bansal answers, May or may not be. It may be different for different people.

Eknath asked, Every day i come to office i had this bad habit of going through the news channel and this continues till 1hrs and after that i will look into my work, my mind fluctuates most of the time. How to concentrate and work efficiently
Amit Bansal answers, Ask your IT department to block those sites on your system.

sandip_pagar asked, Hi Amit I am working as Project Manager and working on 4 project simultaneously. all projects are important and delivery is important. due to high pressure i am not find out the time to concentrate on management activites which are again important to do. can you suggest something to me
Amit Bansal answers, Delegation. Trust people with their capabilities and assign tasks to others.

harsh asked, Good afternoon sir. I am a maintenance manager of an engineering firm. I love work & I hate wasting time in chatting & gossiping with others. But I am always behind schedule in work. My boss daily asks for report. We are having manpower shortage & mu boss knows it. Still he wants peak performance at shopfloor level & office level. Kindly advise me how should I work so as to deliver optimum perfromance.
Amit Bansal answers, There’s only a certain extent to which you can stretch yourself. If you have more on your plate than you can eat, its important to say no.

Adi asked, How to prioratise the work and ensure you complete only urgent and important work?
Amit Bansal answers, If you only complete urgent important work you will continue to fire fight. Complete your tasks while they are in not urgent important category.

omniscient asked, I started making To Do lists and now managing to do list is another time consuming issue. Ultimately I have given up and choose to do what comes my way. worrying or giving too much thought on planning seems fad to me. Nothing is in your control basically. You need to be intelligent enough to know how to face different situations and still manage your work. Suggest me if you have any great idea of Time management ?
Amit Bansal answers, Honestly it’s an excuse that nothing works. The only thing I would suggest is do not make opinions mind sets. Try to hold yourself accountable for not doing something you were supposed to do this is how we discipline ourselves.

Coolguy asked, Sir, please help me as to how i should stop procastinating about things to be done and prioratizing things to do. I make a to do list every morning but am not able to finish by day end!
Amit Bansal answers, Start rewarding yourself for your achievement whenever you meet your to do list. Ask someone you know to ask you why you were not able to finish this task. Discipline is what is required. Trust me when you strike those tasks off the list that you have completed, it feels very good. Try it.

Gaurav asked, how to manage interruptions which keep coming?
Amit Bansal answers, Allocate time for interruptions during a day. But if your entire day is full of interruptions, you need to learn to say no.

AV D asked, I like doing things that are not assigned to me, if a thing I am enjoying going is assigned to me officially, I loose the interest in it. How do I improve on this?
Amit Bansal answers, It’s a mindset. Again, you have to practice the art of disciplining yourself. Tell yourself that you will be allowed to do a new thing only if you complete the task that is assigned to you. But before that you can also ask yourself a question about this behavior. Why do you think you act this way? Do you feel your freedom to decide is being affected? if yes then it’s just in the mind.

Samey asked, Hi Amit, I often get distracted at work, i cannot concentrate on work continuously..How can i focus on work? Please help
Amit Bansal answers, Identify the distractions, observe self control, discipline yourself and get rid of them.

vishal asked, Every day i decide to be a productive, but it doesn’t happen. I always try to concentrate on task, but as task come to my way i start at it but if a certain thought hit in mind then mind get diverted to that thought without any realization. how to get over this?
Amit Bansal answers, Discipline yourself to complete one task and only then move to the other. Sometimes you may not do a particular task to perfection because you are trying to discipline yourself to complete one thing and then move to the other. This is absolutely fine because once you develop a habit you can then work on the quality. Time management has a lot to do with discipline.

shanmugavel asked, Sir, I am shan I am working in an IT company as a developer. I am preparing for GMAT exam. but i have a problem with u. i am not able to plan my time at work and home and staying late at office because of which i am not able to spend time at home for studying. I frequently held up in office inbtwn work like browsing, chating with friends etc.. making it less productive. i have this issue.. every two or three minutes.. i would check some website read news and then get back to work.. can u pls suggest some thing
Amit Bansal answers, Ask your IT department to disable the chat and unwanted websites on your system. Sometimes you have to be strict to discipline yourself if you cannot observe self control.

Siddu asked, Hello I am working in an Agriculture Sector the working conditions here are very adverse due to poor infrastructural facilities, I have to travel a lot to reach farmers for extension activities I do not have productive time for myself or for my family. Recommend something positive and productive.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you start keeping sometime aside for your family consciously. Be assertive and say no to work during this time. Schedule your travel in such a way that the weekend is available for your family. Try and delegate work, it’s not necessary for you to do all the work. Spend time in organizing and prioritizing. These are important ways to create work life balance.

Kansal asked, Sir, multi-tasking is good or bad, at work?
Amit Bansal answers, Multi tasking is a very good way only if you can handle and do justice to all the tasks. It’s a skill and can be mastered with practice.

arindam asked, Hi Amit, even though i seem to be working really hard, my work never seems to end. My boss keeps saying i need to prioritise. Can you tell me how i need to prioritise? how can i make better use of my time?
Amit Bansal answers, Absolutely. Can you write down the list of things you do each day and divide them into urgent and important tasks. Use the urgent important matrix from the internet and put these tasks in the matrix. Always try to stay in the not urgent but important quadrant. This will help you do tasks before they become a fire fighting issue.

Chandru asked, Most of the time in office my mind opts for internet browsing, news reading, articles and so on. I loose interest on work. What to do?
Amit Bansal answers, That is sad, because a lot of people spend time in office on unproductive things. I suggest please take stock of this situation and make conscious effort to stop yourself from doing these activities specially at workplace. If you want to further discipline yourself, as IT to block these sites on your system. Once you do not have access to these sites you will find other interesting things to occupy the time you have.

1978_1978 asked, Hi, I am Kali, I have been working in BPO company for past 6 years, usually we will not have work from March to December and from december onwards will be flooded with work. I want to learn anything which will help me to improve my career. I will not get permission to take holiday to learn new things. Hence, please suggest how should i make best use of the available time.
Amit Bansal answers, Please spend time reading and innovation. I am sure you can work towards creating a new system for your process. You can also access data to maximize your productivity in terms of your SLAs.

yogi asked, Hi Amith can you share some tricks and tips for effective time management in general
Amit Bansal answers, Keep the end result in mind. If you know what you are trying to achieve through an investment in time and if what you are trying to achieve is adding value to your life… you have managed your time effectively.

vrbhagwat asked, i am working as marketing manager, most of my work time goes in unproductive work,how i can utilize it better way.
Amit Bansal answers, Maybe you can first assess the list of things you do on an average day to identify the tasks that are time wasters. Once you find out the tasks that are a waste of time and also know approximately how much time you spend on these tasks, you can then move to making your day more productive by replacing these tasks with more constructive ones.

sohail asked, Sirji, do you think meetings in office sever ne purpose? Most of the time these meetings end without reaching ne conclusion?
Amit Bansal answers, Meetings are an important part of any organization. Brainstorming can bring in a lot of creative ideas. Meetings have to be made productive by using a lot of discipline.

malan asked, Hi Amit Sir. I am on the bench rt now. How do i use my timer productively
Amit Bansal answers, Malan, you can spend time innovating something new for your organization. Learning about a new domain or functional area or even venturing into a new department.

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